Three Outfits + Errand Running

September 18, 2014

Because I work from home (and at a desk just a few feet away from my bed) I relish running errands. Being able to break up my week with mid-day tasks helps me prioritize work and gets me out of my apartment. It's almost a game to me to see how many errands I can work into a single block of time…I get really nerdy trying to strategize the sequence of stops based on distance and location (pretty thrilling). I wish I could say I had super exciting places I was going. The most glamourous places I go these days is to Bellacures to get my nails done (a huge vice I do every two weeks) or various lunch spots. Other than that it's trips to the grocery store, PetSmart (Blue's gotta eat!), UPS/FedEx, photography spots with Mary, the dry cleaner, etc. Mary and I often bring up how we need to be plotting adventures to the Dallas museums and other exotic and posh places but we are both creatures of habit and around each other too much to make an effort that takes us away from our favorite spots.


No matter where I’m running to, leaving my apartment means getting out of my pajamas or whatever comfy (re: sloppy) clothes I wear when I’m working from my desk. It’s a great excuse for me to dress like a human and style my favorite casual pieces. Right now I have several main must-haves from Old Navy that are easy to style and ultra easy to wear.

My uniform this summer was dresses – all day erryday. No coordinating of tops and bottoms, just easy to throw on and go. I realized I was lacking dresses with longer sleeves and bought a few 3/4 sleeved ponte dresses for the fall season. The slightly fitted shift style makes them flattering and easy to dress up or down…as you can see from when I wore my black version while shooting some pics, I dressed that dress down with some sneakers.

It’s a good thing sweatshirts are considered stylish this season because I love wearing them with leggings at home as much as I do skirts and over dresses when out and about. It’s the whole “sporty chic” thing that makes you look put together but low-key. Sadly, I think the side-zip sweatshirt tunic I wore with my stripped skirt for lunch at my fave salad place (Crisp!) is sold out online…but check the stores for it and checkout all the other sweatshirts online because there are some cute ones. This one and this one are both in my shopping bag.

Final must-haves: a flannel boyfriend shirt and mid-rise jeans. Y’all already know how much I love the mid-rise Rockstar jeans (wore two pairs in this post) and I’ve been trying to wear my white versions as much as possible before it really does get to cold for me to get away with wearing them. Being in flannel just feels like fall – and wearing an oversized boyfriend shirt is like wearing a hug, it just feels so nice. Borrowing pieces from the boys can actually make you look more feminine when styled with some girly accessories!

If you all are in the mood for must-haves, Old Navy is offering 30% sitewide on all women’s styles through the end of today (9/18). Use the code ONSAVENOW!

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Found My Animal

Blue Moonbeam is “naked” most of the day except when he wears a harness to go outside. The harness hooks to a leash and keeps him from pulling his mom and auntie over with his puppy strength. But Blue’s leash is frayed and old and we’d love to upgrade his game with a stylish Indigo Ombre Leash by Found My Animal. Handsome, nautical, custom-made in the US, and ombre. Put your paws up.



Trending Now: Velvet Berry Lips

September 17, 2014

Nude, pale pink, and sometimes red - those three hues comprise my "safety zone" when it comes to lip colors. I've never been hugely adventurous with my make-up and especially shy away from bold lipsticks and glosses because of my fear that my lips are too big in size to handle that much pigment. Irrational fear? Maybe. But I love the way bold lips look on other people and am constantly drawn to lush, berry colors. The other day I was walking around Nordstrom's beauty section (a favorite place to get lost when I have the time) and I asked one of the beauty experts to guide me in experimenting with a plumb lip colors for the first time. She assured me I was doing the right thing in switching up my routine since this season since velvet berry lips are a vetted trend. Once I got started playing with various brands and colors I literally couldn't stop...I ended up bringing home five different berry shades to share with you all. (read on to see all the choices in action!)


1. Dior ‘Addict’ Fluid Stick in Trompe L’oeil (no. 893): This was a great warm-up when I first got started because the color is more pink than plumb. I really like how it delivers a lighter application that gives a good amount color but not too much which can be layered for a deeper look. Dior describes the Addict Stick as a “no-makeup feel” and I have to agree. Also, can we talk about the luxe packaging? J’ador.

2. Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Desire: I was shocked that even though it looks like there is a ton of “glitter” in the gloss, when it went on it created more of a super shine effect – no, “Is that…glitter on your lips?” issue. Also surprising, this is technically one of the darker hues I tried and I feel like it complimented my skin tone really well. Overall: ver glossy but not sticky.

3. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Vernis a Levres’ Glossy Stain in Bourgogne Artistique (no. 33): I already own two of these YSL Glossy Stains and love them so I was prepared for the gloss + stain + lipstick formula…it really is something else. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. It’s a very thin texture that glides on and dries glossy. This hue was more of a red and less pink but still gave a great berry look.

4. NARS ‘Audacious’ Lipstick in Charlotte:  Holy color impact! The consistency of the lipstick is very smooth and satiny in texture (not chalky like some NARS colors are – Heat Wave in particular – which is attributed to the ‘Audacious’ formula). One thing I was obsessed with: the packaging has a magnetized cap. No more unexpected instances of finding your lipstick tube open and floating around your purse.

5. Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Envoûtante (no. 116): In my opinion, this was one of the most authentic berry colors. It delivers a deep pigment but not a heavy feel…honestly felt like I was applying a chapstick.

Thoughts? Should I stay in my comfortable color lanes or go wheels off and keep up with the berry lips for fall? Personally, I love the change…at first I felt like a little girl who go into her mom’s makeup drawer but the more options I tried, the more I began to feel comfortable with the trend and I enjoyed finding shades that were slightly different, and with unique formulas, but that all complimented my coloring.

