Bedtime Must Haves

December 9, 2016

My nighttime routine has been completely turned upside down as of recently. After moving into a two-bedroom duplex in Dallas at the beginning of September I decided to make one of those bedrooms a true "master bedroom." Because I'm the master of my life. And because it was the perfect excuse to graduate to a king-sized bed. So I got a new, amazinggggg mattress from Loom & Leaf at the end of October - slept on it sans bed frame for a few weeks - then got a bed delivered and put together the day before I brought Rosebud home. Rosie was a champ in her kennel (also in my bedroom) for three weeks. Then this week she told me she was o.v.e.r. it and needed to be in the big bed with me and her brother Blue.

Fine. I love my pups and love sleeping with them. But anyone who sleeps with dogs in their bed knows it can be a struggle to get any actual sleeping accomplished because fur babies tend to move around, take up room, wake up at night to go out, etc. My struggle is especially real with Rosebud still being so little and very into roaming around. The only way I'm able to get even a few winks each night with two labs in bed with me is because I now have more room with the larger bed and I have not one - but two - NIGHT Pillows. I got my first NIGHT Pillow last May and it kind of changed my life. When I got my king-sized bed I got a king-sized NIGHT Pillow. Because, again, I'm the master of my life and take my sleep situation seriously. Keep reading to learn why I can't live without my NIGHT Pillow, why I think it makes for the perfect gift, and what other must-haves I need for bedtime...


I’m a give-me-tons-of-pillows-on-the-bed person. I like them for sleeping on and for decor purposes. Even when I was in my queen-sized bed I was working with four sleeping pillows (two squishy that wore pillow cases, two more firm that were dressed in standard sham cases), two euros, and a lumbar. I thought, “This seems good. Excessive even. What more could I need?” Then I learned about NIGHT Pillows and realized I could not have been more naive about what constitutes as a life altering pillow. What is a NIGHT Pillow? It’s a hypoallergenic polyurethane memory foam pillow form wrapped in a luxurious black TriSilk case. It’s like sleeping on a dream wrapped in a wish and sprinkled with smiles.

Oh…you all have heard of memory foam pillows? Well this one is different. NIGHT uses a memory foam formula to make a pillow that’s lighter/airier/fluffier than anything else on the market. But what makes the pillow super special is its TriSilk case. Sleeping on silk might seem crazy luxurious – and it is! – but aside from it feeling like butter, TriSilk has amazing beauty benefits. Most pillows and cases are made with extremely absorbent materials (cotton, polyester, etc) and they literally suck moisture from your skin and hair which contributes to wrinkles, and oil from your hair which causes lovely bed-head. They also attract and lock in pollutions and allergens (dust mites, dead skin, bacteria and oils from your skin) which can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Ew. The NIGHT Pillowcase is made with TriSilk – a propriety blend with spandex that makes it moisturizing and incredibly strong. You actually don’t have to wash the case as much as you would a normal pillowcase because silk is naturally antibacterial but it’s 100% machine washable and comes with a special case to keep it in perfect condition.

The NIGHT Pillow, as y’all may have noticed, is black. Probably not what you are used to (I wasn’t) but it makes total sense. For one, the black negates light which optimizes your body’s natural production of melatonin. If you’re using a sleep masks mask to block out light you’d be surprised to find what a difference going from a white or light colored pillowcase to a black one does for eliminating the light hitting your face. The hue also doesn’t show dirt and oils the same way white does. So if you are a girl who sleeps with a full face of makeup (no judgement!) or one that piles on pigmented oils and or heavy skin products (guilty) you’re not going to wake up every morning grossed out. I personally love how the black mixes with my bedroom but I also happen to be playing with darker hues. My mom also has a NIGHT Pillow and her bedroom has a light headboard and all white and green bedding – no clashing. Black is luxe and plays well with pretty much any decor situation!

So. I myself had never used a memory foam pillow – kind of thinking it was a bigger investment than it was worth and that it wouldn’t impact my sleep in a meaningful way. But crappy pillows (like the “normal” ones I was using) can lead to crappy sleep, and ordinary pillowcases (like the ones I have and still use on my “normal” pillows) can really take more of a toll on your skin and hair then you realize. Just one night of using my NIGHT Pillow and I was a convert. Now I can’t sleep without it – it even comes with me when I drive home – and I can honestly say it’s had a legitimate impact on improving my sleep (I’m always comfortable now, no tossing and turning to find the perfect spot) and making me wake up with skin that’s received the benefits from all the skincare I slathered on it the night before.

