Cocktail Shirt on Sale!

October 25, 2016

Four stripes, one shirt. Leave it to J.Crew to take the classic button-up shirt up a notch with a mix of stripes - without making it look like a jumbled, patchworked mess. According to the Crew, the style was originally part of the men's collection in 2014 and they brought it back in women's this year because it was such a best-seller. Knowing that it was stollen from the boys makes me love it even more...


Molly and I each bought one of these at the beginning of the summer and we’ve worn the shirt countless times. And now it’s on sale! Which is fantastic news for anyone who also wants one!

I’ve styled mine with too many pairs of jeans (and jean shorts) in my closet to count but pairing them with these Topshop Fringe Jeans might be my favorite look. The fringe hems can tend to look really trendy so pairing it with the structured button-up style and traditional mix of stripes helps balance things out.

Shirt: on sale for $66. Jeans: $74. I say you need both…

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Blazer Styling with Aubrey

October 24, 2016

Fun stuff sweet friend Aubrey (of The Dandy Liar) and I are doing a "one piece styled two ways"! The piece in question: the Slouchy Longline Blazer by Topshop. Both of us are big believers in the versatility of a good blazer and loved that this style came in so many color options (currently available in roseblack, and white) and that it was long enough to wear as a dress or jacket.

If you've a reader of Aubrey's blog and or follow her on Instagram (and I hope you're doing both!) you'll know that her style is a definite foil of mine. She is bold, I am basic; she take on daring styles and silhouettes, I play it pretty safe; she mixes prints like a pro, I'm all about the solids; the list goes on. Landing on this blazer as the piece for both of us to style in our own ways was perfect because the shape is one I'm fully familiar with but the hue probably wouldn't be my first choice (black or white seemed much more wearable). However, I love, love the powder blue (currently out of stock, grrrr) and it was so fun to see how Aubrey and I decided to wear it...


When I first got the blazer I tried it on as a dress. Um, it was quite short on my 5’8″ bod. I could have probably gotten away with it, but not comfortably. It looked adorable over my denim shorts with converse sneakers and I almost thought about shooting it that way but determined that it wasn’t an appropriate blog look now that it feels like fall in most of the country (Dallas is getting there but we can still get away with swear shorts!). So I went with a fave pair of dark jeans (these have such good stretch!), my sweetheart lace cami, and classic black pumps. I’d say the overall outfit is very “me”…a little bit edgy with the ripped denim, a white top (my forever favorite), classic accessories, and a pop of interest with the satiny shawl collar and double-breasted buttons.

Ok, enough about me. Go over to The Dandy Liar – right now, now, now! – and see how Aubrey styled the blazer. She’s 5’4″ so spoiler alert, she was able to wear it perfectly as a dress…

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Glitter Ears

If you’re not one to fully embrace the whole concept of dressing up (we’re terrible when it comes to theme parties and Halloween) the easiest way to get into costume is to throw on a pair of ears. We suggest going the extra mile (because let’s face it, animal ears are the ultimate costume cop-out) and getting glitter. The Glittered Cat Ear Headbands at J.Crew Girls are way adorable and we bet that you’ll wear the $20 investment more than once…

Interiors + Decor

Diptyque’s Ambre

We are candle-burning addicts. There’s no quicker way to make a home feel cozy and smell great than with a quality candle…or two. This fall we are dying to splurge on an Ambre Candle by Diptyque. Not only does the oranged-hued glass canister scream “fall!” but the the scent combines notes of woods, vetiver and patchouli along with spices and incense for what sounds like the perfect fragrance to make a space warm, inviting and enticing.

Making Waves

October 24, 2016

This post has been a long time coming...many of you have been very complimentary of my hairs. Thank you! The strawberry blonde is the color I was born with. I was a very blonde little kid but my hair started getting more red in it during high school - I get some blonde highlight action from the sun during the spring/summer and then it gets more red in the fall/winter. My hair is naturally straight, very fine and silky (no texture whatsoever), but I have quite a bit of it (so it's on the heavy side). All I know about this combination is that I have a very hard time getting curls/waves and lift at my roots.