One other tip I learned from my oh-so-sweet beauty expert at Nordstrom: if you’re not into wearing lipliner but want to keep rich pigmented glosses, stains, and lipsticks from “feathering” or bleeding outside your lip line, try using a lip primer. She used Laura Geller Beauty ‘Spakle’ on me and I thought it worked great!

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Upside Down Hoops

“You know that I’m not allowed to wear hoop earrings, right? Yeah! Two years ago she told me hoops earrings were ‘her’ thing and I wasn’t allowed to wear them anymore.” – Gretchen Wieners, Mean Girls. Lucky for us, hoops aren’t off limits. And these upside down hoops (with tiny diamonds!) by Lana Jewelry have been on our radar for years. Time to bite the bullet…for Gretchen?


Emojis on Paper

Oooo we just love a well-used emoji. Whether ironic (a puffer fish just for fun), in place of words (ex: eating [insert ice cream cone]), or to convey any and all emotions – we adore the faces, animals, symbols, etc. So, how could be not love this emoji writing tablet by Connor? Those gold-foil faces are just beckoning to us. Pen is to paper what emojis are to texts and Instagrams. 

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties – in Dallas

September 16, 2014

Unlike Sally's weather in San Francisco, I've been trying to dress for cooler, fall temperatures when it's still in the 80s and 90s outside. This past weekend we had a little cold front move through and it was hugely exciting to style some layers. Even better than the slight "chill" in the air (for Dallasites that's anything below 80°), it rained a little and there were some clouds hanging around - making it the perfect occasion to wear my Loeffler Randall Fenton rain booties for the first time! The shorter style of the booties makes it so they can be worn with either casual or more dressy outfits (rain or shine) - I took the route most favored in Dallas and got a little fancy...of course my idea of fancy these days is doing my hair and putting on a skirt. Slow clap, I know. (read on for a discount on the rain booties!)


Truth be told, these are the first booties I’ve worn this season. I know y’all are sick of hearing about the heat (and I’m tired of talking about it) but it’s the biggest factor that comes into play when getting dressed each morning. Even when it does rain, those rare occasions are typically marked with muggy, jungle-like humidity and flip-flops wold be the more obvious shoe choice over boots. So the little dip in temperature over the weekend was like having my birthday come early. I skipped around town in my rain booties and stayed dry while feeling pretty cool. Loeffler Randall shoes have a way of doing that to you.

When fall truly hits you better believe I’ll be wearing these buckled beauties in all kinds of weather conditions and taking them outside of Dallas on upcoming travels. If you’re into the idea of a shorter rain boot (and really, can you think of anything more practical for walking, packing, styling, etc.) I suggest checking out the three stylish rain bootie options LR has…Sally and I highly encourage copycatting us and getting the Rain Fentons – they look just like the leather version! Great for puddle jumping or street side hustling.

If you do indeed plan to scoop up a pair of the Fenton Rain Booties, Loeffler Randall is offering all A Piece of Toast readers 15% off the price of them! Just use the code TOAST at checkout. Discount is good through September 23rd!

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Jump Cable

The one gadget we can’t live without is our iPhones. Love the phones but hate how they loose battery in the blink of an eye. With the new iPhone 6 release date around the corner (9/19!) we’re excited about the newness but still fretting about battery life. This two-in-one charging cable by Native Union literally powers itself to charge up your dying iPhone. NEED.


Marlene Pointy Pumps

Neutral pumps – we’re into them (these new grey guys are so good) – and what better neutral is there than a pretty metallic? The Marlene by SJP is the perfect gold (not too shiny or too yellow) with fantastic menswear-inspired details. We like Sarah J’s suggestion of wearing the heel with a women’s tuxedo but think they’d look fetching with destroyed jeans, too.

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties – in San Fran

September 16, 2014

When Loeffler Randall contacted me and Molly about their new Fenton rain booties, I think know we were both pretty pumped. The short bootie style and gold buckle hardware make the Fentons look anything but a clunky rain boot. The moment I laid eyes on them, I knew they'd be ideal for wearing on those days when you don't want to feel totally odd when what was supposed to be a rainy day ends up being sunny. Anyone else been there? That awkward afternoon conversation of, "Oh yeah, these giant rain boots…I've been wearing them since 7:00am and yup, still no rain." Because the rain booties are a rubber version of LR's leather Fenton boots (just with a shorter heel and slightly higher height), they camouflage the fact that they are water resistant because they look so darn cool. (read on for a discount on the rain booties!)


The one thing about San Francisco that I have welcomed with open arms, but is still taking some getting some time for me to used to, is the weather. Within a span of mere miles, there can literally be a 20 degree temperature difference depending where you are in the San Francisco area. Inland, the bay, etc. My fiancé and I work on the exact same street, but at two opposite ends of the city (still just miles away from each other), and usually experience totally different weather during our work days. The school I teach at is in the foggiest part of the city where sunshine is a sometimes rare occurrence…this can make getting dressed tricky, and I am still learning the art of it. Layering is definitely key and lightweight jackets have become my new go-to friends. (This one is in particular is my new bff).

Needless to say, Loeffler Randall‘s Fenton booties could not have come at a better time. I can be prepared for the misty, foggy weather that hits while I’m at work, yet still look presentable in the sunshine of the afternoons once I’m in our neighborhood. What I am looking forward to wearing them with next? A dress. Even if there isn’t a single hint of rain in the forecast.

Our friends at Loeffler Randall are wanting to spread the love of rain booties to all – and they are generously offering all A Piece of Toast readers 15% off when you purchase a pair of the Fenton Rain Booties! Just use the code TOAST at checkout. Discount is good through September 23rd!

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