Current Vibes

October 18, 2017

With October already halfway over, we are trying to fit all of the fun fall things into our schedule on the days that the weather allows us to. Last week the weather got HOT again, so we decided to put off a visit to the Texas State Fair until the temperatures cool back down a bit. Thinking next week we'll make it happen - all in the name of a Fletcher's corny dog and some pretty fantastic people watching. Its crazy to think that in less than a month we leave town for a Thanksgiving trip - it always seems like once October is here, Christmas really is just around the corner. (read on for this weeks vibes!)

1. DREAMING // BLISSHAUS: Who doesn’t dream of a Pinterest-worthy pantry and kitchen? Amiright? Suffice it to say, our pantry is anything but organized or enviable. There’s no doubt that I was initially drawn to Blisshaus by way of a pretty Instagram photo of a perfectly organized pantry. Blisshaus was created from the German tradition of “elegant and clean living”, specifically in the kitchen. The company specializes in in providing kitchen makeovers that include so much more than just organization. Eco-friendly pantry solutions include picture-perfect glass jars, labels, and pantry ready recipes. As well as shopping tips to help with cutting down on food and packaging waste. Blisshaus claims to cut your household waste and grocery costs between 30-80%, while also making your kitchen shelves look like that of one straight out of the pages of a magazine. Sign. Me. Up.

2. SHOPPING // LOLA + LINA: Molly and I have become fans of bold statement earrings and over the years have amassed a great collection that we wear time and time again. We find that a pair of earrings can really take a classic outfit to the next level and instantly make you feel that much more put together. Lola + Lina is our new favorite online shop to find the best selection of said earrings (and other great pieces of jewelry!) all in one place. The shop has the most amazing pieces – many of which I had never seen before. Have a wedding/event coming up? Or looking to jazz up your your date night outfits? Lola + Lina are your girls. How freaking cool are these!? We’re also huge fans of all things Lele Sadoughi (these and these) and Lola + Lina has one of the best selections we’ve seen. There are also so many great gold options that are anything but boring!

3. LAYERING // CUYANA FALL: When Molly and I popped into the Cuyana + Outdoor Voices event this past Sunday, one of the cute Cuyana girls was wearing a sweater coat/cardigan (coatigan?) that stopped us both dead in our tracks. Literally. We looked at each other and turned back to her, asking how we could make it ours. Luckily for us, it is a brand spanking new arrival to Cuyana and one that we know we can’t live without. Ever since we lived in San Francisco I have had my heart set on a really great sweater coat, but never found something I really loved. Until. Now. The Oversized Reversible Alpaca Cardigan is the answer to all of yours/mine/ours sweater coat dreams and so much more. I personally love the fact that it is collar-less making it a little bit more wearable and layer-able with collared shirts, scarves, etc. The fact that the cardigan is reversible is also amazing because you can cuff the sleeves for a two-tone look and basically get two for the price of one. I personally have visions of wearing it with my new Outdoor Voices set (these + this) when I want to look a little bit more put together while running around town “momming” it. The perfect piece for our Dallas weather that stays in that “in between” stage for months.

4. COLOR PROTECTING // RAHUA: I’ve mentioned before (in this previous Current Vibes post!) my love for Rahua’s lovely Shampoo and Conditioner as the best natural shampoo/conditioner that I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot of them! But this was posted before I had the chance to try their new Color Full line, which is now a new favorite obsession of mine. I have found that since pregnancy and now with breastfeeding, my hair just does not take to color the way it used to. Which is slightlyyy upsetting for this blonde. I thought that maybe using a shampoo and conditioner specifically geared towards colored hair may help with the fading, but also didn’t want to forgo using a natural product since I had already made that switch. Rahua’s Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner are color-preserving while also being formulated from plant-derived and Amazonian ingredients. The Rahua Oil molecules push color pigmentation deep into the hair for lasting color. Just what I needed to help with my current hair color woes. I instantly fell in love with both the Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner, and its not just the lavender hue that got me. First off, the smell is beyond amazing. Like addicting-good, and almost indescribable. Aside from the smell, the products left my hair feeling soft and shiny without being weighed down, which is a rarity for my hair. Time will tell with how well my color holds up, but I have high hopes. It looks like I may not be the only one whose fallen in love with Rahua’s Color Full line, seeing as its already sold out. Now I’m feeling like I need to stock up… Also a new favorite from the brand – their Dry Shampoo.

