Diamonds on the Inside

January 9, 2015

It feels a little funny posting these photos I took earlier in the week (when it was possible to be out and about without a coat, gloves, and hat) because I got a nice little hair chop yesterday. I told my girl Lindsey at Larc Salon to take off all the inches I'd put on over the past several months and left with a classic lob (re: long bob). The fresh cut might take a little getting used to - especially when I first style it on my own - but I feel so awesome about the change.


Someone told me yesterday that “change = growth” and I really loved hearing that…a haircut is a silly change but it’s the most physical representation of the other changes I’m making in this new year. Embrace the change, my friends!

So, about this ensembles…the faux leather Spanx have been seriously rocking my world. I may or may not wear them every day – not sorry about it. I’ve been telling everyone I know to get their hands on a pair. They are so comfortable and I like that they don’t ever lose their shape. I guess that’s why they call it shape wear? Because of that and the awesome control top panel? I’m also crazy about the cashmere diamond cape my friends at Turkish T spoiled me with…so, so cozy and for a neutral lover like me the mix of grays is perfection.

  1. Those leggings look amaze! — I can’t wait to see the haircut. i BET IT’S GORGEOUS!

    x Lily

  2. I also just cut my hair and changed the color for the new year and am loving the change. For some reason, when i change my hair i feel cleaner and ready for new challenges.

  3. I need those leather leggings!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the lob, I cut my hair into the long bob a few months ago and love it.

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