Aside from always having my NIGHT Pillows in bed (I sleep on the king-size and Blue has taken over the standard-size) there are a few other things necessary to me getting situated for my shut eye:

  • Freshly made bed: I make my bed every morning. Not because I’m worried someone will see it unmade (I live alone and rarely have guests) but because I relish climbing into tight, tucked in sheets. My sheets get washed at least once a week but having them smoothed out and tucked into place each morning makes getting in them each night feel clean and fresh. *Side note: I’m waiting on new bedding so don’t judge my very basic sheets and naked duvet!
  • iPhone on the charger: I have to have my iPhone plugged in and charging next to me while I’m in bed. Waking up with a full battery makes me feel like I can take on the day. A lot of people charge their phone in the bathroom or across the room so they are forced to get out of bed in the morning and not stay under the covers and scroll through emails/Instagram/etc. I am not one of these people. I tried the whole phone-in-a-different room thing and it only made me feel panicked.
  • Clean skin: no matter how tired I am or how annoying the process can be when it’s late at night, I don’t skip on washing my face. Most nights I love going through my full routine and slathering on my products but if I’m lazy I’ll do cleanser, an oil, eye balm and call it a night. Oh and my teeth. I could never sleep without brushing. Just the thought of waking up in the morning having not brushed is enough to give me spine shivers.
  • Bedside table stash: glass of water, lip stuff, hand stuff. I won’t always sip the water and I’ll more than likely forget to put lotion on my hands but I never go to bed without swiping something moisturizing on my lips.
  • Eye mask: Sally is really the one who can’t sleep without an eye mask (she’s literally dependent on it by this point). I can go without one – and often do – but if I’m feeling restless the slight pressure of having something across my eyes does something to help lull me to sleep.
  • Reading: even if I only get through a few pages, ending the day with some reading time is one of my rituals. I read on my iPad (I know, I know – so bad to be looking at a screen before bed) and depending on how my day went I’m either staying up late to keep going through a great story or barely able to keep my eyes open.
  • Pups: for those who don’t have dogs or ones that sleep in bed you might be thinking, “OMG how can you sleep with giant animals in your bed getting their fur everywhere?” Well, for one, I wash my sheets every week. And as a single lady sleeping alone, the love I feel when I have Blue and Rosie snuggling up to me at night is kind of the best feeling in the world.

I’m honestly wanting to crawl in bed from just typing this post. I’ve always loved my bed, even before I upgraded to a king-size, but my NIGHT Pillows have just made me that much more obsessed. And with it being the season of giving, I’ve already gotten NIGHT Pillows for a few people. Because they really are the perfect gift! They’re something most everyone will love but not necessarily buy for themselves, and the perfect combination of form and function. How many gifts have you gotten that you can really admit to using as much as you would a pillow? We spend a third of our lives with our sleeping pillows! My friends at NIGHT (and yes, at this point I feel like I really can call the sweet people on their team friends) did an awesome blog post (here) going into more details about why a NIGHT Pillow makes the perfect present and I’m just going to list out their reasons because they’re really fantastic:

  • One size fits all
  • Gender neutral
  • Always appropriate
  • Black matches everything
  • Always needed
  • The gift that keeps on giving

Great for people you love, people that are impossible/hard to buy for, people that love luxe stuff…people who sleep? Basically, NIGHT Pillows are great for anyone and everyone (:

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Herbivore Face Mist

Stuck in cold weather with parched skin? Us too. We’re thinking that this Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore Botanicals sounds like a skin vacation in a bottle. They recommend spritzing the coconut water mixture after cleaning and before moisturizing but we’d just use it around the clock…



This + That // Sales + Steals

December 9, 2016

Well, the promised "arctic blast" came and felt pretty darn arctic for Dallas. I was out and about for much the entire day yesterday finishing up last minute errands for our Angel Tree donations and had the heat and bun warmers going constantly. The air was frigid. I definitely could have used a hot chocolate pick me up. Maybe today - it's supposed to be just as cold. I'm sure this is laughable to those in cooler states, which is just about everywhere else, but we're just not used to it down in Texas! (read on to get the sales + steals)

