I Heart: A Great-Fitting Bra

October 23, 2014

I've learned many valuable lessons through the corporate jobs I had prior to focusing on the blog full time. When I worked for a national retailer my co-workers taught me that there are three things a woman should always splurge on: skincare, shoes, and bras. Skincare and shoes I had already been splurging on (and with my employee discount) but bras? They go under your clothes and as long as the cover what needs to be covered…what was the big deal. If you're one of the few males that read this blog, you can stop reading now. Fellow ladies, read on!


Raise your hand if you have ever had a woman in a lingerie store or department section approach you with a tape measure and you ran away screaming. That was once me. Hello, I’m shopping for intimates – can I get a little privacy? Why did a need a stranger to “measure” me when I could just try on some sizes and styles and figure out what I needed? After I got my first bra fitting I realized why you do those fittings – because 99% of us smarty pants women who refuse to get the help we need end up wearing bras that are entirely wrong for us.

No matter what your size or age, every lady deserves to wear bras that fit great. Think about it…you wear them every single day and therefore, the cost per wear is up there with skincare and shoes when it comes to items worth investing in. Bras should be comfortable. And depending on what you need in your bust region they should maximize or minimize, lift or shape, be invisible or provocative, and be made with quality and care so that they last several years.

Getting a bra-fitting expert to fit you is much less awkward than it seems. The specialists who I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been nothing but professional, respectful, and interested in nothing more than providing options they think will work best with what you’ve got.  Nordstrom – a retailer known for their excellent customer service – happens to greatly excel in the bra fitting department. They have an enormous selection in-store and online and are so committed to finding customers what they need that they have the in-store “We Heart A Great Fit” bra event! Visit a Nordstrom store on Friday, October 24th and Saturday the 25th and a fit expert will help you find options that fit your body, style and life. And trust me, once you find that great fit, your life will feel kind of changed!

For every bra purchased from a participating brand during the event, Nordstrom and that brand will donate $2 to the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), a global nonprofit that offers support, resources and connections to young women of all backgrounds battling breast cancer. Brands participating in the donation are: Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, Chantelle Intimates, DKNY, Elmoi, Fantasie, Freya, Honeydew Intimates, Natori, On Gossamer, Panache, Wacol, and Yummie by Heather Thompson.

As you can see from my own personal collection of bras by Natori, Chantelle, and Wacol are the brands that fit me best. After having my own bra fitting years ago there was no stopping me from stocking up on pretty pieces. I love Chantelle bras for under t-shirts for a smooth look, the Natori “Feathers” bras are so pretty and comfy and I love them under shirts or with tanks if there’s a chance that the bra might peek out, and Wacol makes fantastic strapless options.

  1. hi! love this post! quick question, which bra is the nude one 2 from the bottom in the image with the 4 neutral bras? the “stripe” band looks SO comfortable. thanks so much!!!

  2. Love this post! Thanks for all the great information. Who makes the nude one wit the lace and sheer back that is featured in the 6th photo! Thanks!

    1. Glad it was helpful! That one is by Natori – I got it a few years ago so I’m not sure if the lace was a limited edition but it’s the exact same fit at the “Feathers” style!! xx – M

  3. Great post. I would add HAIR. I think a good haircut and well done color is absolutely and guilt-free splurge-worthy too.

  4. I agree that bras should be something that is splurged on. I was fitted at nordstrom a couple years ago and it was life-changing. I thought I was two sizes smaller than i really was. I love all of these beautiful bras in your post! I am looking for some new ones and these are perfect!

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