Loeffler Randall Rain Booties – in Dallas

September 16, 2014

Unlike Sally's weather in San Francisco, I've been trying to dress for cooler, fall temperatures when it's still in the 80s and 90s outside. This past weekend we had a little cold front move through and it was hugely exciting to style some layers. Even better than the slight "chill" in the air (for Dallasites that's anything below 80°), it rained a little and there were some clouds hanging around - making it the perfect occasion to wear my Loeffler Randall Fenton rain booties for the first time! The shorter style of the booties makes it so they can be worn with either casual or more dressy outfits (rain or shine) - I took the route most favored in Dallas and got a little fancy...of course my idea of fancy these days is doing my hair and putting on a skirt. Slow clap, I know. (read on for a discount on the rain booties!)


Truth be told, these are the first booties I’ve worn this season. I know y’all are sick of hearing about the heat (and I’m tired of talking about it) but it’s the biggest factor that comes into play when getting dressed each morning. Even when it does rain, those rare occasions are typically marked with muggy, jungle-like humidity and flip-flops wold be the more obvious shoe choice over boots. So the little dip in temperature over the weekend was like having my birthday come early. I skipped around town in my rain booties and stayed dry while feeling pretty cool. Loeffler Randall shoes have a way of doing that to you.

When fall truly hits you better believe I’ll be wearing these buckled beauties in all kinds of weather conditions and taking them outside of Dallas on upcoming travels. If you’re into the idea of a shorter rain boot (and really, can you think of anything more practical for walking, packing, styling, etc.) I suggest checking out the three stylish rain bootie options LR has…Sally and I highly encourage copycatting us and getting the Rain Fentons – they look just like the leather version! Great for puddle jumping or street side hustling.

If you do indeed plan to scoop up a pair of the Fenton Rain Booties, Loeffler Randall is offering all A Piece of Toast readers 15% off the price of them! Just use the code TOAST at checkout. Discount is good through September 23rd!

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  1. I’ve been wanting a pair of LR rain boots something fierce ever since moving to perpetually-rainy Berlin. these are the best pair yet! Thanks for the heads up – and the discount!

  2. Clutch. Move. They look exactly like the leatHer ones, but are great for Weather. Do you gals wear socks with yours? Thanks for the awesome discount!

  3. Although it hardly rains in San Diego, I think these booties are a must have rain or shine!!! Crushing on this look from head to toe.

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