Call me Linus . Two Wrapped Up Looks

October 7, 2015

In my tween years there were two things I knew: I wish I had a retainer (weird I know - this is pre having braces and thinking the retainers that fit the roof of your mouth were super cool) and I wish I had a blanket or something else I needed to sleep with. I blame the Parent Trap and the American Lindsay Lohan character's affection for the stuffed bunny she slept with. Alas, I never had a favorite blankie or stuffed animal I needed to be with me at all times...once my parents took away my pacifiers (so rude - they said they "got left in Colorado") I was on my own. As an adult I still think about this childhood bond with inanimate objects when I see one of my favorite little boy taking a big silk blanket with him everywhere and  my fave little girl always needing her stuffed Mini Mouse.

I figure that always having Blue Moonbeam by my side takes care of the would-be stuffed animal relationship - but if it's not too late, I'd like to adopt a blanket dependency. Old Navy is making this goal pretty attainable with all their Folkloric pieces like ponchos, wraps, and oversized scarfs. Each piece is like wearing a socially acceptable blanket and I am into it. So much so that I wanted to share two looks (both of which I wore while in Kansas City last weekend) that feature some of my most recent "blanket-like" purchases.


Look One: behold the Poncho Wrap. Not to be confused with the Open-Front Poncho that has arm holes and is equally wearable, this piece drapes over your shoulders and is a true “wrap.” I order most all my Old Navy things online and I was a curious about what the wool-blend textile would feel like. Happy to let you all know that it’s not itchy, flimsy, or fleece-like – it’s nice and soft, you can see a small weave (which I like), and it has a good medium-weight that’s not too heavy. I’m crazy about the southwestern pattern and love the colors used with the black and brown (who knew that burnt orange looked so great with pale periwinkle?). The blanket stitched border is the perfect final touch…and really, this has been such a fun layer to throw with jeans (wearing my Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinnies here!) . Picturing it looking equally great over a simple black dress.

Look Two: what makes a good scarf? To me, it’s the size. More fabric is more better in this situation. This sounds like common knowledge but there has been more than one time I’ve purchased a scarf without scrutinizing the size and when I got to wear it I can’t even wrap it around my neck once…then I cry. Things get so melodramatic when it comes to accessorizing, no? Basically, bigger is better when it comes to scarves. Take the beautiful Flannel Blanket Scarf I have on here – she looks good worn open around the neck, wrapped up tight, or draped around the shoulders. Similar to my poncho, I was a little nervous about what the fabric of the scarf would be like in person but again, my expectations were surpassed. It’s lightweight (almost on the thin side) but the flannel weave makes it super soft and cozy. The raw edges are my favorite part. My second favorite part is that the color combination makes it go with just about everything. It just so happens to perfectly match my Varsity V-Neck Sweater…which I also got in the grey and white color combination.

If you’re feeling the Folkloric look that’s on-trend for fall, make sure you check out this selection of pieces from Old Navy!

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Tie Waist Sweatshirt

Sometimes we see pieces of clothing and know that we will just live in them. This Tie Waist Sweatshirt is new at Madewell and it really speaks to our style souls. What’s better than having a comfortable basic that can be worn loose or cinched in at the waist with a knot or bow for more of a tailored look. Nothing, there is nothing better than that. Aside from the fact that it comes both in white and blue.


Chandelier Stunners

The selection of jewelry at J.Crew – both the bold and fine collections – never fails to make our heads turn. Sometimes all you need to transform an outfit is a statement-making necklace or pair of earrings and it’s this accessory mentally that has us fixated on a particular pair of Crystal Beaded Chandelier Earrings. The iridescent colors & details are so good. They’re 25% off with code SHOPNOW!



Flounce Hem

October 6, 2015

You know what no one tells you before you get married? How hard it is to change your last name. It takes for.ever. There are so many steps to get the process started and then there's a lot of waiting. And then you have to change your drivers license, credit cards, etc. etc. I actually signed up for a service (Miss Now Mrs) to assist me with the process. But as I wait, the students I teach still refer to me as "Miss. Miller." Teaching kindergardeners means you get some pretty hilarious un-filtered questions, comments, stories, and one-liners.


For instance, if I were to wear the pretty flounce hem shirt you see here to school I might get asked: “Miss. Miller, why are you so dressed up?” “What’s in your stomach, Miss. Miller?” (always a question when I wear something billowy…I love responding with “food”) or I might just have the delicate gold stitching and tassels get pawed at and fawned over. I don’t think I could blame them – the details of this top are what makes it special and so fun to wear. But really, I try not to wear anything so pristine and perfect in the classroom. Sitting on the floor and being around little hands will quickly make you very aware of what can and can’t be worn on a daily basis.

Five year olds say hilarious things – but most of the time it’s exactly what they are thinking and that kind of boldness is refreshing. They’re also at an age where they love their teachers. This makes me love doing what I do…it’s not just the compliments (“Your hair looks pretty today”) or the hugs and constant attention, but also knowing that they feel safe and encouraged to be themselves while learning that’s so rewarding to see.

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Brightening Finishing Powder

Molly learned all kinds of fantastic tips from the beauty event she hosted with Bobbi Brown at Neiman Marcus last weekend. One of which was this: if you want to set your foundation or tinted moisturized without getting a matte look, use Bobbi’s Brightening Finishing Powder. It gives the most gorgeous and natural luminance and keeps the first makeup layers from wearing off. The “Nude” color is perfection!


