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January 29, 2015

I have been blessed with very manageable hair. It's fine and straight but also thick and I've never felt the need to color or highlight it. Since it has never given me many issues, I've always given the side eye to hair products...what's a pricey spray, foam or mouse going to do for my hairs that will make me like it more than I already do? I'm the freak that gets a haircut and then goes home to shower out all the styling product. When I got my most recent chop I asked my stylist (Lindsey Halbook at Larc!) to teach me how to make it look more messy and she insisted that product was what was going to help me achieve a textured, mussed-up look. Call me a hypocrite but I now have two style sprays that I can't live without when styling my lob. True believer right here.


R+Co Rockaway Sea Salt Spray: My stylist loves this formula because it has special ingredients that don’t dry out strands like other salt sprays. I had never used a sea salt spray – mostly because I thought it would make my hair greasy and tangled – but what the stuff does is give you the tousled, textured strand you sometimes get from being at the beach. My hair actually looks like crap when I’m at the beach but this spray makes it look the way I had always wished it would at the seaside. You can read up on all the ingredients here, but just know that it smells delish (not like coconut oil or sunscreen), isn’t sticky, and you can still run your fingers through your hair after using. It can be used on wet or dry hair but Lindsey recommended I use it on mine after towel drying but before blowdrying. I generously spray the back of my head and then do a few sprays on the sides – I’ve noticed that if I put too much on the front parts of my hair (near my face) it’s almost too textured for my liking. After spraying I blow-dry without using a brush, fluffing sections my hands to make sure I’m getting a maximum amount of volume. Lindsey told me that it’s VERY important to make sure the hair is completely dry of moisture before curling or straightening. Her tip for double checking is to put the dryer on cool – that way pieces that aren’t dry are easier to feel. I use this stuff whether I’m doing a wavy or straight look because I just lurve the volume it gives.

Sultra ‘The Bombshell” 1″ Curling Rod: I’ve been using this curling rod ever since Bailey recommended it on Peppermint Bliss almost four years ago. I’m not sure what kind of magic technology this ceramic wand has but it’s the only tool that has ever gotten my hair to hold a curl/wave. It’s a great example of “you get what you pay for” because at the time I couldn’t believe I was spending so much on a curling iron but it has lasted me this long and still works like a charm. SO! After getting all that beachy volume from the sea salt spray, I grab ze wand and randomly grab pieces and wrap them around the rod (always in the direction away from my face!). Biggest tip here: don’t wrap the bottom 2-3 inches of bottom hair. Leaving these free will give you imperfect waves that look more messy and less curly. Also, don’t hold the pieces on the heat for more than a few seconds and once you remove them from the rod pull them straight to elongate the wave. Depending on the look I’m going for, I’ll wrap more or less pieces. I generally let the waves “set” untouched for a few minutes before raking my fingers through to break them up a bit. Any parts that need a bit more work I just go back and touch-up. If you’re reading this and saying, “But I do all this and still feel like a poodle!” then I recommend bringing out a flat iron/straightener and putting it on those last 2-3 inches of bottom hair and “flattening” about every other 3″ section. This should help calm any overly zealous waves!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: This spray has a cult following. And once you use it and/or smell it you know why. It has an intoxicating scent that’s indescribable but awesome. I lift sections of hair on either side of my middle part and at the back top of my head and spray it directly on the roots – then right after spraying I rake/rub my fingers over those spots to activate the volume. It doesn’t feel heavy or powdery but it does give instant volume and texture and it’s the perfect way to finish off any earlier styling you’ve done. I lean on this stuff pretty heavily when I’m wanting to make second-day hair look like it did the day before, or if the hair I did earlier in the day has gotten a little flat and needs a lift. Highly recommend.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from you pretty ladies with short hairs like me asking how I style mine and I hope this was helpful! If you’re still at a loss for how to get a similar look, feel free to leave a comment demanding a how-to post…if I get enough requests I’ll totally do it for you peeps!

A big thank you to Lindsey for being the bestest stylist and for teaching me how to shake up my strands. I should mention that Larc carries the full line of products from R+Co and Oribe.

  1. All the links under the salt spray just take you to the TOAST page – not to the product? I was just wondering where you usually get yours from? I only see it AVAILABLE online at CO bigelow?

    1. Ahh oh no! So sorry about that but so glad you let me know (links are fixed now)! I would recommend getting it from Birchbox here (: It’s great!!
      xx – M

  2. The Sultra curling wand is amazing!! I got mine after trying a friend’s (& after spending a small fortune on other, less-expensive options that didn’t work); i don’t what it’s got that the other wands don’t but it’s the only one the forces my hair to retain the curl. it’s hard to shell out more than $100 for a curling iron but i’m so glad that i did ( just wish I’d done it sooner)!

  3. please do a “how-to” post! I recently cut my hair shorter and have been trying to ace the messy wave look. to no avail i still cant get it down.

  4. My life was changed after I tried the dry texturizing spray. My sister works at an oribe salon here in kansas city and she’s always trying to get me to use more products, but this is the only one that has stuck (besides their shampoo and conditioneR! It’s like a mini escape when I shower). They just started carrying R+Co so I’m interested to see what they’re all about!

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