Pretty Sweatshirt

January 23, 2015

Happy Friday! I've been in Houston since Wednesday visiting the McCarthy's, smothering their babies with love and Sally is flying in from San Francisco to join us tonight. It's going to be an awesome weekend because 1) Sal is having her first wedding dress fitting tomorrow and I'm probably going to pee my pants when I see her in her dress again, 2) there's going to be a backyard birthday party for the most special HarrBear who just turned one, and 3) we get to hang with our favorite peeps. I went to an intense yoga class yesterday (at Big Yoga) and can hardly move my arms today so I'm hoping that I can make it through the class on Sunday I signed up for. I haven't practiced yoga in a year+ and forgot what a workout it was!


I feel like the outfit in this post hardly needs any explaining since many of you are more than likely tired of hearing me repeat how much I love comfortable clothes. What you’re seeing here are the faux leather Spanx I wear 3-4 times a week (I’m addicted to them), a super long tee shirt, and a prettified sweatshirt. Leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and sneakers – I should have felt like a total slob but it just goes to show that even the most basic, comfortable, and stretchy clothes can be upgraded casuals that look and feel good.

This new sweatshirt cardigan is probably going going to be for my upper body what my Spanx have been for my lower…a love affair and wardrobe obsession. It’s by Eileen Fisher – who does such great cuts and simple silhouettes that I love – and the quality and details are what made me splurge on it. When I was on Nordstrom’s site I realized that it was part of a capsule collection called The Fisher Project. “Bold exploration and contemporary spirit—the Fisher Project is a capsule collection that experiments with luxurious basics and dramatic proportions.” Does that not sound like a great description for the pretty sweatshirt? I like a lot of other pieces by Fisher in her regular and capsule collection and couldn’t help but link a few other favorites…

Hope you all have a great weekend!

  1. Curious about the shirt… would you share how the sizing is? I’m torn between getting an XS and a S… and I think I’m a similar size to you. Thanks!

  2. Also – where do you get your hair cut + colored? I live in dallas so i need to know.

    1. Hello again! I get my hair cut at larc Salon…I don’t color mine but Sally gets hers highlighted at Muse Salon. If you need more recommendations of places for services in Dallas, check out our FAQs here!
      xx – M

      1. Thank you for your Datebook recomMendation and i’ll def check out those salons. Youre a peach for GETTING back to me so quickly! Happy monday!

  3. Hey girl! Love your outfit. Can you recommend somewhere to buy a Snazzy daily planner? I Have been searching and (obviously since it’s almost february) have not been able to find one i Like. I adore your style and was hoping you might have an idea for me. Hope you’re having an amazing weekend away! Thanks for your time.

  4. Spanx leggings are THE BEST! I live in mine on Fridays and weekends. I didn’t know they offered a faux leather option – which I need to add to my collection ASAP

    Hello There, Lady!

  5. Sweatshirt cardigans are my favortie! I have a similar one from Urabn and i wear it all the time! I can dress it up or wear it with a lululemon tank top for work. (I work at a fitness studio) I love your sneakers as well!

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