Memento Sweater | Styled Twice

February 10, 2016

If I could only have one mantra for this time in my life, it would probably be "I just want to hang out with my dog." Blue Moonbeam and I spend 90% of our daily time together (subtracting out percentage time for workouts, errands and the like) and I think we both prefer it that way. Even though we both go through bouts of separation anxiety when I go on trips, I wouldn't trade our co-dependency for anything.

So obviously, when I discovered my new sweater and was going through a mental run through of the ways I could wear it, I had to picture whether or not it would be "Blue Moonbeam suitable." That translates to "what will this look like with white dog hair and is the weave something that will easily snag?" White base color with some black thread streaks made it a win for the dog hair (aka lonely people glitter) and luckily, the weave of such is one that I could tell wouldn't be one to pull should the pup accidentally swipe it with his paws. Basically - the Memento Sweater is perfecto for my puppy baby and me.


My day-to-day wear is pretty casual and I love that the open sweater is equally perfect for tossing on over a button down (as seen in the first of this “stayed three ways” posting deal ) or with workout/running errands gear. You can’t even imagine the squealing I did when it was brought to my attention that a t-shirt existed with “I just want to hang out with my dog” printed on it. Like. Yes – please give me three and never stop making these. Thank you to The Daily Tay for being the genius for bringing this super soft tee into existence. Even better than the fact that they exist is that Taylor donates 20% of profits from the sales of the shirt to animal shelters. If you’re also obsessed with your pup I highly suggest checking out Taylor’s Etsy shop.

So the Memento Sweater + my new favorite tee + some wicked amazing new leggings. Sally introduced me to the activewear line Outdoor Voices and after visiting their shop in Austin (their only other boutique is in New York!) and both of us are obsessed. So obsessed that we bought these matching gradient leggings. If you’re into splurging on comfy, cool things to wear for recreation and working out your should acquaint yourself with OV…very unique designs and everything is super soft and so well constructed.

But seriously…how cute is my pup? I love him so much it hurts. In a good way.

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Heather Peony

As you may have noticed in recent posts (here and here), we like a little pink. Mainly bubble gum pink. And we realize that not everyone feels as strongly about this hue as we do…this is why we wanted to highlight this J.Crew Pointelle Cable Sweater. It’s not flamingo, or coral, or fuchsia – it’s a heather peony perfectly muted for those who want to wear pink and not look like Pepto.


Hettie Heels

Aquazzura makes some of the most creative and cool shoes on the planet. And as long as they keep delivering highly covetable soles, people will continue to make dupes of their most popular styles. The suede Hettie Heels by Ivanka Trump are almost a perfect look-alike for the fantastic fringed Wild Thing Sandals. $145 versus $785 and available in three colors. You’re welcome.



Current Vibes

February 9, 2016

We admit it, we aren't necessarily the best at sporadicly sharing the bits and pieces of our day to day lives. The thing is, we are both always chattering back and forth about new discoveries, inspiration, and life stuff with each other - we forget that all the things we are liking and doing might be of interest to y'all. So with that in mind, we bring you "Current Vibes." We hope this on-going series will help us be better about divulging the details that sometimes get lost through the cracks as we create the content for this here blog. Feel free to share anything you're currently loving/doing/crazy about/want to put into the universe...we're always curious about what you guys are up to. (read on for those vibez) 


1. LEAVING // FOR ST. BARTS! After months of waiting and counting down we leave tomorrow for St. Barts to celebrate the 30th birthdays of two of our best friends. It’s going to be crazy amazing and we’re crazy excited. In preparation, we’ve been reading about what to expect via write-ups like this and this. Looking forward to snapping some images to share when we get back next week.

2. EYEING // STEPHANIE FISHWICK: Have you noticed Stephanie Fishwick’s stunning wedding invitations popping up on you Pinterest feed? Because they’ve been all over ours. And we’re glad – because curiously clicking over to her site led us to discovering her offering of custom Heirloom Timelines. The commissioned pieces commemorate milestones, family history, and more. Seems like a beautiful way to display special memories. Filing this one away for the future…

3. TWINNING // SEQUIN & CRYSTAL ROSE EARRINGS: We aren’t twins – but sometimes we act like it. Especially when we buy the same thing without knowing the other also bought it or when we accidentally match. Our most recent twinning buy happened to be these show-stopping J.Crew Sequin & Crystal Rose Earrings. They are so awesomely over the top…you can’t really blame us for both going after them.

4. SENDING // LOVE NOTES:  Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday for us and our family. Our mom has always made a big deal about making us feel super loved on February 14th and thus, we always get excited to shop for the best cards for the people we love. This year we may or may not have picked up a few designs from Dear Hancock and Rifle Paper Co.

5. OBSESSING // VINTNER’S DAUGHTER SERUM: We’ve both been using what some have described as “Unicorn Tears” and the “the face oil to end all face oils.” As far as we can tell, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is as magic as all the testimonials promise. And may even be better. Expect a full Beauty Dish post soon but know that we are telling you know so you can start preparing yourself to spend $180 on the 1 ounce bottle.

6. INSPIRED BY // CUYANA: Cuyana is always on our radar and their “fewer, better” philosophy is something that we don’t always adhere to but we definitely try to strive for. If you’ve got a minute or two, we suggest checking out the following: the inspiration behind their Spring Collection and this short but worthy take on making home a space for inspiration and function. And after you read those bits, go see this Tassel Keychain. It’s going to be our go-to gift for those with spring birthdays.