This + That:

Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: 40% off full priced styles for a limited time only with code SHOP40. (With it being cold out, sleeves seem like the only option and this is darling for holiday events.)
  • Anthropologie: 20% off full priced technology and stationary! (This ribbon would be so pretty on some solid wrapping paper for the holidays. Also think these would make adorable stocking stuffers.)
  • Banana Republic: 40% off your purchase including sale online and in stores BRWISH. (I’m really feeling like I need a new winter coat, I love the ombre look of this.)
  • BaubleBar: 25% off with code GIFT25. (I would like to own a pair of these in just about every color.)
  • Bloomingdales: Friends and family – take 25% off with promo code FRIENDS. (Our guest bedroom is in need of an extra sheet set and these are beyond darling.)
  • Bluemercury: Free two day shipping and free products with every purchase! (This time of year my hair gets SO staticky and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution. This stuff has great reviews and is definitely worth trying with all the wool sweaters I’m pulling over my head.)
  • Calypso St. Barth: Receive 25% off your full priced purchase when you donate $10 or more to the Seven Bar Foundation. (This looks so soft and cozy and I love the length of it!)
  • Club Monaco: Take an extra 30% off sale styles! (This coat is absolutely beautiful and I love the versatility of the collar. I’m also obsessed with this top.)
  • Furbish Studio: Holiday artwork pop up shop! (We love the Parker in Palm Springs, so of course I’m partial to this piece. I also LOVE these nudes.)
  • Gap: Up to 50% off everything. (I am pretty tempted to buy this in every single color because I know I would wear them all.the.time.)
  • H&M: Up to 60% off – biggest winter sale ever! (This sweater is a complete steal – kind of can’t believe it. I got a pair of these last year from H&M and wear them all the time.)
  • Intermix: Spend more/save more. Spend $2,000+, save 30%. Spend $1500-$1999, save 25%. Spend $750-$1499, save 20%. Spend $400 to $749, save 15%. (Leave it to Frame to create an awesome, different, cool pair of cropped flares that I am now convinced I need.)
  • J.Crew: 30% off your entire purchase or 40% off when you spend $200+ with code presents. (These might just have to be my next purchase for myself, but they’d make for a fun gift too!)
  • J.Crew Factory: 50% off everything! (I love a good tassel and this is no exception. The price can’t be beat either!)
  • kate spade new york: Enjoy a tote with your full priced fragrance purchase of $95 or more!
  • LOFT: In stores and online – 40% off everything! Use code STYLEEVENT. (How cozy does this look?)
  • Lou & Grey: Free shipping on every order + 25% off jackets. (Molly and I made sure to take advantage of the jacket promotion and each ordered this the other day. Can’t wait for them to come!)
  • Lulu & Georgia: 20% off everything with code HEYSANTA through TODAY. (How amazing/stunning is this? Love how they show it in a nursery but would also be amazing in a powder bath or dining room.)
  • Madewell: 30% off when you spend $200+ or 20% off your entire purchase. (I’ve been eyeing this coat for what seems like forever now. Definitely since our weather was in the 90’s. Now that its cold, I’m dying to purchase but of course its sold out in my size! Going to stalk it in stores tomorrow.)
  • Neiman Marcus: Online and in stores, $50 off a regular priced purchase of $200 with code DEC50. (The under $100 gifts are where its at and have come quite in handy for those hard to buy people on my list. How fun are these?)
  • Old Navy: Up to 60% off the entire store! (Love this and it would be cute layered under loose cardigans/sweater coats.)
  • Serena and Lily: 20% off sheets, shams and duvets with code DREAMY.
  • Steven Alan: Extra 25% off sale items with code 25CHEERS.
  • Steve Madden: Up to 40% off select boots and booties for a limited time! (These in the light brown would go with just about everything.)

