Birthday Suit

October 21, 2014

This technically isn't my birthday suit - if it was I would be naked - but it is an outfit posted on my birthday so the cheesy title is going to stay. If I could, I'd spend the whole day in my pi's and binge watch Friday Night Lights on the couch with Blue. But as luck has it, I have a pretty packed day (baking a cake and doing other important birthday girl things) and being in leggings all day is the next best thing to wearing pajamas. Gotta love stretchy pants that are nice enough to pass off as street appropriate and stylish. I found mine at White House Black Market and fell for the seams down the sides and up the back.


The other nice things about these here leggings? They’re not called “Instantly Slimming” for nothing…my long sweater conceals the fact that they have a wide, high band (comfy for a tummy that will soon be full of pizza and cake) and there’s an inner panel down the leg’s outer seam that keeps things nice and smooth. Even if it’s not your birthday you should take a look at WHBM’s Legging Studio as they have lots of other cute/chic styles.

And because it’s October 21st, I can’t help but give a loud shout-out to my birthday twin and best friend, Mary! Mer – you’re the absolute best and I’m the luckiest to have you as a soul sister, chocolate-loving comrade, faithful listener, photog pal, loyal friend, and fellow Libra. You inspire me in more ways than I can put into words. Can’t wait to celebrate our birthdays today/tonight!

P.S. If you love my new Daniel Wellington watch, you’ll love that the brand is offering all A Piece of Toast readers 15% off their site from now till November 30th with the code “apieceoftoastblog.” Very. Nice.

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Peace. Victory. Mickey Mouse hand. Whatever you see when you look at this, the one thing you should know is that it’s a leather sticker. You heard us – leather sticker. Our sticker books didn’t have any of these back in the day, did it? So maybe…we can get this Anya Hindmarch fun for a phone case? Or clutch? One stuck though…it stays for good! Also available in a thumbs up and pointy finger.


Crystal Frames

Molly wears glasses and Sally does not. Realistically, M should be wearing prescription lenses around the clock but thinks she looks like a nerd in them (her own words). We both love the look of clear frames because they really almost disappear on the face and heart the Nash style by Warby Parker big time. Basically, Mol needs these on her face. Now!



Toast Talk

October 20, 2014

I've got a birthday tomorrow. I'm excited because it's a great excuse to bake my mom's homemade chocolate, chocolate birthday cake and I get to spend the day celebrating with my birthday twin, Mary. I'll be turning 27 - really nothing remarkable in terms of milestones but another year older all the same. Age is a tricky thing. We add a number each year and we compare and contrast where we are in relation to people similar in age. Sure there aren't written expectations telling, "By age 27 your life will be here," but I for one always had a pretty clear vision of where I'd be after turning 25. Let's just say that my current spot doesn't fit my well intended visualization. Right now I'm living more "in the moment" than ever before and I recently did myself a favor by lifting any expectations I might have had off my shoulders.


I am a very lucky girl – and if you would have told me this time last year I’d be where I am now I’d have been all, “Oh maybe, who knows, hehe.” Getting to work from home and have an insanely flexible schedule? Having a puppy baby who is the light of my life? Living solo and doing a dream bedroom makeover? Consistently adding trips to my calendar and going on them with people I love? I mean, call this a humble brag if you will but I am proud of where I am and the fact that it doesn’t align with my so called expectations doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. Different isn’t bad. Having happiness and health is enough – all the other aforementioned luckiness is just icing on the cake and I need to do a better job remembering that.

But do I still have goals and dreams for the future? Of course. I want to fall head over heels in love. I want to own a home and have children. I want to continue to live life authentically – for me part of that means letting things evolve organically and being open to an unplanned and unknown future. So, I’m looking forward to celebrating 27…even if it’s not “my year” it’s still probably going to bring a lot more goodness (and most likely some pitfalls and learning experiences) and I’m fine with going into my new age one day at a time.

And seriously…I’ve kind of been counting down the days till tomorrow for the chocolate cake.

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Interiors + Decor

Angel Without You

You’ve probably seen the work of artist Tracey Emin on Pinterest or the internets – maybe without realizing that the standout neon pieces you love happen to be hers. We love them too. And while they are too expensive for us to buy, Tracey’s book, Angel Without You, features 120 of her illuminated art pieces. We think it would totally light up our coffee table book collections.


