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March 28, 2014

The last post I wrote about Blue was a little over two months ago, when he was 13 weeks old. I look at those pictures and can’t believe how tiny he was or how fast he is growing! Now just days past being five months, he is less chubby and more gangly but as sweet as ever. He’s developed such a great personality and I couldn’t be more obsessed with him. So, a little update… Sally and I affectionately refer to Blue as “the baby” or “bubble” and we marvel at his ombre ears and cuddly neck fur. He loves…

The last post I wrote about Blue was a little over two months ago, when he was 13 weeks old. I look at those pictures and can’t believe how tiny he was or how fast he is growing! Now just days past being five months, he is less chubby and more gangly but as sweet as ever. He’s developed such a great personality and I couldn’t be more obsessed with him. So, a little update…

Sally and I affectionately refer to Blue as “the baby” or “bubble” and we marvel at his ombre ears and cuddly neck fur. He loves his Auntie (what we call Sally) almost as much as me (the mommy) and when he’s not busy getting into his toys he prefers to be snuggled up next to one of us. Several times throughout the day he looks up at me and makes a few little cries to let me know he just wants me to sit on the floor so he can play with a toy in my lap. For anyone who’s read The Art of Racing in the Rain, will nod in agreement that “actions” are all that dogs have and you really feel like your pup is communicating with you at times. And for any dog owners who haven’t read the novel, I highly recommend it even though it will break your heart more than Marley and Me. Along the lines of communicating, Blue’s learned to wait by the door when he needs to go outside to potty and although I broke the habit of having him sleep in his crate when I got home from London (I couldn’t help it, I missed him too much not to let him sleep in my bed!) he wakes me up by patting me with one of his paws and then gives lots of kisses once I let him know I’m awake.

Blue loves to eat his food. It’s honestly his favorite thing and he’d eat all day if I let him. As soon as Sally or I ask, “should we get your food?” he’s up and running to the pantry and starts doing 360 spins and jumps while we get it ready for him. Then he chows at an impressive rate and goes back continually to check his bowl and see if he left any behind. Blue has a very loud, big boy bark. We think he picked this up while being at doggie daycare while I was in London and he uses it say hi whenever he sees other dogs or people. He means well and really only wants to go up and be friendly with either dog or human but his bark is so loud that I always have to explain that he doesn’t want to attack, just play. Silly puppy. He also doesn’t know how strong he is. At around 35 pounds, he can practically pull me over when he sees a dog or person he wants to go up to and I’m investigating getting a different leash so he will learn that he can’t enter into a full sprint when on the leash.

Can you tell that I could talk forever about this puppy? I could go on and on about all the cute things (and naughty things – i.e.: eating underwear) he does but this post is already long enough an any non-dog people are probably rolling their eyes (sorry!). I seriously don’t know what will happen to me when I have children someday because I am so attached and obsessed with Blue. There’s this book Sally and I read when we were little called Love You Forever about this mama who always rocked her little boy from the time he was a baby till he was a grown man (creepy, but tender?) saying, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” I feel like I’ll be like that—holding my baby in my lap even when he is 80 pounds (or more).

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  1. What a handsome little man! I couldn’t read this without recommending my favorite leash: These leashes are indestructible and come in great colors, and the slip feature is great for training your pup to heel correctly with the “collar” part of the leash positioned very high on the neck, right behind the ears and under the jawbone (note – I do not use the leash in lieu of a collar as the website recommends).

  2. What a cutie! I couldn’t last keeping our pup off the bed and now she’s taken over and thinks it’s her bed. But she’s so cute that we let her get away with it!

  3. I love this post! Blue is absolutely darling and it is so fun watching him grow up on your blog. I am also glad to hear that my “puppy” (2 year old Mastiff-mix) isn’t the only weirdo who feasts on women’s underwear. What is up with that? Glad that you have found such a wonderful friend.

  4. I love him! And I love that you love him so much! I think “dog people” are the best kind of people. My dad used to always say that he knew no one who really loved their dog could be that bad a person.

    Enjoy that sweet face, labs are the best (I have a lab mix myself and she is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving little soul).

    xo, Anne
    Rays of Rossi

  5. He is adorable and you can gush all you want because if he could type he would definitely be gushing about his beautiful mom and aunt!!