Some Steals:

1. J.Crew Cocktail Shirt ($88 → $60 + extra 30% off with code "PRESENTS") // 2. Gold Foil Matches Wink Matches, Set of 3 ($9) // 3. Gap Lace-Up Long Sleeve Sweater ($80 → $47) // 4. Sole Society Beau Slip On Loafer ($90 → $45)

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Piñata Drops

Tassels earrings have an amazing festive quality to them that’s so perfect for this time of year. BaubleBar has so many options of the tassel style – both beaded and fringe – and the Gem Piñata Drops in Silver are our favorite…and we’ll probably be gifting them to a few lady friends this holiday! Speaking of tassels, have you all seen the Tassel Travel Wrap we created in collaboration with Mer-Sea? We may be biased but think it makes a great gift!

The Mer-Sea x APOT Tassel Wrap

December 8, 2016

They say all good things take time. We get it. But we are two sisters that can be incredibly impatient when it comes to waiting for really good things. Today we're really thrilled to announce our collaboration with Mer-Sea, one of our favorite Kansas City-based companies, and the introduce the custom travel wrap we worked with them to create! The process was one that spanned months and though the waiting was painful (for our eager little hearts) it was so worth it to see the final product come to life and get it in the mail this week. We'll be styling the travel wrap two ways in a post for next week but we were way too excited to hold off on sharing it with y'all to wait till then to show it today you get the first peek of the wrap in action and a look behind the scenes of the Mer-Sea office as we worked with them during the conception and planning phases!


We may have gone into detail about this in earlier posts (as we’ve shared our love of Mer-Sea and their products over the years) but Mer-Sea is a company near and dear to our hearts. Not only is it based in our hometown of Kansas City, but one of the co-founders – Lina – is someone we have known and loved for years after babysitting her kiddos starting from when she just had two little ones (she now has four and the oldest is the same age we were when we starting babysitting him!).

Lina has always been a go-getter so it wasn’t a surprise when we heard that she was starting her own business venture with two friends. They started Mer-Sea as a brand offering travel-based products that reflected their love of the ocean (“mer” means “sea” in French and together they sound like “merci” French for “thank you”). Along with select scents of yummy smelling candles, Mer-Sea’s very first offerings included travel wraps that early fans went nuts for. We received our first wraps as Christmas gifts and couldn’t get over how luxurious and cozy they were while also being machine washable.

From a small collection of candles and few colors of their Classic Travel Wraps, Mer-Sea started thoughtfully adding additional products to their selection of sea-inspired goods. From soaps, lotions, bath salts, and more – their collection is now one with more to choose from but still rooted in good taste, clean and luxe aesthetics, unique packaging, and an everyday simplicity that’s impossible not to be drawn to.

Though we have been wearing and enjoying our Mer-Sea Travel Wraps faithfully for years – introducing them to friends and other family members along the way – we were still totally shocked and flattered with Lina and her Mer-Sea co-founders approached us last spring about a possible collaboration and designing an A Piece of Toast inspired travel wrap. Who, us? We quickly said yes but admitted the team that we hadn’t the first clue on how to make a perfect product better or different. Being the sweet and creative ladies that they are, Lina and her crew brushed off our insecurities and we kicked off the collaboration project in late May.

It’s a little hard to describe the process because it was so organic, fun, loose, and unrestricted but we will try our best…the first step was going over what was physically possible in terms of production. Mer-Sea works with a great factory and had an idea of limitations so after knowing restrictions we started brainstorming. Functionally we didn’t want to change anything about the Classic Travel Wrap – the shape, size, and cut really is too perfect to mess with. But did we want pockets? A woven texture? Stripes? Plaid? Tassels? No tassels? There were a lot of ideas and wish-list items thrown on the table during the early stages before we honed in on specifics.

The biggest specific: color. Like Mer-Sea, we are big fans of neutrals and specifically the soft, ocean bleached natural hues that are the cornerstone for their wraps and branding. But Mer-Sea has their bases covered on the all-nuetral front. We all liked the idea of bringing in color while still keeping the wrap overall a neutral…but Mer-Sea was already in the development phase for new Thinny Traveler wraps that have neutral backgrounds and various colored stripe combinations (the Thinny’s are adorable, by the way). It didn’t long before we were all thinking that trimming the bottom edges of the wrap in tassels was the ideal way to bring in the pop of color.