5. COOKING // SMITTEN KITCHEN’S SECOND BOOK: ‘ve followed Deb Perelman of the Smitten Kitchen blog for what seems like forever. Over the years, I’ve pulled many favorite recipes from the site – mostly sweets and baked goods (shocker). These were a regular (weekly) part of my pregnancy diet and I loved every minute of it. What I love about Smitten Kitchen is that the recipes contain simple ingredients and nothing uber fancy, making everything attainable and totally doable. I recently saw that Deb was coming out with with a second cookbook, “Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumph and Unfussy New Favorites”, that contains all of her new favorite things to make. If they’re Deb’s favorites, they’re bound to be mine too. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done much cooking at all since having a baby in May and we generally eat grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner 4+ nights a week, but maybe this is just the inspiration I need? The book would make for a great Christmas gift, too!

6. READING // REESE’S BOOK CLUB: Yesterday my sister in law and I were talking books and she recently started a book that Molly had also started and told me about – Little Fires Everywhere. I mentioned that Reese Witherspoon had apparently bought the movie rights to the book (that’s when you know its going to be good!) and Jenna quickly informed me of Reese’s book club #RWBookClub / @rwbookclub. How. Did. I. Not. Know. This? Needless to say, Reese’s recommendations are where I’ll be turning to the next time I need a good read. Just downloaded “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng (thanks Molly, Jenna, and Reese) after finishing “Emma in the Night” by Wendy Walker which was SO good.

7. SPOOKING // HUDSON GRACE: When it comes to ranking holidays as favorites, Halloween isn’t necessarily high on the list. But I know I need to learn to love it a little bit more now that we have a little one in the mix. I think what has always turned me off to the holiday is the creepy/scary side of it that I just can’t seem to embrace. I absolutely hate all things scary and have vivid memories of terrible haunted house experiences growing up. If the holiday could only be about pumpkins and cute ghosts and adorable children dressed up, I’d be all over it. But the neighbors down the street with a zombie family, including a zombie baby, set up in their front yard has me concerned on all levels. WHO would spend money on a life-sized zombie family? Zombies aside, in an effort to not be the grinch of Halloween, I’m thinking of adding some of Hudson Grace’s “friendlier” faces to my holiday decor. I can always count on Hudson Grace to offer tasteful holiday decorations – I still love my Christmas gnome I got there when we lived in SF.

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Cozy “Amour”

Fun fact: we justify buying cute sweatshirts for ourselves by calling them “sister sweatshirts.” This has been going on for years and we have at least half a dozen matching cozy cotton pullovers. This “Amour” Sweatshirt from J.Crew is our latest matching purchase. Classic typography embroidered on a classic silhouette makes for a win!


$16 Statement Earrings

The bold geometric style of these Metal Statement Earrings screams “Designer! Expensive!” Which is why we were so shocked and excited to see that they’re only $15.99. You must click over to Mango’s site to see them on the model – their larger in scale which only adds to the statement-making appeal. Get a pair for you…and your bestie.



Ruffle Front (on sale!)

October 17, 2017

PSA: I love this Ruffle Front shirt and it's on sale! 48% off. Making it $39.99. That's prettttttty good. I have to say that I kinda sorta wish I had ordered it in the "tall" version that's available online but I was too in love with it when I tried it on in a J.Crew store months ago that I had to take it home immediately.  It's not necessarily short in the regular length but I like tucking things in and since there's a banded hem it would have been nice to have a smidgen more length to do so. But hey, it has been a favorite and worn more times that I can count. So jump on the good deal while it's still in stock (in all sizes!).


And because I think it would be loco for me to not mention it: I love the shoes I’m wearing. They’re the Penrose Sandals (but I think of them more as a mule/slide than a sandal?) by kate spade and I even more crazy about them than I thought I would be…super comfortable and just the right amount of embellishment to be eye catching without making me feel like I look like a Christmas tree or something.

In case you’re wondering…I’ll be wearing this exact outfit on a date night with my husband on Friday. Date night! First meal alone, at a restaurant, in months. Can you tell I’m excited?! We might even go crazy and see a movie after. #parentsgonewild

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Petite Maude

Structured simplistic casual elegance…the words that came to mind when we locked eyes with The Cuoio Vachetta Petite Maude. Designer Clare Vivier has created countless timeless bags (we’re big fans of the flat clutch) but this newer style brings new elements – a structured top frame, cut out handles and gusseted sides can also be pushed in – that we’re loving. P.S. “Cuoio Vachetta” is a minimally-treated vegetable tanned cowhide. Prettiest hue.


Fluffy Nicky Sandal

Ugh. Every season Loeffler Randall does their thing and makes shoes and handbags that are nearly impossible for us to resist. This fall we have a big time crush on the Nicky Sandals. Nicky is a cool girl and she kind of definitely has it all…a chunky heel (that’s not too high), ankle tie straps and a fox fur poof across each toe strap. Available in dusty rose, eclipse (navy) and sliver metallic + multi-colored fur, this furry number is a little cheeky but super wearable.