Combo Dress

The contrast of materials – crepe on top, satin on bottom – and the vibrant colors blocked with black make this Cynthia Rowley dress one worth wanting. It’s a simplistic tunic dress made special…and with the Shopbop Friends & Family sale happening right now, we might have to scoop it up! Use code FAMILY25 from now till October 16th to get 25% off your order! Hurry, hurry…


Alys Shoppe Trunk Show

October 16, 2014

One of the most obvious things we realized while being a part of South Walton Fashion Week was what a culture of creatives the Florida region has. This was grandly apparent while watching the runway shows but also celebrated in a more intimate setting by the Alys Shoppe during the event the hosted last Saturday. Megan Trent, our dear friend and the director of retail for Alys Beach, is not only dedicated to sourcing clothing, accessories and lifestyle items that compliment the overall aesthetic of the beach community that is Alys - but she has made a point to include local designers and American-made brands that are unique and inspired. Each time we visit with her we learn about a new line or a fun, fascinating tidbit she found out from a designer. The behind-the-scenes storytelling Megan offers is just one of many reasons we love her...and when she invited us to co-host a shopping event at Alys Shoppe that would feature New York designer Jin Seo of 51INC and local loves Christie Casillo of Coastal Road Designs and Gaelle Le Geoff Haute Handcrafted Accessories we were honored and excited to be part of such talented company!


Getting to meet all three designers and see the passion and love they feel for each of their brands was hands down our favorite part of our Alys and South Walton Fashion Week trip. From watching Jin layer and style her chic sporty pieces, to seeing Christie demonstrate how her limited edition handbags are reversible and the ways they can be customized, and having Gaelle find hats to perfectly (and we mean perfectly) fit our heads – it was so inspiring to see them all in their elements and loving what they do during the Shoppe event.

Fashion can be a very emotional art form. Sometimes the two of us look at beautiful things and we easily consider ways we could wear it or determine if it fits (our style and our budget) but we don’t necessarily wonder about the actual people behind the pieces. Just getting to know the stories and journeys of the three talented women that Megan (who is also uber talented and has a serious eye for buying and curating) connected us to has made us re-appreciate small brands and the small retailers that tell their stories with such affection.

Aside from the mushy love fest of being generally obsessed with everyone, the Trunk Show brought in tons of great 30A locals and visitors alike (even some of the SWFW emerging designer contestants!) and we all had a great time devouring snacking on cupcakes and trying on clothes and accessories. Alys Shoppe, you can count us in to be co-hosts anytime!

Trunk Show Designers: 51INCCoastal Road DesignsHaute Handcrafted Accessories  << Just like in yesterday’s blog post, if you see something you love, call the Alys Shoppe at 850.213.5550 with questions and orders.

Another big thanks to Jackie Ward for the beautiful images of the in-store event and for taking a some shots of our outfit from the shoppe!

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Alexis Hat

Let’s talk about hats. The two of us bought matching wide-brim black straw hats from Haute Handcrafted Accessories while at Alys Beach (sneak peek here!) but we’d like to acquire a wool hat for colder weather. And since we already have black hats, why not get Otte’s classic Alexis Hat in off-white/beige? We have it in dark green and it’s sort of the best…

Interiors + Decor

X-Ray Tray

Halloween is three weeks away and the spooky holiday makes for a great excuse to scoop up some scary-cool accessories. Mary bought this X-Ray Skull Tray from West Elm and we are a little jealous of the festive statement it makes this month and it’s chic skull factor when on display after October. Might be a good time to buy it now that it’s on sale!

Estée Lauder’s Fall Gift With Purchase

October 16, 2014

Getting a gift when you're already making a purchase is a little like winning when you didn't know you were playing - it's a rewarding surprise that I for one love. Since I just got back from the beach and am leaving tomorrow for a weekend in San Francisco with Sally, I thought I would stop by Nordstrom for a little makeup pick-me-up. I have a few products by AERIN and wanted to try the Beauty Rose Lip Balm I'd heard good things about so I headed to the Estée Lauder counter to test it out. After trying the balm and loving it - such a pretty, subtle pink and the perfect replacement to my Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Blue ate - I started playing with eyeshadows (naturally) and fell in love with the Pure Color Stay-on Shadow Paint. Typically I get creases when I wear eye shadow and I want to try using the long-wear shadow in the pretty "pink zinc" hue as a day-to-day base that can be layered with more color. I was ready to go with my two picks when the beauty guru helping me told me that I got to take home an Estée Lauder gift because of my purchases!


Well color me excited…Usually spending more than $45 on not-so-necessary beauty products leaves me feeling happy but pretty frivolous but today was my lucky day and I was all too excited to leave Nordstrom with my “gift with purchase.” A pretty makeup bag filled with seven Estée Lauder products valued at $165 will do that to you. Not only am I super excited that I got a combination of skin care (cleanser, wrinkle cream for day and night, and the advanced night repair recovery complex) and makeup (lipstick, gloss, and mascara) – but they’re all travel sized and will be accompanying me to San Francisco so I can properly take advance of them over the weekend.

I was told that the Estée Lauder gift with purchase goodness lasts till supplies run out (which is rumored to happen quickly based on the value!) so if you’re loving my loot definitely stop by your Nordstrom beauty department to get in on the action!

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