Tory Burch Timepieces

October 24, 2014

In a world run by technology, I have completely fallen into the routine of looking at my iPhone to see what time it is. It might be an accurate way to get the information but it's not the best habit (or look) to be constantly looking at your phone. A few weeks ago I was determined to rely on my phone less - in an effort to not be on it all the time - and I bought two new watches. I'd be willing to bet that out of all you readers, maybe a quarter of you wear and use a watch. Am I right? The timepieces have become more of an accessory than a necessity and it's a shame when you consider the care that goes into the designs and quality of the material. One of the pieces I got for my wrist was a Tory Burch watch. The brand recently launched their first ever collection of Swiss Made watches and in typical Tory Burch fashion, no detail was over looked.


The TB watch collection can be found at Nordstrom and is made up of five signature styles: The Tory, The Reva, The Buddy, The Izzie, and The Sawyer – and one limited edition watch: The Robinson. Each name has a distinct vibe…The Tory has a tomboy look and a link bracelet style that’s sporty and bold. The Reva features the iconic Tory logo and comes in a variety of case and strap colors. The Buddy (which is the style I was most drawn to and ended up with!) is vintage-inspired and simplistically sleek. The Izzie is modern and graphic with a clear square case with inlayed geometric fretwork and metallic faces. The Sawyer comes in one style and finish and the metal cuff bracelet is super chic and shiny. And last but not least, The Robinson celebrates the 10-year Tory Burch anniversary and is a true work of art with the lapis inlay bezel that surrounds the face.

Whether your a Tory Burch fan or not, one can’t deny that the lady knows how to nail her brand. Not only are the watches themselves beautiful, but they each come packaged in a perfect, thoughtful box that’s like its own present. I’m still getting used to checking my wrist for the time versus grabbing my phone…it definitely feels nice to be just a little less dependent on my phone!

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Blind Mouse Pouch

Here’s a fun party trick: wear something super ladylike and pretty and add a wickedly interesting accessory. Molly recently carried a conversation-starting holograph clutch to a wedding and it was a total hit. We like the metallic finish and cute factor of this Blind Mouse Pouch by Yazbukey. It will go with anything and it’s guaranteed to get some attention. Also in burgundy!


Men’s Pajamas

There’s something that feels right about borrowing certain pieces from the boys. Socks, sweatshirts, and pajamas are favorites. And while we’re not complaining about our options, we think the men in our lives could benefit from having a nice Cotton Poplin Pajama Set. J.Crew makes the same pair for women but we think the men’s pair looks pretty cozy. Get 25% off with code TGIFALL!



I Heart: A Great-Fitting Bra

October 23, 2014

I've learned many valuable lessons through the corporate jobs I had prior to focusing on the blog full time. When I worked for a national retailer my co-workers taught me that there are three things a woman should always splurge on: skincare, shoes, and bras. Skincare and shoes I had already been splurging on (and with my employee discount) but bras? They go under your clothes and as long as the cover what needs to be covered…what was the big deal. If you're one of the few males that read this blog, you can stop reading now. Fellow ladies, read on!


Raise your hand if you have ever had a woman in a lingerie store or department section approach you with a tape measure and you ran away screaming. That was once me. Hello, I’m shopping for intimates – can I get a little privacy? Why did a need a stranger to “measure” me when I could just try on some sizes and styles and figure out what I needed? After I got my first bra fitting I realized why you do those fittings – because 99% of us smarty pants women who refuse to get the help we need end up wearing bras that are entirely wrong for us.

No matter what your size or age, every lady deserves to wear bras that fit great. Think about it…you wear them every single day and therefore, the cost per wear is up there with skincare and shoes when it comes to items worth investing in. Bras should be comfortable. And depending on what you need in your bust region they should maximize or minimize, lift or shape, be invisible or provocative, and be made with quality and care so that they last several years.

Getting a bra-fitting expert to fit you is much less awkward than it seems. The specialists who I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been nothing but professional, respectful, and interested in nothing more than providing options they think will work best with what you’ve got.  Nordstrom – a retailer known for their excellent customer service – happens to greatly excel in the bra fitting department. They have an enormous selection in-store and online and are so committed to finding customers what they need that they have the in-store “We Heart A Great Fit” bra event! Visit a Nordstrom store on Friday, October 24th and Saturday the 25th and a fit expert will help you find options that fit your body, style and life. And trust me, once you find that great fit, your life will feel kind of changed!

For every bra purchased from a participating brand during the event, Nordstrom and that brand will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), a global nonprofit that offers support, resources and connections to young women of all backgrounds battling breast cancer. Brands participating in the donation are: Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Chantelle Intimates, DKNY, Elmoi, Fantasie, Freya, Honeydew Intimates, Natori, On Gossamer, Panache, Wacol, and Yummie by Heather Thompson.

