Te Amo Mi Golondrina

September 3, 2014

I've been wearing this dress non-stop since I got it about a month ago so I figured it was high time to style and share it. The creation of my talented friend Cristina, this Mi Golondrina dress is a longer version of the top Sally wore here (and the all white one I wore here)...we both have several embroidered pieces from Cristina and each time we get a new one we think it's a favorite and then she keeps coming up with fresh color pairings and new fabric choices we can't live without. The combination of hand-stiched flowers and vines on the comfy cotton cut dress makes them so special and easy to wear. I've seen Cristina wear her dresses with everything from booties to heels and had to try my red number with some fave new sneakers.


The look might not be for everyone but love the juxtaposition of old-world Mexican design (each Mi Golondrina piece starts in small villages in Mexico at the hands of skilled women who have learned the process of embroidery through generations of teaching) with high-performance (and ok, highly manufactured) sneakers. I now have my eye on this dress to wear with some brown booties this fall.


  1. Molly this is great! but i don’t see the red available on the website -so sad. can you let us know when christina thinks it will be available? also any size guidelines here? are you wearing a asize small?

    1. Hi Lauren! Cristina posts dresses as they are made – which is why the red dress I have isn’t on the site ): I suggest emailing her to see when/if she thinks she might get more! I wear a size small in both he tops and dresses! xx – M

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