Lo & Sons NEW colors + styles

One of mine and Sally’s favorite bag companies, Lo & Sons, has just released new styles and new colors to their website!  If you’re not familiar with the brand already, Lo & Sons was founded by an inventive and frequently traveling mother (Lo) and the help of her two sons (Derek and Jan)…  The two sons worked together to make their mother’s dreams of creating a stylish, functional and light weight travel bags a reality.  I die over their story :)  The line of bags came to fruition after one and half years of work with the release of the T.T. (Travel Tote) and the O.G. (Overnight & Gym Bag).  Both bags were immensely popular – just take one look at the craftsmanship, details and specs and you’ll know why – but clearly the Lo and her sons had bigger things in mind for their company!

As of today, Lo & Sons has brought amazing additions to their website: the classic O.G. bag now comes in a variety of colors (more choices for those of you who want more than basic black), the O.G. is offered in a smaller size, and four (4!) new styles of bags were added to the family – even one for men!  This excites me.  A lot.  Hurry over to their site and find your perfect “take everywhere” bag before all the new colors and style get scooped up (two of the O.G. bag colors are already sold out!).

Don’t freak out over the prices, you deserve to splurge on these bags trust me, AND you can get 35% off with the Share & Save promotion the Lo & Sons team is offering right now (read more about it here).  Happy shopping, lovies!

(Images all via Lo & Sons)

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  1. victoria | vmac + cheese Monday, October 31, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    I remember seeing these on Sacramento Street earlier this year (or was it last?). That video of how much stuff can fit in the OG STILL blows me away! If I traveled for work more, I would definitely want this.

  2. Sarah O'Brien Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I am in love and am needing one :)

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