Converse x Missoni

August 6, 2014

When it's not triple digit temperatures and too hot for closed-toe shoes, sneakers are my go-to shoe on the weekends. They're easy, comfortable, and a change from the ballerina flats I usually wear all week to work. With my upcoming move, I know that I am most likely going to get even more use out of my trusty sneakers. One day I attempted to walk around the city to various meetings in a pair of ballerinas. Never. Again.


Seeing the Converse x Missoni collab on Nordstrom just about had me screaming. 1. I already love my white Chucks and know how comfy they are and 2. Who doesn’t love a great Missoni zig zag? The decent price tag makes the collaboration even more appealing. The classically cool Converse come in multiple variations as well as both high tops and low tops. My personal favorite is this pair of low top Chuck Taylors. I like all of the colors, but also enjoy that the colors aren’t too drastic making it a very versatile shoe. I have yet to see these in person, but I am hoping to get into Nordstrom soon to see them for myself!


  1. I literally just bought a pair of these yesterday…i am a converse addict already, and a sucker for missoni on top of it. I don’t wear laceup converse that often, but I can’t help but have a nice special edition.

  2. Oh wow, I just came on and realised you guys had a total site REVAMP! i love it 🙂 you guys just keep going from strength to strength with A piece of toast!

  3. Love it! My sister is obsessed with high tops right now. i’m definitely going to be sharing this with her when we go shopping this weekend.

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