Dresses by Dawn Wolfe Designs

July 31, 2014

With a move in the very near future, I feel like I am constantly browsing the internet for various home pieces my fiancé and I still need. He keeps having to remind me that we only need to buy the "necessities," but can't everything be seen as necessary? For instance a dining table and chairs. I guess we could eat on the sofa for awhile? Its hard to know what we should place a top priority on and what we should save to put on our Christmas Lists. I am also basically going to be moving in "sight unseen," which makes it even harder to know what we need when I hardly even know the space that we are working with! Crazy, right?


One Kings Lane is one of my regular haunts and can have some pretty good pieces. Most especially, in my opinion, artwork. They sell so many amazing pieces by artists that I have grown to know and love including; Sarah Boyts YoderMichelle ArmasLisa Golightly, and Slim Aarons. Its a mecca for art I tell ya! Also among those is Dawn WolfeDawn uses handmade papers or papers she finds and gives them new life by folding or cutting them to create something different and eye catching.

Funny enough, two summers ago (almost to the day!) when R and I visited Breckenridge for the Fourth of July, the art fair was going on and we happened to walk through it one day with my uncle. What caught my attention the most? These darling little dresses – think baby sized – that we’re made from maps. The dresses we’re perfect and featured fan folded skirts and darling rounded peter pan-like collars – I am drawn to art pieces that are “3-D” and these we’re just that. Imagine my surprise when 2 years later I am browsing One Kings Lane and come across these same dresses and at a time when I am actually in need of art to outfit a new apartment. Pretty exciting, really. Tiny, framed dresses made from beautiful and colorful maps and papers – you can always find room for those, right? The teacher in me realllyyy wants to make the “Penmanship” version mine, but I also love this one and this one, too. How great would these be in a nursery, too? Talk about an “investment piece.” Think I can talk my fiancé into one? Or two?

(Images via One Kings Lane)

  1. These map dresses are just so whimsical and clever.!!! I just love them and am amazed by Dawn’s creativity! She never ceases to astound us, and we have known her all of her life!

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