A few weeks ago, Molly and I went on the hunt for these little babies.  Created by the two teenage girls show above, Emi-Jay is a brand of pony tail holders that not only look pretty on your wrist, but wont leave a crease in your hair either.  Not to mention the fact that Jennifer Aniston wears them and, in November’s Lucky Magazine, Kristen Bell touts her love affair with them as well. SOLD! As avid “pony tail holders on our wrists wearers”, Mol and I had to have these.  Not to mention, we knew they would look absolutely adorable mixed in with our signature stacked bracelets we wear every day.  We each ended up buying two of Emi-Jay’s pony tail holders and wear them on our wrists daily.  They come in fun colors (we snatched up some sassy tie die ones) and hair colored versions as well.  I will definitely be buying these to mail to my girl friends as a fun, out of blue, I’m thinking of you gift!

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