Tory Burch Timepieces

October 24, 2014

In a world run by technology, I have completely fallen into the routine of looking at my iPhone to see what time it is. It might be an accurate way to get the information but it's not the best habit (or look) to be constantly looking at your phone. A few weeks ago I was determined to rely on my phone less - in an effort to not be on it all the time - and I bought two new watches. I'd be willing to bet that out of all you readers, maybe a quarter of you wear and use a watch. Am I right? The timepieces have become more of an accessory than a necessity and it's a shame when you consider the care that goes into the designs and quality of the material. One of the pieces I got for my wrist was a Tory Burch watch. The brand recently launched their first ever collection of Swiss Made watches and in typical Tory Burch fashion, no detail was over looked.


The TB watch collection can be found at Nordstrom and is made up of five signature styles: The Tory, The Reva, The Buddy, The Izzie, and The Sawyer – and one limited edition watch: The Robinson. Each name has a distinct vibe…The Tory has a tomboy look and a link bracelet style that’s sporty and bold. The Reva features the iconic Tory logo and comes in a variety of case and strap colors. The Buddy (which is the style I was most drawn to and ended up with!) is vintage-inspired and simplistically sleek. The Izzie is modern and graphic with a clear square case with inlayed geometric fretwork and metallic faces. The Sawyer comes in one style and finish and the metal cuff bracelet is super chic and shiny. And last but not least, The Robinson celebrates the 10-year Tory Burch anniversary and is a true work of art with the lapis inlay bezel that surrounds the face.

Whether your a Tory Burch fan or not, one can’t deny that the lady knows how to nail her brand. Not only are the watches themselves beautiful, but they each come packaged in a perfect, thoughtful box that’s like its own present. I’m still getting used to checking my wrist for the time versus grabbing my phone…it definitely feels nice to be just a little less dependent on my phone!

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