Truffling with the Latest

November 20, 2014

One of the exciting things about moving to a new city is having the opportunity to meet some amazing new people. San Francisco has a thriving creative community and in the few months since living here, I've been lucky to hang with some women behind some of the blogs and brands that Molly and I have admired or worked with over the years. Sarah Cusumano is one half of the two-woman team behind TRUFFLE and a local to San Francisco. Sarah was one of the first people to welcome me to the city and we have chatted back and forth ever since...our easy friendship and her warm sincerity has definitely helped with the transition from Dallas to SF.


When Sarah sent me TRUFFLE’s Privacy Clutch in white some months ago, I was obsessed. I have carried just about everywhere with me and have gotten more compliments than I can count. Molly was only a teensy bit jealous (re: a lot jealous) when I visited Dallas months ago with a brand new clutch in tow. The Privacy Clutch really is the most quintessential leather clutch – super sleek, minimalistic with just a pretty metallic zipper and embossed logo, and the ideal small but not too small size. It holds more than it looks and the textured leather is soft but also stiff (love that it holds its shape so well!).

When Sarah asked me about doing a little photo shoot with photographer Bess Friday, another talented San Franciscan that I have been lucky enough to meet while here (she shot these!), I was ecstatic. Girl time + playing with pretty clutches + fun photos makes for a good time in my book. Working with Bess is an honor – her talent is unmatched and she truly has an eye for beauty, which is evident from the second you work with her. I feel lucky to have been introduced to her.

The purpose of our girl time get together was to photograph the newest version Privacy clutch just in time for the holidays, a limited edition metallic rose-gold. We also shot the privacy clutch in black – a bag everyone probably needs (a little black clutch is as essential as a little black dress, right?) especially for this fall and winter. And because the clarity clutch is a TRUFFLE staple, we also styled with the small clarity clutch in black…I love taking mine out with just my phone, a pretty lipstick tube, keys, and card holder for a fun “naked” look.

Things just keep getting better with TRUFFLE – Sarah and her partner Maria are constantly thinking about ways to improve their design and it’s been really need to see the TRUFFLE products evolve over the years to become what they are now. I honestly feel like one could get by in life with a Privacy clutch in black, white, and metallic and be set for whatever and wherever. Last weekend for my trip I was able to toss one in my tote for the plane and then carried it out at night and during the day all weekend long.

  1. Sally you look so gorgeous! I love this outfit. So simple, classic and chic. Seriously one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen you wear here on APOT. That jacket is amazing and I am dying for those boots. Glad you are loving SF!

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