Street Style Denim + Tees

August 26, 2014

Happy Tuesday and carpe diem! Or is it "carpe denim?" It's nearly Labor Day and start of fall style is just hanging in the air. I'm craving nothing more than to be able to wear jeans 24/7 but it's still a little too hot in Dallas to do so…I have however been able to test drive the two latest pairs of Rockstar mid-rise jeans I recently picked up from Old Navy and am obsessed (obsessed) with both the black and light-gray washes. The mid-rise has the same great stretch and fit as the original Rockstars but the waistband obviously sits a little higher. At first I was scared they would look like mom jeans on me (no offense to the hot mamas out there!) but the higher waist makes them a) even more comfortable and b) even more flattering because they give your legs a longer look.


In my opinion, nothing can replace the look of a crisp white tee with a pair of jeans. It’s easy, clean, classic and can be made to look dressy, edgy, casual, or anything in between depending on how to accessorize and style the rest of the look. As a self-confessed white t-shirt hoarder, I’m very picky when it comes to fit, quality and price and what Old Navy has to offer in their tee department is on par with all of the aforementioned needs. The vintage style v-neck is so soft and rivals the look of others five times its cost and I love the feminine look of wrap-front tee I got after falling in love with the sleeveless version this summer.

Have I piqued your interest? I hope so – and I do hope you’ll give the mid-rise denim a chance and pick up a few new tees while you’re at it. All jeans and tees are on sale at Old Navy right now!

  1. Love your style and love your blog. As a twin, your relationship with your sister really resonates with me. I love yOur blacK ring. Where is it from?

  2. I have a super hard time finding great bra’s for white shirts… You can either see it straight through the shirt or see bra lines. I see neither one of those problems here! May i ask what brand and type you buy?

    Looking gorgeous as always! xx

    1. Hi Alexandra! Umm, bras are one of my favorite subjects and something I now love buying after getting an awesome fitting a few years ago! In these pics I’m wearing a bra by Chantelle and it’s called the “Memory Foam Demi Bra.” The nude is amazing for under tee-shirts and other white tops (; xx – M

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