I wish I was wearing…

Something big is happening in the Dallas area right now – it’s raining.  Kind of – it’s more like lots of dark clouds and rain to the south of us – but I did have 3 drops hit my windshield on the way to work so like I said, it’s a big deal.  Because we in Texas are going through this extreme drought thing right now, I kind of forgot what it was like to see cloudy dark skies.  It’s not as epic as the awful rains and floods that are hitting/hit New England (you all are in my thoughts), but none the less, it’s still something out of the norm.  Today I’m wearing white jeans (these) and a bright yellow top but I really wish I had paired my jeans with something like the above… Sort of stormy but not emo I think.

I’m crazy for these spiked “Astrid” stud earrings by Katie Diamond (first seen in a frost color at BHLDN but they no longer have them on their site – but they have the spiked gem necklace and it’s on my “to buy” list!), the black is so edgy but not over the top.  FACE Stockholm is the new J.Crew nail polish line and the Pulm Forgot color above is so bright and fresh – my nail color collection is always taking new members.  And last but not least, this loose knit Savanna sweater from Calypso is cozy but still light enough to wear today in the oppressive Texas heat and it will still be great for fall/winter.  No wellie boots though. The thought of having my feet confined in hot boots is enough to make me feel nauseous.  Have I mentioned it’s hot here?  Ok I’m done.  Hope you all have a wicked good Monday!

(Earrings via Katie Diamond, FACE polish via J.Crew, Cozy sweater via Calypso)

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  1. Emily- Simply Southern Monday, August 29, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Good luck in the Texas heat i dont miss it right now!
    xo emily


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