Baldwin Bliss

October 16, 2017

The title for this post is very appropriate. Not only is BALDWIN a blissful brand and all their products bliss-inducing, but the BALDWIN jeans I'm wearing are named the Karlie and the color I have on is "Bliss." So there you go. If you read this Current Vibes from a few weeks ago you know that Sally and I have a long-time relationship with BALDWIN founders Matt and Emily Baldwin after falling in love with their Kansas City-based retail store Standard Style back in high school. Upon the launch of BALDWIN in 2009 - Matt's namesake line devoted to denim and other wardrobe staples - Sal and I became automatic fans. It wasn't hard to root for our friends and fall for their tight assortment of must-haves. Best of all...the denim fits like a dream. Made in the US with quality denim fabric sourced all over the world, perfect details (the white rivet on the back right pocket is their only branding aside from a simple leather logo), and silhouettes that will work forever.


If you’re all “I want to get in on this BALDWIN business!” I can totally understand. If you live in Dallas you can shop at their brand-new store on Knox (their other store locations can be found right here) and they have a lovely website as well. But I have to say, there’s something magic about their stores. They feel like a hug. Maybe it’s the Midwestern girl in me and the fact that Matt and Emily love their Kansas City roots, but the customer service, inviting seating and unpretentious fixtures feel so much like home. Or maybe I just love their store designs so much that I want to move in? Probably both.

So I obviously love the jeans (and if you ask any BALDWIN denim owner they’ll sing the same praises) but I have to note that the Imogen Trench Coat I’m wearing with my Karlie jeans is amazing. It’s not your typical trench cut but that’s what I love about it…it’s got the classic khaki color and length but the lightweight washed cotton, covered button blacket, and drawstring cinch versus belt or tie (done with selvage striped cotton, no less) make it effortless, timeless and (dare I say) beyond cool. And hey, it’s ON SALE. Get yourself one (my mom already has) and thank me later.

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Olio E Osso

Jean Godfrey-June of goop is one of our beauty spirit animals. We read so much of what she writes that it feels like we know her. But the word of Jean is hardly ever wrong. Case and point: when asked for a no-makeup must-have she named Olio E Osso Balm– specifically the No. 2 hue – for giving a natural flush that’s perfectly pretty. We use the balm (No. 3) and it’s a game changer for those of us who don’t regularly wear full makeup but want to look good!


Bow-Tied Sleeves

Ohh look what we have here…a white shirt. Shocking right? We fully admit that we have an addiction when it comes to white tops (including tees, blouses, sweaters, etc.) but we try to scoop up a selection of basics and more special pieces. And this Emilia Top by Tory Burch is a perfect combination of basic + special. The mock-turtleneck body is a cozy knit and the sleeves are cotton poplin with slits down the side and fabric bow ties. Pretty. Perfect.

Current Vibes

October 12, 2017

I probably should have included "The Paris Architect" by Charles Belfoure in this round-up of vibes because it was the book I finished for my book club - and I really loved it and so did the whole group. But I was already behind on getting this posted and happen to have a grouping of stuff I'm really, truly vibing ya, the book club book didn't make it this time. But I host the next meeting (yay!) and chose "Little Fires Everywhere" by Celeste Ng as the book and I can't wait to start it! (keep reading to actually get to my vibes for the week!)

1. LELA LOVING // LELA ROSE BRIDAL FALL 2018: No no no. I am not bridal shopping. But I’m still a girl and that means that I can’t totally turn a blind eye to weddings, dresses, etc. And hey, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I love bridal dresses. When Sally was planning her wedding, watching her try on gowns was my favorite part of the process. Lela Rose has always been a favorite designer as far as bridal collections are concerned. Her ready-to-wear is always beautiful but her bridal…I mean, each season is totally breathtaking. I don’t know how she turns it out time after time but each new gown design feels fresh and thoughtful – classic silhouettes are restructured and new textiles and touches are introduced. Bridal Fashion Week for the Fall 2018 season was the other week and I’ve obviously been drooling over all the white confections. And Lela’s collection did not disappoint. I mean…this, thisthis, and this. Can someone get engaged and let me come play dress up with them?!

2. SEASONING // JENNIFER FISHER SALT: When I think Jennifer Fisher I think jewelry (duh), gothic fonts, Savannah Guthrie (she’s never without her “v” and “c” pendants and usually has her long chain with mixed charms on, too), edgy…I do not think food or cooking. So small minded of me. Jewelry designers can be foodies! Under the Lifestyle tab of the site, there’s a “JF Kitchen” section with some delicious-looking recipes (the Mediterranean Chicken Burgers look unreal) and you can shop a selection of salt mixes. Universal Salt and Curry Salt to be exact. Based on how great her jewelry is, my interest in the Jennifer Fisher salts is quite piqued. As someone who cooks a fair amount at home (scrambled eggs, veggies, pasta…it’s all impressive) I love the idea of changing up my usual pinch of kosher salt with the Universal Salt (it has not onion or garlic and is said to be great on everything) and trying out the Curry Salt for marinating.