As you can see from my own personal collection of bras by Natori, Chantelle, and Wacol are the brands that fit me best. After having my own bra fitting years ago there was no stopping me from stocking up on pretty pieces. I love Chantelle bras for under t-shirts for a smooth look, the Natori “Feathers” bras are so pretty and comfy and I love them under shirts or with tanks if there’s a chance that the bra might peek out, and Wacol makes fantastic strapless options.

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Peace. Victory. Mickey Mouse hand. Whatever you see when you look at this, the one thing you should know is that it’s a leather sticker. You heard us – leather sticker. Our sticker books didn’t have any of these back in the day, did it? So maybe…we can get this Anya Hindmarch fun for a phone case? Or clutch? One stuck though…it stays for good! Also available in a thumbs up and pointy finger.


Crystal Frames

Molly wears glasses and Sally does not. Realistically, M should be wearing prescription lenses around the clock but thinks she looks like a nerd in them (her own words). We both love the look of clear frames because they really almost disappear on the face and heart the Nash style by Warby Parker big time. Basically, Mol needs these on her face. Now!

Join Us + Lulu Frost at Neiman Marcus Dallas!

October 23, 2014

Not all statement jewelry pieces are created equal - we know this much is true because we are long-time fans and beloved followers of Lulu Frost. The jewelry brand has become somewhat of a household name due to a decade of creating vintage-inspired designs. What makes each necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, and ring so special is that they're created with a nod to the past but perfect for modern women of today. The timeless appeal and heirloom quality come from the creative genius of designer Lisa Salzer - founder of Lulu Frost. We can't say enough good things about Lisa after spending time with her this time last year…beautiful, confident and poised but also so warm and genuine - it's easy to see how the sparkly Lulu Frost jewelry is the work of someone so radiant and wonderful.

I'm VERY excited that Lisa will be in Dallas tomorrow (Friday, October 24th) for a trunk show and personal appearance at the Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas! If you're a local, this is an event you won't want to miss out on. Come stop by the store and shop the pieces available through NM along with other Lulu Frost exclusive and one-of-a-styles! Molly will be keeping Lisa company and most likely making a mile-long wish list of favorite pieces! Won't you join us in the fun? (read more to get all the details)



.Place & Time: Neiman Marcus Downtown (1618 Main Street), 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 24th

.Meet: Lulu Frost jewelry designer Lisa Salzer! Molly will be hanging with lisa from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

.Shop: The Lulu Frost pieces available at Neiman Marcus and more exclusive and one-of-a-kind pieces from the brand!

We can’t wait to welcome Lisa to Dallas and see some of the latest Lulu Frost pieces in person (the photos online hardly do the collection justice!). Here’s to hoping you all will mark calendar to join us!

Don’t live close to Dallas? We will miss you dearly…we’re sharing our favorite pieces from online below and you can follow along with us on Instagram tomorrow @apieceoftoast so you can feel like you’re there!

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Interiors + Decor

Angel Without You

You’ve probably seen the work of artist Tracey Emin on Pinterest or the internets – maybe without realizing that the standout neon pieces you love happen to be hers. We love them too. And while they are too expensive for us to buy, Tracey’s book, Angel Without You, features 120 of her illuminated art pieces. We think it would totally light up our coffee table book collections.


Combo Dress

The contrast of materials – crepe on top, satin on bottom – and the vibrant colors blocked with black make this Cynthia Rowley dress one worth wanting. It’s a simplistic tunic dress made special…and with the Shopbop Friends & Family sale happening right now, we might have to scoop it up! Use code FAMILY25 from now till October 16th to get 25% off your order! Hurry, hurry…


One Room Challenge | Week No. 4

October 22, 2014

It's Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! Where has the time's crazy how quickly the days fly when you're working against a deadline. Today I want to talk about fabric selections and custom projects. I also wanted to talk about some of the frustrating set backs that have happened but it's only week 4 and I have a feeling that post needs to wait till next Wednesday since I'll more than likely have a few new "issues" to add to the list. Like most all big projects, this one has had a unique set of unforeseen issues and I think I now know why the word "challenge" follows One Room in the name. But let's talk about the good and pretty this week!


Hiring Bailey was a no-brainer for many reasons. One of those reasons: she has an insane talent for unique color pairings and fabric mixing. I could never (and I mean never) have gone out on my own and found the selection of options she presented me when we first started planning the room. As I mentioned in last week’s ORC post, the bed was the catalyst for the room re-design and easily became the focal point of the room when we selected Room & Board’s Portica Bed. Bailey and I both knew that curtain panels were for sure happening and after giving her a few words of what my brain was thinking (“pretty, edgy, bold”) she started pinning fabric choices that fell in-line with the vibe we had in mind.