All the Classic Travel Wraps feature thin twisted and knotted tassels along their bottom edges – a fantastic look that we love. We proposed the idea of doing more of a “true” tassel – one that was a grouping of threads that could attach – and Mer-Sea said they knew it was doable but we’d need to get samples to determine sizing, how they would attach, etc. Yay! Now we were just stuck on colors. We wanted to do more than one color, and we still wanted it to read as a neutral wrap overall…back to brainstorming.

While in Kansas City in July we paid a visit to the Mer-Sea offices to a) see where all the magic happens, and b) try to put our heads together about tassel colors and the actual hue for the body of the wrap. We poured over sample books, and tried several color pairings before deciding that we loved the look of pink, orange-red, pale aqua, and greenish-grey all together. For the wrap color we wanted to do something different than the colors offered so our wish list color became a heathered cream – a combination of some of the lighter Classic Travel Wrap Colors but with white added to make it less of a solid.

In September Mer-Sea got a sample of the wrap color from their factory and we all loved it. That was a definitely relief and made it possible to move forward with sampling tassel colors. Lina did the hard work of playing around with color combinations next to the actual sample and the two of us reported back with what we thought looked best. The top pick was reported to the factory and then we sat tight and waited.

We didn’t have to wait too long, in mid-October the factory sample was ready and Lina shipped it down to us in Texas. A few minor adjustments – mostly just for the tassel colors to get them just right – and by early November the final order was put in. Then it was just lots of excitement and crossed fingers that everything came out perfectly. On December 2nd we got the good news that the wraps had arrived and two were sent to us. They arrived earlier this week, we each took turns squealing over how perfect they were, quickly took shots of them to get to Mer-Sea for their website, and as of this morning they are now available to purchase!

It’s still very surreal to us that we had a hand in these beautiful wraps. Really, Mer-Sea had already done all the hard work for us by having the existing product – we just gave a little input. Getting to be part of the process from beginning to end was really amazing and gave us a whole new appreciation for small businesses and the hurdles they go through to take products from ideas to a reality.

Do you love the Tassel Wrap as much as we do? We hope so. Even with months of planning and design work the Mer-Sea team really killed it to get them in before the holidays…mostly because we all knew they would make for fantastic gifts but also because we all selfishly wanted to be able to wear them in the winter weather! Because even though they’re technically “travel” wraps, they’re the perfect layer to wrap up in at home, on the go, in an airplane, on a trip…you name it! And, each one comes in it’s own matching bag (which can then fit a travel sized pillow) and is machine washable (biggest bonus ever). You’re going to be obsessed with how cozy and great they are for year-round use!

Check back with us next week to see the wrap styled in more action…

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True Botanicals: Renew + Major Moisture

December 8, 2016

My efforts to make my skin and beauty routines "clean" have lead me down one Internet rabbit hole after another and over the past year or so I had heard amazing things about True Botanicals and read numerous rave reviews from various bloggers. There are lots of all-natural skin lines out there - many of which I have tried and loved - but True Botanicals is the first line of luxury anti-aging products that have also been certified "MADE SAFE" (read more on this here) while still meeting the demands of what it means to be a luxury skincare line in this modern world. The products are super-concentrated (re: high performing) and made with bio-active formulations (which means they have increased absorption rates)  but are made without the toxins that can be found in tons skincare lines these days. No pain, all the gain.

I've been feeling the itch to incorporate a select few True Botanicals products into my routine and with cold and dry weather moving into Dallas and preparing to stay through the rest of the season, I knew this was the perfect time of year to opt in and add a little lot more hydration and moisture to my skin. Read on to see what I've been using and loving and for an exclusive 15% off discount code!

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but if you give me a quiz I’m gonna take it. So of course I jumped at the chance to take the True Botanicals quiz to see what skin type I was. Go figure…my thirty-year old skin was “Renew.” That basically means that my skin is pretty normal and I have to agree. I don’t have enough of a consistent amount of blemishes to classify myself in the “clear” category and I definitely don’t have heavy redness or inflamed skin to put me a “calm” type. What’s really nice about True Botanicals is that even through they have these three skin tracts (Renew, Clear, Calm) each one is formulated to have serious anti-aging benefits. No category skimps on the ingredients that will help address the causes of aging…which is amazing!