Growing up, my hair would NEVER hold a curl or a wave. Ever. I would take stylists pictures of the Olsen twins and ask for their waves before dances and any curls would fall within 30 minutes of leaving the salon. I gave up and embraced my naturally straight locks. After college I heard a lot of buzz about a certain curling wand (The Bombshell by Sultra) that could make any hair hold a curl and I tried it out. It worked! I used the wand for years - and it's a great tool - but in the past year my hair stopped holding a curl. Again. Between the recent changes in my hair and skin, I think my body is going through some sort of chemical changes. No matter the reason, I didn't want to loose my option for wearing wavy hair and I  did more research, tried a bunch of products (all of which are available for one-stop shopping at Nordstrom) and switched tools to find what worked. So for those of you who have been asking for it: here is a tutorial for how curl/wave my hair!


.Step No. 1 // Wash + Dry: I am NOT the person whose hair gets better the second day after washing. My hair is much better to work with when freshly clean than not and I really think that the shampoo and conditioner I use before curling makes a huge difference.

  • Wash: I had some travel samples of Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner and I randomly tried both while on a trip before drying my hair and using my curling wand…my waves held up SO much better and I bought big bottles to start using at home. I have a few other shampoos and conditioners (I think it’s good to switch things up) but I always use the Living Proof if I know I want to be curling. The Perfect Hair Day formula really does make your hair feel cleaner for longer (compared to my other formulas) and it doesn’t add any weight to my already heavy strands.
  • Brush: Because I don’t have thin hair (like Sally) my hair really never tangles. The only time I brush it is after towel drying when I get out of the shower. I’ve been using The Wet brush – which is the same thing as the Drybar Hairbrush – for years and it just does the job. Side note: I do use a small round brush if I’ve wearing my hair straight and smooth!
  • Dry: Sally and I swear by the hairdryers by T3. Faster drying time, no tangles, no frizz, healthy heat, tons of shine. Trust me, you NEED one of these in your life. I use the Featherweight Luxe 2i Hairdryer for everyday and take the Compact Folding Dryer with me when I travel (yes, I am the brat who can’t use what’s in the hotel bathroom).

.Step No. 2 // Curl: I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I went on the search to find a new curling wand that I would end up with one by T3. The love I feel for their hairdryers now extends to the Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand. What makes this wand so special (aside from it being being tourmaline and ceramic for smooth and shiny finish without causing damage, and having five heat settings that go up to 410 degrees) is that you can change our the barrels. You might think, “Is that really necessary?” And I can tell you that yes, yes it is. When my hair was a few inches shorter I used the tapered cone-shaped barrel. Sometimes I use the 1″ barrel for more defined waves but now that my hair has gotten a little longer, I use the 1.5″ barrel most often for getting full barreled waves. Clipping the three options in and out of the handle is super quick and easy (just don’t do it while the wand is turned on or if a barrel is still not, duh) and they lock in for safe styling. Side note: if you’re someone who has to use a clip when curling, T3 makes the Defined Curls 1″ Interchangeable Clip Barrel and Polished Curls 1.25″ Interchangeable Clip Barrel.

So here’s how go about curling, step by step:

