August 7, 2014

I found another great place to get visually lost. Pinterest is typically my go-to of choice for mindless clicking and scrolling but now that I know about Trendland…all hopes of productivity are gone. It's like Pinterest on steroids because it's a curated selection of all things and stories are neatly categorized by Fashion, Art, Photography, Design, Culture, Music, Video, and Shop with subcategory buckets from there.


Some of my favorite stories to snoop so far: hotel concepts, ad campaigns, graphic design work, and food photography. It’s nice to know that on Trendland, when you click on a photo you’re going to get a story and details (like who the artist/photographer/designer/publication is) and not be led down a rabbit hole of tumblr sites and such when you’re looking for a source (cough, Pinterest I love you but that’s your drawback).

I figured you all might want to check out the site too since it might act as a great resource guide for anyone with a job (or passion) that involves following the latest, greatest stories and sources.So far the graphic design subcategory is my favorite. But the fact that they have a 90s Throwback to Johnny Depp and Kate Moss…I mean…they are on point.

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