7. MISSING // NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: We haven’t been to NYFW in two long years. And while we don’t truly miss the chaos that is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and all that comes with it, there is a part of us that wishes we could briefly teleport in and out to see our friends and a few select shows. Especially the Lela Rose show – the Texas-born designer can really do no wrong in our eyes.

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Mini Mask Trio

While at home over Christmas we ask: “Mom, where are all your face masks?” Mama: “What face masks? I don’t have any.” [Visualize our jaws hitting the floor]  We loooove face masks and don’t understand not using them on the reg. If starting our mama a mask collection from scratch we’d begin with this Bobbi Brown Mini Mask Trio. She can pick between a boost of radiance, a deep cleanse or serious moisture. Used singularly or one after the other, she’ll always get what she needs!

Interiors + Decor

Eyelash Tray

Every room needs a good “catch all” tray. Or two or three. They aren’t just functional for holding odds and ends but they also serve as pretty decor pieces. We think this square glass tray from kate spade would be perfect for a cool and quirky girl to have sitting on a bedside table or in the bathroom. It shows all the traces of a night out (discarded false eyelashes, a coat check ticket, and statement earrings), making it ideal to hold and catch the mementoes of a daily life well lived.

Memento Sweater | Styled Once

February 8, 2016

Happy Monday after Super Bowl Sunday! My favorite commercial was this one. And that's all I have to say about the big game. I probably would have Instagramed a pic of Blue watching the annual Puppy Bowl he loves so much but I left my phone in New Orleans (attending a wedding in the midst of Mardi Gras can make a girl forgetful) and being sans-cellular device since Saturday night has made it hard for me to live stay social.

But the show must go on. And I'm excited about what I have planned for this week on the blog...I hope you guys won't be bored that I styled a new sweater three ways - each of which will be posted this week - and today is the first outfit.


One of the ways I justify a new clothing purchase is by mentally thinking about all the ways I can wear the piece. Max versatility isn’t always possible (especially when it comes to things like dresses) but most of the separates I own (jeans, tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes) end up being worn a lot of different ways and sometimes year-round. I liked Madewell’s new Memento Fringe Cardigan as soon as I saw it in their roundup of new arrivals but I wasn’t fully convinced that I needed another new sweater with it being so close to spring. I ended up running into the store to try it on while out and about last week and decided that, 1) it was even better in person than I thought it would be, and 2) by being a cardigan I could/would layer and style it a ton of different ways.

The sweater comes in two color ways – black with a hint of white static, and white with a hint of black static. Fun fact: this type of streaked/striated yarn is called “marled.” With the open front and cuffed sleeves, the first way I pictured wearing it was with a white tee shirt or white button down. You might remember me talking about that white shirt obsession here. I wasn’t kidding around when I said that I had an abundance of white shirts – and while I had a lot of options to choose from in my closet, I found that my crinkled Frank & Eileen Barry shirt looked awesome with the cardigan (I credit the low first chest button for this). I could have just as easily worn skinny jeans and tucked the shirt into those (or left it untucked) but thought that the casualness of the sweater would be a nice juxtaposition to my favorite flared jeans.

What to expect in the next Memento Sweater style post: something a little bit sporty and a Blue Moonbeam cameo.

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Leather Elephant

Fun fact: the group name for elephants is a “memory.” A memory of elephants. Isn’t that cool? But we’re just talking about a single elephant right now. Specifically the petite leather Elephant seen in the form of bags and coin cases by LOEWE. But as cute as the elephant bags are, look how freaking adorable the LOEWE Panda coin purse is. Want to know the group names for Pandas? A bamboo, an embarrassment, and/or a cupboard. Now…how to choose which animal coin case…


Sea Snowflake

Sea is one of those brands that consistently creates pieces that are detailed, beautiful, feminine – and sometimes edgy. The Snowflake top would be perfectly demure if not for the plunging v-neck under the layer of gorgeous, dreamy cotton lace. Even more edgy than the front is the sheer, open back that’s got a seriously amazing drape. Being the white shirt lovers we are, adding this pretty piece to our individual wish lists is inevitable. See it in black here!

Hint of Greens

February 5, 2016

"Um, they both like the color green like Craig's eyes and money." From one of my favorite movies, Wedding Crashers, this is what comes to mind when I think of the color green. But I love green! I just get a little inner chuckle when I'm wearing the hue because it brings to mind this awkward toast Rachel McAdam's character is giving to her sister and brother and law. Le sigh...that film is my "lost on a deserted island" must have.


With my strawberry blonde hair, people sometimes think that green is my color (you know how redheads look great in green right?). I actually think my best colors are blues and orchid pink/purples – I happen to love how brunettes like my bestie Bailey looks in green – but I do like wearing shades of green from time to time.

This oldie-but-goodie hat from Otte is an ideal olive that basically acts as a neutral and goes great with white, tan, and camel colors – I need to be better about wearing it because every time I do I’m reminded by how much I adore it. All of Mignonne Gavigan’s creations bring an awesome addition of color and texture to any outfit and this Ikat Dipped scarf necklace is so different. I love how the green version has olive, hunter, and mint under the ivory seed beads. [Insert hearts for eyes emoji here.]

Speaking of green…it’s one of the three official colors that represent Mardi Gras. Fun fact: Purple represents justice, Green represents faith, Gold represents power. Speaking of Mardi Gras, it’s just around the corner (Tuesday, February 9th)! This weekend is a big time to celebrate…especially in New Orleans. Speaking of New Orleans, I’m going to be there this Saturday for a wedding. Wedding in the middle of Mardi Gras?! Yes. Stay tuned. I hope to capture some photos!

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