    Leash tip: try a Gentle Leader which is a halter that controls them by leading their nose much like a halter on a horse. Ever thought about how a horse allows a human, weighing a fraction of their weight, lead them around? I have two 70 lb dogs that I walk at the same time and the Gentle Leader is a life saver… literally! It prevents me becoming a human sled!

  6. My 2 year old lab ate 12 pairs of hanky pankies and still sits in my lap even though she is 60lbs 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness he is cute. I can offer my suggestion for the pulling when he sees other people or dogs. I have a 230lbs English mastiff and a harness goes a long way to keep me on my feet if he decides he needs to get somewhere quick.

  8. How did you know that Blue Mmonbeam would be the perfect name? He just looks like a blue moonbeam! Lol! I have two children that I love and adore, but my dog is always so appreciative and never (ok, almost never) gives me attitude! Lol! Love seeing your precious pup!

  9. LOVE this post! “Love you Forever” is a classic and I so get it. We have a yellow lab too and they are truly the best. True love comes in the form of pets 🙂

  10. Our loveable 2.5-year-old lab is 85 pounds (so much for being little like her mom!) and the only thing we found that works for walking her is the head Haltie. Yes, it looks a bit crazy and like a muzzle and she hates it (and us!) the second it goes on but it’s the only thing that works. Her tames her alpha dog tendencies and her natural exuberance b/c walks are her life! (and car rides and supper and toys and fetch… know how labs are!)

  11. Love that Blue bear. I have my 3 boys. I talk to them as if they are people always tell them where I going when I leave and when I plan to return. GENTLE LEADER LEASH has been rec by many of my friends. Keep the updates coming.

  12. The Art of Racing in the Rain is such a great book!!! Made me cry days after though so cautionary reading!!!

  13. Hi there! Loved the post on Blue! I’m getting a pup in May. Do you have any training tips/books that you recommend? Is there anything you couldn’t live without in those early days?
    Thanks so much!

  14. aww, he is so sweet! and i’m so happy to see you reference the art of racing in the rain, it is one of my favorite books of all time!

  15. Molly-

    Blue Moonbeam couldn’t be cuter!! I have a black lab, Forrest (after Forrest Gump) that is 4 years old and is exactly like Blue when it comes to saying hi to other dogs/ people and his food…

    The best thing that I have found as a petite girl being able to control a now 78lb lab is a harness and his leash attached to the top of the harness between his shoulder blades. It helps me control him moreso than a prong collar (I hated that thing) and it helps to keep him from pulling when he gets too excited. The leash I use also has a secondary padded handle right above the hook, so when I need to really real him in, I can loop the leash around with one hand and hold the secondary handle right above him with the other, to give me that much more control. Just one suggestion from one dog lover to another…Forrest is my baby and I wouldn’t want him to have anything but the very best!

    Also, my Mom and Dad read Love you Forever to my brother and I when we were little. Now that my brother has become a Dad for the first time, we are reading that story to my nephew…I think it applies to my Forrest too!!

    Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.


  16. Ombre ears…too cute. I love the pic where he’s squinting. I’m obsessed with my own animals as well as others so I can read on and on. My dog has slept in my bed with me for 7 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂


  17. Love this post! Reminds me of my own pup (black lab). I wonder the same things about what it will be like having kids since I’m so obsessed with my dog.

  18. Love this! Blue Moonbeam is the sweetest, and those ombre ears are something else. I adopted my pup in November and could talk about him foreverrrr and will always want Blue Moonbeam updates! I also crate trained my pup but have no totally cracked and he cuddles in bed every night 🙂

  19. I adopted a dog a few months ago and I feel the exact same way! I could talk about his little quirks for hours, and I have a thousand pictures of him on my phone. I used to roll my eyes–just a little–at people who went on and on about their dogs, but I totally get it now. Dogs really do communicate with you and love you in the most pure, unfiltered way. They’re just such well-meaning little (or big) beings through and through. I’ve said the same thing about kids–I love my dog so much (yes, to the point that even thinking about his lifespan makes me tear up, I am OFFICIALLY a crazy dog lady) I can’t even imagine what I’ll be like with my kids.

  20. Your little Blue is exactly the kind of puppy I want one day, looking at these pictures makes me so happy/bummed out at the same time! My husband and I live in a no-dogs apartment and have decided not to get a pup of our own til we have a house and a yard. I’ll just have to get my fix here and from BuzzFeed puppy articles!

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