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If you ask our mom what she wants for Christmas, her birthday, or any major holiday, she will say “new pictures to fill my frames.”  Pictures of me, of course.  Or her other six kids.  But mostly me.  For whatever reason, when the holidays and birthday roll around, we kids are always pressed for time and never put in the effort to get new pictures printed for her…  I’m being plagued by guilt just writing this… Bad children.

Maybe this year we could make up for it by printing her tons of pictures AND gifting her something personalized from Pinhole Press.  I first read about Pinhole Press on Joanna’s blog A Cup Of Jo – I barely scanned her write-up about the simple photo products before clicking directly to their site.  I am SUPER impressed by their products: calendars, note pads, framed pieces, labels, cards… But my absolute favorites are the photo books. No fussy or cheesy “choose your own FoNtZ!” or “add page themes!!!” – ugh, no no no – their books are like classic heirloom-looking pieces that are so well priced I sort of flipped out a little.  Check out their idea gallery to get your creative mojo going before the holidays hit!   P.S. how adorable are the little blonde girls in their pictures?

(Images via Pinhole Press and A Cup Of Jo)

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  1. A Lovely Being Friday, September 9, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    "choose your own FoNtZ!"

    ahahaha, you crack me up. loving pinhole press – wish I could hire them to take pictures of ME for my mama! :)


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