Dallas Shaw – Sketches + Style

I’m crushing on Dallas Shaw for her sassy sketches and versatile artistic style – she uses multiple mediums for her well-known fashion art (seen above) and her paintings are just as unique.  And if you aren’t reading her blog yet, Dilly Dallas, you should be.  I’m always finding tons of inspiration on it and her taste is amazinggg.  Aside from being a fantastic artist and great blogger, she is really a style guru of sorts.  Recently, Dallas described her job in a post on her blog… Aside from being a “full time fashion illustrator,” she also develops creative projects for multiple well-known brands and companies (DKNY, Jack Rogers, DSW, etc.), is at times asked to be a brand ambassador or director for an entire project, and also attends fashion shows… Above all, designers come to Dallas for one thing: her thoughts on personal style.  Wowza, right?!

I loved this part of her post: “The question I get asked most is “what is your personal style” and my usual answer is whatever I like that day”. I don’t believe in trying too hard, but I do believe in wearing what makes you feel most like you. I don’t have a style icon that I look to for style guidance , instead I just like to wear what looks good on me.—What a dollface.

P.S. One of her fashion sketches was snapped in a shot for The Coveteur via Leandra Medine’s feature (aka The Man Repeller).  Died.

(Sketches and artwork via Dallas Shaw)

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  1. Bridget Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    These are brilliant – what a talent!


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