Once I established that I was in the Renew family type I started honing in on what products would be the best for me to test drive. As I noted earlier, I really wanted to focus on hydration and moisture. I had been a few noticing dry patches pop up here and there, which was a telltale sign of the seasons changing and my skin begging for more. Here’s what I landed on:

  • Pure Radiance Oil, Renew: the first thing I read about this product was that it’s True Botanicals’ best selling product. Fan favorite? Say no more. Actually, there was more to say. This oil is designed to add moisture while it strengthens barrier function, nourishes aging skin, softens dry or rough skin, smooths wrinkles, and shrinks large pores. The trick is to apply it before any other products (on moist skin – I put it on directly after my toner) and it works its magic by adsorbing directly into the top layers of skin, improving barrier function (water and nutrients get to the cells and toxins stay out) and replenishing the natural oils your skin has lost so that it can prepare to hold onto more moisture. It can be used both morning (followed by an SPF) and night (followed by a serum).
  • Cellular Repair Serum, Renew: again, this serum is part of the Renew family. And it’s actually the only serum in the Renew family. True Botanicals is pretty fool-proof in that each skin type tract has the exact products you need and there’s no guess work between choosing one serum over another, etc. What the Cellular Repair Serum does is plump and restore moisture while doing a lot of other fancy anti-aging stuff (improving barrier function, reversing cellular damage, softening wrinkles…). What I love is that it doesn’t just moisturize, but also gives super soft and dewy skin. Dewy skin in the winter? I’ll take it!
  • Vitamin C Booster: this really neat because it is Vitamin C in its purest form. What’s the point of having it as a separate additive versus putting it right into a serum? Well, “the moment Vitamin C is introduced into a liquid, it naturally begins to oxidize and over time, lose its potency.” By having pure Vitamin C available to mix to a liquid and then applied immediately, the skin receives the maximum amount of benefits. And the benefits are amazing…Vitamin C is essential for collagen production (which firms skin, fights wrinkles), brightening and and evening tone, and repairing damaged skin. The Booster is going to be great to use year-round but it’s especially ideal now because my skin always seems to look a little bit more “dull” and uneven in the cold weather months. To use, I just mix a couple shakes into a pump of my Cellular Repair Serum, mix till the booster powder dissolves in, and then smooth all over my face and neck.
  • Resurfacing Moisture Mask: for me, masking is not just for special occasions but a daily ritual – and this mask is a great one for any skin type. After reading about the Resurfacing Moisture Mask I knew I needed it in my arsenal…the mask gives a deep exfoliation (so great to remove dry skin cells) but doesn’t dry out skin (!) and actually adds a superior amount of moisture and hydration (!!). Just 2-5 minutes is enough time for it to sit on the skin and work it’s magic of giving an instant luminous glow.
  • Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm: the two areas of my skin that are notorious for being dry – all the time and especially in the winter – are my lips and eye areas. The ingredients in this dual-use balm (another product great for any skin type!) are super nourishing and actually seep into the skin to heal and protect the two delicate skin areas. I love that I can apply even a thin layer of this around my eyes at night and that it’s still there in morning…that might sound like it’s sitting on the surface but it’s really just super moisturizing and doesn’t dry out after applied. I also use it around my eyes before putting on any makeup to pump the lines around my eyes (I like to smile!) and deliver tons of hydration that prevents my concealer from flaking. It’s obviously fantastic on the lips, too!

I think “luxury” is a great way to describe True Botanicals. The modest packaging (which I happen to love) is almost like a juxtaposition to the amazing punch of ingredients and benefits each product packs. Simple outside with extraordinary inside. I haven’t been using my new skin care goodies long and already I can see and feel a difference. I’m just glad that I got them before the arctic blast hits Dallas this weekend – feeling prepared to take on the cold now that I have new key products to add major moisture and hydration!

If you’re all, “Baby, it’s cold and dry outside where I am, too! I want in on this moisturization goodness!” please get excited because my new friends at True Botanicals have created the code “TRUETOAST” so that you all can get 15% off purchases on their site from today through end of day Monday, December 12th! True Botanicals rarely offers discounts (I should know, I’ve been stalking them and their products for so long) and this is an exclusive offer for A Piece of Toast readers. So don’t miss out and take advantage of the deal while you can! Skincare makes for a wonderful gift, too…just saying 🙂 I’m personally going to be treating myself to one of the Body Balms…you know, for more (more, more) moisture action!

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