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August 21, 2014

The two of us are as sensitive to the style and outfitting of our living environment as we are to our individual closets. Having a mom who's a talented interior decorator has made us hyper aware of furniture, lighting, decor, and all the details that come together to make a home a true reflection of one's self. As adults, it's become more and more obvious to us how decor and fashion can fall hand-in-hand to demonstrate an aesthetic a person chooses for both. The items we choose for home space definitely reflect our personal styles. With fall fashion upon us and new home decor pieces are also being released for the season, we paired some of our favorite West Elm items with runway looks we feel compliment and mimic the home pieces.


Glass Disc Chandelier // Honor. We love how the minimalistic flowers and soft hues of the gown seem similar to the glass discs of the chandelier. Both are fresh (and feminine) but also feel traditional rather than trendy and the slight 70s vibe could work in so many different spaces.

Oswald Tufted Slipper Chair // J.Crew. Clean lines with edgy masculine details make this look and this slipper chair a perfect match. Both feel pretty but not precious (very important as clothes and furniture both endure wear and tear) and there’s a mid-century undertone that’s so versatile in fashion and home.

Droplet Glass Pendant // Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. Layers of texture make for exquisite details…this fluffy gown is a total showstopper and so is this glass pendant. While the dress isn’t completely wearable for everyday (le sigh) we love how it’s causally accessorized and likewise, the pendant is “fancy” but would look perfect with a simple dining situation.

Sadie Arm Chair // Roksanda Ilinčić. Tailored construction with perfect voluminous details is hard to achieve in both fashion and furniture but it’s obvious in both the look and the chair. The slight curve of the arm on the chair keeps it from being too contemporary and makes it look approachable and comfortable.

Eclipse Chandelier Halo // Giambattista Valli Haute Couture. A classic blouse meets a detailed, floral skirt and a classic chandelier shape meets blown-glass shades that angle up and out. Neither the outfit nor the light fixture would work without having timeless construction anchoring them.

Brentwood Slipper Chair // J.Crew. The mix of blue tones and denim washes is what makes this single hued outfit standout. Likewise, the slipper chair is simple but the small scale print gives it dimension and depth. The tailored design of the chair is like a great pair of jeans or a chambray shirt – both feel comfortable while looking great.

Enameled Metal Industrial Pendant // Carmen Marc Valvo. A little metallic on the top meets streamlined and a-line on the bottom. This industrial pendant has a familiar “factory chic” vibe that’s instantly recognizable and comforting just as a skirt and top combination with a cinched in waist is a timeless classic that always feels right.

Capitan’s Chair // Roksanda Ilinčić. A little contrast goes a long way…the chair and skirt would be just fine without the small, dark accents but the addition of them make both go from good to great.

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Interiors + Decor

Missoni Home

Missoni’s colorful knit fabrics are easy spot with their unmistakable patterns and mix of hues. The likelihood of us acquiring a Missoni dresses is slim but we can incorporate the iconic brand into our lives with one of their candles by Apothia. The glass jars are so pretty and would make for an excellent home for make-up brushes when burnt out. Don’t forget about the Missoni x Converse collab!


Colorblocking Bra

Is there anything more fun or feminine than getting a new bra? Jewelry and flowers are nice too – but it’s so gratifying to buy something pretty and functional just for you. We first saw this cool, intersecting soft bra by VPL at the Alys Shoppe and recently found it online. Cute enough to let the straps show or to go from yoga to brunch…it’s also on sale!



Bedroom Decor Under $200

August 20, 2014

My bedroom is also my office and it's where I spend pretty much all of my time, all day everyday. My bed is my most favorite place and I happen to be typing this post while sitting on it with Blue Moonbeam snuggled on my legs. It's monkey-see-monkey-do when it comes to me and Sally and when she spruced up part of her room I determined that I needed to do the same. I wanted to do something that would make a visual impact but not force me to scrap what I already had (I love my bedding and it was an investment I plan to stick with). While I would never consider myself a DIYer, I was pretty excited about my solution to "cover" my existing headboard with a duvet to get a whole new look.


It probably goes without saying, but Blue is one guy who has little opinion about the decor choices I make as long as he has a comfy place to cuddle. Rather than consult him, I turned to the Nordstrom home decor selection to look for something suitable for wrapping my headboard. I like patterns but I’m very picky about them…they can’t be too colorful, too textured, too literal or organic. The search is like three little bears sitting in chairs but once I land on something good I know it’s just right. I happened to start looking under the “modern” picks under $200 and found the Ellis Duvet by Nordstrom Home. Sadly, the color I picked up isn’t online anymore but I’m sure some of the stores still have it in stock. I love how the duvet cover has two complimenting textured patterns and since it’s 100% cotton I figured that without a duvet inside, it would be the perfect weight to fold and wrap my headboard. Lucky for me, my guess was right and the queen size I ordered turned out to be perfect. There was no real method to my method, I just draped, smoothed, folded, and tucked till the sides looked nice and the fabric was secured. Compared to what I had before (this) it was the perfect refresh and made it look like I had a new upholstered headboard.

The only other change I made was to re-arrange my bedside table that has my lamp on it. Before, it had a massive stack of old magazines, a tray full of matchbooks and charger cords, some candles, and other randomness. I got rid of the clutter and kept things simple with a coffee table book that complimented the color of the “new” headboard. I bought a kate spade vase with two different vases doodled on either side in black and gold and it’s been the perfect whimsical addition. Having it has encouraged me to get fresh flowers each week and the new ritual has made my bedroom office a lovely place to be.

