Third Love Loving

April 24, 2018

If you've gotta wear a bra (and I guess none of us technically have to) then it should be one that fits really, really well. I was a long-time lover of the Natori Feathers Bra (and I still wear it under tops and dresses with a low v-neck) bra but I have been singing the praises of and only wearing Third Love bras since last fall. They have a whole explanation for how they make their bras fit so well, but all I can say is that.

I wear the 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra most often (smooth silhouette, super comfortable) but I also like the 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra and Satin Demi Bra - though I'll be honest, they don't seem to be as perfectly fitting as the 24/7 classic. I finally just got around to ordering a Classic Strapless...not sure what took me so long considering the raving reviews. Next I want to try the Contour Plunge since I think it would replace my Natori Feathers needs.

P.S. The Third Love undies are amazingly comfortable. Is that TMI? I mean, this post is already about bras so I might as well "go there." AND their sleep/lounge pieces are so, so soft. Ok...that's all.

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Summer Fridays

Yes, we first learned about Summer Fridays and the Jet Lag Mask via the Coveteur. Yes, we immediately read as much as we could about it. Tell us a beauty product is going viral and we immediately want to know why and if we need it. Basically…we think we need it. We are hydration junkies and this sounds like it gives that and so much more.


Pleated Lantern

The sculptural, unexpected and elegant bags by Mlouye have completely captivated our attention. Between the colors (from rich neutrals to a rainbow of hues) and sleek, interesting shapes – it’s hard to pick a favorite. Just kidding. We love the Mini Lantern Bag with pleats. And the Micro Convertible Bag in shearling. We’ll take both!



Courier Classic

April 23, 2018

If this outfit looks familiar, it's because I posted something very similar last month. I know what I like! These jeans are my daily go-to (I also have them in white) and if I'm not wearing them with a t-shirt, they're paired with some variation of a white shirt. This Courier Shirt - which is a style Madewell always stocks - is a spring/summer fave since it's got short sleeves.

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Spring Stripe PJ’s

Can one ever have too many pairs of pajamas? No. It’s not possible. Unless you run out of room to store them…and then that’s a personal problem. Anyway, we locked eyes with this striped shirt and short set new at Madewell and think the candy-color stripes are too perfect on the classic cut. Very light and fresh for spring. Whether or not they’ll help you get more sleep with these longer days requires some testing. Which we’re happy to do.


On It

We’ve been seeing these On sneakers/running shoes on feet all over Dallas. They’re kind of hard to miss with their bouncy-looking soles and bold colors. Our intrigue led us to discovering that the running shoes are Swiss made and have the first patented cushioning system (activated only when you need it – during the landing). So they look cool and feel incredible? Sold. We’re loving the Cloud 2.0 for the lacing system and color combos…

$78 Kick Crops

April 20, 2018

I never thought I would like wearing kick crop (re: slightly flared and above ankle) jeans as much as I do. They look great with sneakers, heels, sandals...ideal for day to night. I just got this pair from Everlane last week and looooove them. Everlane's denim collection is still fairly new - it debuted in September 2017 - and after getting the mid-rise skinny last fall I couldn't help ordering this new kick crop style to try. It's a higher rise (which I happen to love - they make your legs look miles long) with a little bit of stretch that's a signature to Everlane's Japanese denim. I'm really into the raw hem...I think it gives a casualness that's not as extreme as distressing.

At $78, they are worth trying! Pssst: the other styles of Everlane denim are only $68. Boom.

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Mary Locket

Have you stumbled around All The Wire in a while? The Texas-based company run by two sisters has  pretty legit stuff loaded right now and we can’t get enough. Like this Mary Locket…it features the words ‘O Mary Conceived Without Sin Pray For Us Who Have Recourse To Thee’ on the front and swivels open to reveal another heart with the inscription of the whole The Lords Prayer. Comes with a pretty chain. Love it and love this tee!


Jetset Ready

Did you hear? TRUFFLE recently re-stocked their super popular Clarity Jetset Case in three colors. We highly suggest snagging one for yourself and a few for your best friends before they sell out again! Both of us love these boxy-shaped cases for our bulky makeup items. It’s TSA approved for carry-ons (hence the Jetset name) but we use it for everyday use since it holds just the right amount of beauty stuffs we usually need to grab and go with.

Always in My Bag

April 19, 2018

I swap bags a lot - from the tote I bring to work, to the one I use for errands, then onto handbags and clutches for days and nights out - and I know I'm not alone in the practice. There are a few essentials that always go with me...wallet (or at least my ID, a credit card and some cash), phone and the three beauty bits in this post. These three are the constants and other things (like one of the lipsticks here or my fave concealer and a pack of gum) are the variables that change depending on the situation.

KEEP READING for more info and all the links.

rms Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Vanilla ($25): I snuck this guy into the end of my Beauty Dish post with all my fave under eye products. First of all, it smells amazing. I don’t generally like the smell of vanilla stuff because it can make me think of a baked good but this (as with all rms products) is made of all organic, non-toxic goodness and smells light and nice. It hydrates really well so I always have it on me for when I need moisture for my under eyes (I’m addicted to eye cream, obviously). To repeat what I’ve already said, the texture of this is sort of a cross between a balm and a cream – it looks a little less oily when on.

Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Perfume Oil ($57): This is basically identical to Le Labo’s Santal 33. And if you know what that smells like, you know that it’s a very specific, unique, intoxicating scent. I’m not saying that MLM gypsied their formula (how would I know?!) but this dupe is legit and comes at a more wallet-friendly price point. It’s also conveniently sized to be taken everywhere and I’m obsessed that it has a roller ball. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due: Tori Gonzales pulled this out of herbag at a baby shower we were both at when I asked if she was wearing Santal and gave me permission to copy her. Thanks, Tori!! I got mine from Set & Co. in Dallas but have linked online spots to buy here and below.

Lano Lips 101 Ointment ($17): Lannnooooo. I found this stuff years ago (way before it became so mainstream, so I feel special about that) when I was looking for a product similar to Aquaphor and Vaseline but free of petroleum jelly. Not going to go into why I’ve tried to purge products with petroleum jelly/mineral oil but anyway, it’s what led me to find Lano Lips. They have other lip stuff now (like tinted stuff and the like) but the 101 Ointment is the OG and so, so, good. I buy multiple tubes at a time. Get some and thank me later.

rms Beauty Lip & Skin Balm in Simply Vanilla (also here, here, here and on Amazon) // Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Perfume Oil (also here, here) // Lano Lips 101 Ointment (also here, here, here and on Amazon)  •  MOREAU-PARIS THE VINCENNES POCKET BAG (CALL THE SAN FRANCISCO MOREAU-PARIS STORE (415-398-1110) FOR ASSISTANCE WITH BAG COLORS, STYLES, AND PERSONALIZATION!) // KATE SPADE WATSON LANE BOTANICAL SAM // TRUFFLE SKINNY PRIVACY CLUTCH

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