Hair Calf Sneakers

A good pair of slip on sneakers will take you a lot of places. Or rather, you’ll take them a lot of places because you’ll realized how many things they go with. The two of us wear our Vince slip on “Preston” sneaks year-round and love the woven leather look. This year we’re both thinking of investing in the “Banler” Hair Calf version of the same shoe – the soft grey is so pretty and versatile. Vince just gets it.

Some Sales + Steals

October 1, 2015

Tomorrow Molly and I both head to Kansas City to visit our mamasita for the weekend. It will be the first weekend in probably years that the three of us have spent together with just us that wasn't a weekend of moving, or packing for an upcoming move (aka sweating like goats and hurriedly eating pizza all weekend), or doing wedding planning. A product of being from a huge family is that one-on-one time with any parent are few and far between, and have always been a special treat. I know that we are both Mol and I are seriously looking forward to the weekend. Our mom's cooking/baking, fall weather in Kansas City, and sleeping at home makes for a pretty unbeatable combination. As of now we really have no big plans aside from being together which is actually pretty blissful. It's rare that either of us makes it home when it isn't a holiday or some sort of family event, and the holidays always seem so busy and scheduled, so Friday can't come soon enough. Our mama always loves hearing about the sales and steals, so luckily there is a lot to share:) (read on to get the sales + steals)


Some Sales:

  • Anthropologie: Extra 30% off sale items. (too much goodness in the dress selection to choose a favorite!)
  • Banana Republic: Extra 40% off sale with code BRSALE.
  • Biscuit: The epic warehouse sale that Biscuit only has at their store twice a year moved online! (this puppet theater is a perfect Christmas gift for a little one and I’ve always drooled over this striped pillow…)
  • Bloomingdales: Extra 25% off with code FRIENDS through 10/4. (call me practical, but friends and family sales are a great time to stock up on every day basics like this favorite of both of ours)
  • Calypso: Extra 30% off sale! (love, love, love the pale pink version of this – also like the colors in this version)
  • GAP: Extra 35% off with code LOVE. (this seems like such a staple for our SF weather that I am tempted to buy it in at least two colors)
  • J.Crew: 30% off select fall styles with code DAYFOUR – today only! (stripes + leather elbow patches = yes)
  • Les Nouvelles: Extra 30% off site wide with code LNFALL30 through 10/2! (we love our IRO tees, and this long sleeve version would be perfect for fall and it rings in under $100 which is an added bonus)
  • LOFT: 40% off all full-priced sweaters and tops AND extra 40% off all sale styles! (love this top in both color combinations and this drapey sweater vest is perfect)
  • Lou & Grey: Extra 40% off sale items. (I cannot get enough of how this line does basics – everything is perfection but now I need this, this, and this)
  • Madewell: Extra 30% off sale with code EXTRA30 through 10/2. (this is a new favorite in my closet – perfect in every way)
  • Mango: Mid season sale – up to 30% off through 10/11! (clearly I am on a cardigan kick!)
  • Old Navy: Up to 40% off with code AWESOME through today! (I’ve had my eye on a few things, but these are at the top of my list!)
  • Shopbop: So many good new additions have been added to the sale! (this windowpane dress is perfect for transitioning to fall, these suede booties have a great heel height and I love the tan, and this cozy wrap coat is, well, everything)
  • Tory Burch: If you haven’t taken a look at the clothing (especially the swim!), shoes, accessories, and home items on sale, you are seriously missing out. (these wedges, this embroidered scarf, and this lucite ice bucket are all incredible. Molly bought this suit and it’s so adorable.)

Some Steals

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Lock Clutch

Fringe is fun – and it’s a major look for fall. You’ll be seeing lots of leather and suede fringe as temps start to drop. And while we love the idea of finding a fringe skirt or even a detail on a jacket, we find the idea of wearing a fringed accessory, like the Lock Clutch from Loeffler Randall, an easier way to incorporate the trend with our style. The best part about fringe? It’s timeless and will always come back in style!

Navy + White

September 30, 2015

It's Wednesday already and tomorrow we're into October - that seems crazy. This week is flying by after being in Florida over the weekend for the wedding of some friends. Weddings are just the best...I love seeing my friends from college as much as I love eating cake and dancing. I may have danced a little too much at this past wedding though because on Sunday morning I woke up with a severely bruised and swollen right foot. My assumption is that I put myself in the way of another dancer and got stepped/stomped on. Normal party injury but amplified x100. I've never broken a bone but said foot looked even worse on Monday so I figured I'd better be safe than sorry and I saw a doctor yesterday to get some x-rays and make sure I wasn't walking on broken bones. Good news! The foot isn't broken but it still looks...disgusting. Lots of black and blueness. Maybe I'll Instagram a photo - it's just that impressive. I think I'll be a little more careful next time I hit a dance floor.


Enough about the shades of blue on my foot – let’s focus on the pretty blues in today’s outfit! I generally feel like black looks better on me than navy (the dark blue seems to always be better on blondes and brunettes) but I loved the shape of this Calypso peasant top and I’m really glad I have it because it’s been ideal for the transitional weather. I’m still sporting white jeans but can’t wait to pair the top with black jeans. The other blue-hued scene stealers here: the Lulu Frost earrings (that go with everythingggg) and Brahmin bag (I’m obsessed with the inky blue shade and shiny texture).

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