new year, new dog collar?

Last night while we were watching the TCU game with some friends and the dogs, my boyfriend threw the ball for the dogs and Dolly did some sort of back flip which caused her to snap the buckle to her Ella Dish dog collar in half.  Booo.  I loved that little collar.  So, now I am in the market for a new one and decided that since its a new year we should get something different this time.  Because our dogs are quite adventurous and get into some pretty muddy situations, I have to go for things with very little white on them and no white backgrounds.  This is the round up of a few of my favorites…all from Ella Dish (of course).  

Anyone else’s dog(s) sporting Ella Dish collars?  They are definitely my favorite!  And the glow in the dark buckle is an added bonus for night-time:)

(All images via Ella Dish, Second and Third image of Dolly’s dog collar that broke)

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