3. VELVETING // SEASONAL SOFTNESS: You can’t really wear velvet year-round. It’s one of those textiles with such a cozy, luxe vibe that only really works for fall/winter/cold-weather. I had this deep green velvet blazer for years (since freshman year of college) and finally consigned it last year…now I’m kind of kicking myself because velvet is so on trend! I’m not totally one to be all “ahh! Trendy! Buy it now, wear it once, forget about it after that” but I do think that velvet pieces can be very timeless when made well and with the right silhouettes. The pieces that have been catching my eye are of the tank variety (probably because I picture them with lighter wash jeans as a way of taming the glam nature of the fabric). Loving this simple scoop style, this button-front cami, this high-neck racer-back, and this bustier style. And I really can’t help but love this bodysuit (especially in dusty pink) and this slip dress (so elegant).

4. ADORING // TEENY T-REX STUDS: If you haven’t thought about checking out the jewelry collection at Coach in a while (they are more all about leather, after all) let me re-direct your attention. What you’ll currently find are classics like bangles and cuffs and then a selection of pieces adorned with whimsical and cute little charms. Skulls, a rocket ship, T-Rex dinos, a feather, a tea-rose…the mini symbols hang on necklaces, sit on rings, anchor delicate bracelets, and stand as earrings. They caught me by surprise in the best possible way and I’m starting to justify buying more than one set of the studs due to their teeny size (the Rexy Studs are a quarter of an inch!) and the fact that I can wear up to for earrings in each ear.

5. COOKING // “CHERRY BOMBE: THE COOKBOOK”: I know, I know – it seems like I’m always talking about Cherry Bombe – the biannual magazine that celebrates women and food with stunning images, fantastic cover girls, glorious recipes, great stories and more. After producing nine issues over the past four years the “Bomb Squad” team (led by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu) has finally released their first-ever cookbook. 100+ recipes from 100+ of the most interesting chefs, bakers, food stylists, pastry chefs, and creatives on the food scene today (all women!) along side beautifully styled and shot images. “Cherry Bomb: The Cookbook” literally dropped three days ago and you can do yourself a favor in making your eyeballs, your heart, and your tummy happy by ordering a copy right here (yup, mine is on its way!). Pssst see if your city is a stop on the cookbook tour!

6. CONTAINING // CABLE BOXES: So, I’m type-A and organized. Open any drawer in my house and you’ll find some sort of divider situation, drawer liner, and everything in it’s place. Maybe even color coded. As sentimental as I am I’ve tried to declutter as much as possible with each passing year and I’ve gotten pretty good at either a) pairing down and parting with “stuff” or b) containing clutter. One of my favorite can’t-live-without things (that I’ve convinced several family members to buy): BlueLounge Cable Boxes. They’re so simple but so genius. A power strip or surge protector with multiple outlets sits inside and feeds through one side opening while all the cords that plug into your TV/computer enter through the other side opening then get power from the power strip. It hides the mess that comes with excess and abundant cords in a contained, safe space. I keep one below my desk and one by my TV. And call me a nerd, but I think everyone needs at least one of these in their lives to recognize their magic.

7. COSTUMING // HALLOWEEN INSPO: I’m sure there was a time in my life when I was really into dressing up and costumes and Halloween in particular. My mom always made us the best Halloween costumes so I know there’s no way I didn’t love it. But with all the theme parties that came with college whatever love I once had for dress-up became a total anti feeling. Spend money to buy weird clothes and props to not look for feel like myself? Whyyyyy? The last time I got excited about Halloween was when my housemates and I (seven girls) dressed up as garden gnomes (white beards, giant pointy hats – nothing slutty involved). I like I was into the inexpensiveness of the whole look and the fact that we all looked like weirdos together. Alas, I’m friends with so many fun-spirited adults that love costumes, dress-up, theme parties, and going all out for Halloween. So this year I’m trying to get into the spirit and embracing the idea of getting to costume. Thank gawd for Camille Styles and her team for all the great costume inspiration they produced for this season! I’m *this* close to convincing a group of girl friends to dress up as “A League of Their Own” Rockford Peaches players thanks to this amazing DIY. And if I can’t sell the baseball players idea, I’m going to pout for a minute then suggest Tropicana Girls!

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