Pieces From The Post

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Shape of my Heart

Manicures and pedicures are our regular pampering vice. We head to our new favorite salon in Dallas – Bellacures at Preston Center – and slip into relaxation bliss…but not before we choose our colors! As of late, the pale pink shade “Shape Of My Heart” by Deborah Lippmann has been a go-to for our toes. Bellacures is one of the few salons in Dallas to carry DL polishes and the lacquer lasts so well!


Daniel Wellington

A watch with a minimalistic face and black, leather band is as classic as a white button down or nude pointed pump. We both always used to wear watches but for some reason (we blame our iPhones) strayed from the ritual of putting one on each day. This Daniel Wellington - with its ultra slim dial and rose gold details - is on both our wish lists.

Copenhagen, home of Noma

August 19, 2014

I wish I had been able to post about Copenhagen while I was still in Denmark last week and had it fresh in my mind but here it is! Traveling from rainy Bergen to sunny Copenhagen was like taking a breath of fresh air. The capital city of Denmark is the epitome of charm with cobblestone streets, water canals, colorful buildings, tons of bikes, a mix of modern and old architecture, and lots of great shops and restaurants. The main highlight of the city for me was eating at Noma…but I'll get to that.


One of the first things we did after arriving (and eating a quick lunch) was walk to the Amalienborg Palace. The large “square” is anchored by a monument and surrounded by four identical buildings. Not unlike other royal palaces there are guards in some sweet uniforms who change out regularly from their posts.

Next on our list was seeing the sculpture of The Little Mermaid. As the story goes, the sculpture was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale and commissioned by Danish brewer Carl Jocobson after he saw the ballet interpretation of the story at the Royal Danish Theatre. The mermaid sits at Langelinje Pier and is quite the city attraction.

After that, it was a short walk to Kastellet – one of the best preserved star-shaped fortresses in Northern Europe. The site still houses military soldiers and I loved that it had a windmill on site. A stroll around the part of the fortress (it’s huge) followed by a snack, pass by Nyhavn, and a quick jaunt across the bridge made for a full day.

So Noma. It was hands down the coolest culinary experience I’ve ever had in my life. Considering I knew next to nothing about the restaurant until on my trip (let alone that it’s a two Michelin star restaurant or that it’s known as the best best restaurant in the world by other chefs) I was really excited to see what the hype was about. The upscale-cozy interior has the feel of Restoration Hardware and is generally unassuming as an old warehouse on the waterfront. Our meal consisted of 20 courses (small enough so we still had an appetite till the end!) and 10 wine parings. The food is characterized as traditional Nordic cuisine but with a definite twist for the unexpected. Chef René Redzepi is famous for his foraging and detail-oriented construction. It was by far the most inventive and beautiful dinner I’ve had the pleasure of eating and the fact that it took five hours to complete from start to finish just heightened the awesome experience.

The next day (Thursday) we had lunch at Restaurant Amalie (very cute and good – highly recommend) before taking a last train to Nyborg…

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Someone around here has a wedding coming up (bride-to-be Sally) and the two of us have our eyes peeled for a special “something blue.” We just stumbled upon the Wedding Shop collection of goodies on Clare Vivier and immediately went for Something Bleu Pouch. The monogrammed snake embossed wallet-sized could be the perfect little something…blue.


Surf Stripe

Love this top from J.Crew? We do too. What makes it even better and worth buying? It’s currently on sale! The silk Collection top is sport-inspired (hence the name, surf-stripe) and we adore its neon piped edges and boxy shape as much as we’re obsessed with the colors in the stripe. Get it while it’s hot (and before sizes go) and wear it into fall!

Bedroom Decor Under $200

August 19, 2014

Before I packed up and moved to San Francisco (currently I'm in a sea of boxes and unpacking - ugh), I felt the itch to revamp my bedroom. Since finishing the school year as a teacher, getting engaged, and planning my wedding, a lot has happened this summer and I had been feeling like my room is so unorganized and a complete disaster zone. To take control of the clutter, I decided to clean off one of my bedside tables and turn it into a "wedding work zone" so I could have a designated place to keep all the planning and resource books as well as papers and documents and other wedding flotsam and jetsam I had started to accumulate and had no where accessible to keep. Not only did I want something purposeful, but I also wanting something that would look pretty and fresh (re: looks were as important as functionality).


Since I’m always trying to stay on a budget, I decided that whatever I got needed to stay under $200. My practical purchase was a kate spade “things to do” acrylic tray that’s super deep and perfect for me to keep documents and other wedding info. Then I turned my attention to a few decor pieces that would freshen the look of the room and also be items I could take with me in my move (re: fiancé appropriate). Nordstrom’s selection of bedroom refreshers under $200 was where I went looking for inspiration.

I already love my bedding and will be getting new linens when I move in with my guy, so I turned my attention to wall decor and found the small square canvas “Balloon Dog Lux” piece by Oliver Gal. My initial thoughts were, “I love yellow! This looks like a Jeff Koons sculpture.” Done and done. The canvas makes me happy and I know it will remind me of Blue Moonbeam once I’m in San Fran. After taking a look at the Jonathan Adler selection of home things, I determined that I needed a “Mr. and Mrs. Muse” something…the dual sided lips and mustache pottery would be my first “his and her” item and I couldn’t resist getting a mug that has since doubled as a vase, pencil and pen holder, and drinking cup. The final item I got to satisfy my bedroom spruce was a Volupsa candle. Volupsa is one of my favorite brands – because the candles are a good price, smell amazing, and have pretty packaging – I smell tested a few before taking home the “Suede Blanc” which smells like leather and cedar (so yum).

So even though I’m not loving the process of unpacking, I am really looking forward to placing the new bedroom pieces I had in Dallas in my San Francisco apartment…it will be so nice to have my wedding work station back up and running and I can’t wait to find the perfect place for my balloon dog. Stay tuned for when I finally get settled and can share some pics of the space!

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