  • I part my hair down the center and separate the two sides. Whichever side I’m not starting with, I loosely clip to the side so those strands don’t get in the way.
  • Whichever side I am starting with, I hold the wand with my opposite hand, and wrap 1-2″ sections of hair using the hand of side I am on. Example: starting on the right side, I hold the wand with my left hand, and use my right hand to wrap the hair.
  • I aways start curling by taking pieces from the back, closest to the part. I start with a section closest to the top of my head, then grab a section right below that, then below that, so I’ve covered a whole vertical column. Then I repeat as I move towards the front of my head.
  • Very important! Wrap the hair toward the back. You can see in the pictures that the strands go in front of the barrel, then wrap around. You always want the strands to be curling away from your face. I keep the last 1-2″ inches of hair that my fingers are holding off the barrel – keeping this small portion un-curled will make for a more beachy look in the end.
  • I tend to hold each section of hair for 10-20 seconds. The contact time is crucial for my hair to hold the curl. I gently unwind the hair from the barrel, while still holding the ends, and gently give the strand a little pull once it’s fully off the barrel – this keeps the curl intact but lengths it into more of a wave, less of a tight tendril.
  • I leave the .5-1″ section right by my face un-curled on each side and do those last.
  • Once one side is fully curled, I move onto the opposition portion. It’s helpful to turn your back to the mirror you’re using and hold a small hand mirror to check that there aren’t any missed strands in the back.
  • Very important! Let the curls set un-brushed, un-combed, un-touched for as long as you can! I usually use this time to do my make-up. You want to let the strands cool completely before you go to break them up…otherwise, you risk them falling out too quickly.

.Step No. 3 // Break-up, Texturize + Set: Don’t panic. You’re about to make those very defined curls look more like Victoria’s Secret runway waves. After you’ve given ample time for cooling, you can gently, gently use your fingers to break-up and comb through the curls. Don’t rake your fingers from root to ends – try to gently pull sections apart and shake portions together so the look is more cohesive and you can’t tell where the sections of curls were.

After you’ve done the break-up, it’s time to use a few products to add texture, volume, and hold:

  • Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray: Honestly, this product isn’t necessary for everyone – it’s a thickening and volumizing formula that I love to use right at my roots at the crown of my hair for extra lift – but you could get the same effect with a little light teasing. Side Note:I’m not sure why this isn’t on Nordstrom’s site yet but I did find it in store.
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: If you’ve ever wondered how girls get the perfect “un-done” look with their wavy hair, it’s probably because of a product like this. Oribe considers it to be “dry hairspray” but I disagree. It’s not really going to freeze your curls or waves – but it will add incredible texture and lift. You can use it at the roots but I see the best results when I use it in the body of my hair between the roots and ends. Just lift up sections, spray, and use your figures to wiggle and shake the product into strands.
  • R+Co Outerspace Flexible Hairspray: Don’t be scared of hairspray. For me, it’s necessary. The trick is to find a formula that is going to give you hold but not shellack your strands or keep them from moving. Having helmet hair or crunchy curls is not pretty. I love this hairspray because 1) it gives a flexible hold that’s strong enough to set a look but wot weigh down strands, 2) the formula adds volume, which is a massive bonus, 3) it smells amazing (not like hairspray). Very important! Shake the bottle really, really well and hold at least 8″ away from your hair when spraying. I like to lift sections of my hair “up” but he roots while I spray to have that extra little bit of lift.

And that’s it! Compared to my skincare routine, my hair game is very straightforward. And I guarantee it’s easy to replicate. But, I know that not everyone has the same type of hair and texture as I do – so if you have questions I really recommend visiting Nordstrom in person to ask questions about various products or spending a little time on their site to browse the great selection of options…the SPACE.NK Apothecary has all my favorite brands!

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Pecan Pumpkin Mix

Pumpkin is one of the tell-tale flavors of fall (right up there with caramel apples and cider) and we’ve been stocking up on various pre-made pumpkin mixes to bake breads, cakes, cookies, and more. Having the pureed pumpkin and spices already concocted makes these treats even easier to whip up and enjoy. The Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix at Williams & Sonoma caught our eye and we think trying it for breakfast this season is a must!


McQueen Skull Scarft

Alexander McQueen’s iconic skull scarves are one spooky-ish accessory you can wear year round. They are, however, ever so appropriate this time of year with Halloween being just days away. We love how this “Zodiac” Scarf includes beetles and butterflies along with celestial symbols surrounding the centered skull – it’s a little less morbid – but if you prefect a scarf with many of those signature McQ skulls, you can find many amazing options here!