There were a lot of great options for the what could be used for the bed curtains. Being the great designer she is, Bailey ordered in samples of four of our favorites so we could see the scale and color in person before making the final decision. This is where having a designer is so important (for me at least)  – I probably would have just looked on the computer and pulled the trigger on a choice, and gone all in with an order. Tisk, tisk. Seeing the scale of the fabric options is what led us to our final choice of “Storm” by Lindsay Cowles. All her prints are gorgeous works of art but this was the clear winner to us! (you can see the other options we pondered stacked on the left in the first collage!)

Bailey and her team drew up plans of how the curtains should be constructed and determined how many yards of fabric I should order. One the prettiness arrived (and it is seriously so unreal in person), I took it and the plans to a local seamstress in Dallas so the magical transformation of raw yardage to glorious bed panels could take place. Finding a good seamstress isn’t always easy…I asked several friends who I know have done recent house projects for recommendations and Albertina (another ORC participant) led me to her go-to seamstress – a skilled and trusted woman who’s work I was able to look at before determining she’d be a safe bet! Curtains are coming at the end of next week…just in time for the November 5th deadline! Can’t wait to install them on the naked and waiting bed.

So. One the curtain fabric was picked, Bailey turned her attention to the upholstered arm chair I already had. The photos of it with Blue Moonbeam were the only ones I could find but you can tell that it was originally covered in a heavy linen. Linen is great but this chair was handed down from my grandparents (thank you Mimi and Papa) to Sally before becoming mine and the seat and arms had managed to get a few stains. I’m glad I wanted so long to address it’s less than perfect appearance because the room re-do made for the perfect excuse to get it done.

The artistic and bold bed panels had me thinking a floral might be a pretty option for the chair. Usually florals sort of scare me. I like looking at them but was unsure if I’d like living with them. But Bailey turned it out once again and introduced me to the pretty “Elizabeth” fabric by Schumacher. Done and done. I sent a photo of the chair to the upholstery woman Sally and I had used before (again, word of mouth and asking friends got us this contact!) and she suggested it would need 6.5 yards to be covered. The fabric was ordered and I dropped it and the chair off to be reupholstered. I’m glad this was one of the first things I did because it takes 3-4 weeks for the job to be done!

The last fabric chosen was for an accent pillow on the bed. We’re still deliberating on which Biscuit bedding will dress the new Room & Board mattress but a special pillow was already a required asset. Scalamandré’s cut velvet “Tigre” in pink. Done and done. It makes me smile. Bailey bought the yardage on eBay since the fabric’s back ordered till December. You go, Glenn Coco!!

When we first started the project Bailey and I were wondering what we would do about a huge existing eye sore: Blue Moonbeam’s massive kennel. I had been keeping his palatial kennel in my bedroom because it seemed like the natural option. He only goes in there when I leave the apartment because unless in a secure and puppy-proofed environment he tends to destroy things while he waits for mama (me) to return. Bailey came up with a genus idea to build a console of sorts that could “sit” on tome of the kennel and be covered with a fabric skirt – the idea being that when not in use it would just look like a skirted table. Loved the idea and we were this close to working with a carpenter to do it but the more I looked at the scale of the kennel, the more I thought it would look like some massive, weird alter if we covered it.

Plan B: I did some rearranging in the main space of my apartment (the living, dining, work, and kitchen area are all in one big space) to find a new cozy spot for the kennel to sit. Then Bailey and I started thinking what would come into the room in its absence. Bailey was envisioning a 5-7′ piece that was console height but offered drawers and storage. And she was thinking it should be vintage. Errr…vintage and antique shopping is not in my bag of tricks. But she sent me to Scout, a great design studio in Dallas with a curated selection of one-of-a-kind vintage offerings. Sally found TONS of great furniture pieces there before her move and loved working with the owner, Flann, so I was less scared about my shopping adventure. I found three options I felt fit the bill and consulted Bailey. She picked my favorite – a Moroccan inspired console with six drawers and two cabinets that feature super special brass detailing. I LOVE it. It’s the perfect length and width and will sit across from my bed with hopefully a pair of lamps and lots of pretty things on top. Scout offering in-house painting so we are going to be lacquering it a stormy blue color that will perfectly compliment all the yum fabrics. It’s Benjamin Moore “Gentleman’s Gray.” The drawer pulls will be swapped out with these and then I’ll probably pass out from furniture love.

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