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August 5, 2014

Since getting engaged a little over two months ago (!) I've been in a whirlwind state of planning. From deciding a date and location, to finding my dress and my fiancé finding a band, most of the big parts of the day have been determined. I'm still in shock over how well things have come together, and I have this feeling of happy anxiety as the weeks continue to count down and more details are discussed and crossed off the list, but it's safe to say that I definitely feel like a bride-to-be.


As much fun as I’m having with the creative process, it feels like every detail counts and being conscious of the budget and what I’m spending is always in the forefront of my mind. Hence the feeling of happy anxiety. When I heard that Helzberg Diamonds, a brand based in my hometown of Kansas City, is helping brides-to-be say “I do” in style this month with its Aisle Style sweepstakes, I was eager to help spread the word. Every dollar is important when trying to plan the wedding of your dreams and there is SO much that happens from when you first says “yes” until you say “I do.” Thanks to Helzberg Diamonds and David’s Bridal, one lucky bride-to-be will win $2,000 in gift certificates!

To enter the Aisle Style sweepstakes: 1) Start at the the entry page here and complete and submit the entry form (it’s quick and painless!). 2) Head to Pinterest and follow Helzerg Diamonds. 3) Pin your favorite wedding looks from the Helzberg Aisle Style board to your own Pinterest account (be sure to tag #HelzbergDiamonds and include #AisleStyle and #Entry in each pin). That’s it! The sweepstakes ends on August 28th at 12:00pm CST so don’t miss out!!

Because I was just sharing some of these with a girl friend the other day, I thought I would pass along five top tips for any brides just getting started in the planning stages! I’m thinking of is as a “do what I say, not as I do” that Molly will have as a reference when she gets engaged down the road…

1. You’re engaged! Yay! Now call your parents, family and friends. Then have a discussion with your fiancé about where you’d ideally like the wedding to be. Have a date range in mind that you think would be most ideal.

2. Budget. This is the most important thing to determine before anything else goes down. It can be uncomfortable to discuss but once it’s set the planning can really start.

3. Ceremony and reception spaces book fast. After calling my ideal spaces for both, their available dates determined my wedding day. Double check with immediate family and people you know will be in your wedding party before booking, then don’t delay in putting down the deposits (or they will book and your date will change – grrr).

4. Unless your wedding is more than 18 months away, you need to think about the wedding dress. It felt a little too soon for me to start trying on gowns but I found mine just weeks after getting engaged and I’m so glad I did – it will be almost 8 months before I start fittings! Many dresses really do take up to 10 months to be ready for the aisle (I thought this was a myth).

5. Photographer and band. These two vendors are not cheap and they book their schedules quickly and in advance. Do research before pulling the trigger (the band was our hardest decision yet!) and then make them sign in blood get them on board for the big day.

To me, those five tips were the biggest on the to-do list. From there all the details of invitations, wedding party attire, reception decor, etc. etc. go into a big pot of similar importance and you just have to tackle them one at a time. Pinterest has been a great way for me to determine what the overall aesthetic for my day. As a bride addicted to pinning, jumping into the Aisle Style sweepstakes was the easiest thing I’ve done since getting engaged!


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