This + That // Sales + Steals

October 21, 2016

This week has completely flown by with busy days and nights almost every day! My husband and I saw the Accountant the other night and it was so good. I thought it was one of the best movies I had seen in awhile. Has anyone else seen it? Now that the weekend is here, sister Molly's birthday is also here and were pretty pumped to celebrate her this weekend. I am baking our mama's famous chocolate cake this morning because no birthday in our family is complete without it. Can't wait for yummy food and yummier cake. (read on to get the sales + steals)

This + That:

Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: 50% off (almost) everything with code OCTOBER50 through Sunday! (I saw this dress in the window and its darling and so unique in person. Fun for a fall event with over the knee boots!)
  • Banana Republic: The Live in Luxury event – 40% off regular priced items! (How GOOD is this? Absolutely obsessed.)
  • Bloomingdales: Buy more, save more! Take up to 30% off with promo code SCORE at checkout. (I just got these in the mail this week and its safe to say that they’ll be on my feet all season long. They. Are. So. Comfy.)
  • Calypso St. Barth: Friends and Family! 25% off your full priced purchase with code FRIENDS16 through Sunday! (How cozy does this look? Also, this would be pretty perfect for a more casual New Years Eve, no?!)
  • Design Darling: Orders over $200 ship free! (These are brand spanking new and selling out like crazy – get your pair while you can!)
  • domino: Site wide sale – 15% off everything with code SHOP15. (We are desperately, now that the weather is cooling down, in need of some outdoor furniture to hang out back with our pups. These would be pretty perfect.)
  • Gap: Extra 40% off your purchase, including sale, with code EXTRA. (My cart is full with good pieces! I think this coat is beyond amazing and perfect for an upcoming trip to the mountains next month. These PJs are such a good price that I have both the blue and the pink stripe version in my cart with the matching shorts.)
  • Intermix: Sale – up to 75% off! (The style of these is super cute and perfect with fun flats and a sweater for fall.)
  • J.Crew: In stores and online – 25% off closet must haves & extra 30% sale styles with code STARTSHOPPING! (I am generally not at all a red person, but there is something about this that I’m really drawn to. I ordered this in the grey last week and it is SO soft and cozy and the perfect weight. Another favorite recent purchase? This guy. Wearing it today.)
  • J.Crew Factory: 40-60% off sweaters for womenmengirls, and boys! (This is a great one for the guys, perfect for layering!)
  • LOFT: 40% off all full priced styles + extra 60% off all sale styles. (I love that this isn’t too tight or too short, both no-go’s for sweaters in my book.)
  • Lou & Grey: Free shipping on every order!
  • Madewell: Extra 30% off sale styles with code EXTRASALE! (I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile, may be time to make it mine.)
  • Saks: Online and in stores – earn a gift card up to $700 with code OCT2016. Ends today!
  • Serena and Lily: Enjoy 20% off everything for Friends and Family with code GETCREATIVE through 10/24. (I am in love with this chair to add a little bit of texture to a space!)
  • Steven Alan: Friends and Family sale through 10/24! 25% off sitewide. (This bag is pretty much perfect. I can’t get enough of round bags.)
  • West Elm: One big sale – 20% off your purchase with code SCORE20. (In our neighborhood we are just about the only house that has yet to purchase pumpkins, which is making is look quite grinchy even though we are far from that. I just worried that purchasing them too early would cause them to rot in the heat! I guess I need to make that my goal for the weekend. Really wishing I had this guy to adorn our front door from now through Thanksgiving.)

Some Steals!

1. Tibi Cutout Silk Top ($295 → $148) // 2. Gap Piping Sleep Pants *Tons of patterns available! ($40 → $28) // 3. Kate Spade New York Bennett Street Seren ($398 → $258)

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