Casual Friday

February 6, 2015

When I shot this outfit, it was the second time I was wearing it. The first time I had it on Mary complimented it so much I figured it wouldn't hurt to put the pieces together again. Flattery can go a long way with me…but I thought it was funny that Mary liked this look so much when the combo of t-shirt, cozy cardigan, and black jeans wasn't a thought-out situation. I think what makes the outfit just a step above simple is that the shirt is full of holes (I've had people refer to it as a "shotgun tee" before). I'm not going to lie, it's one of the most expensive t-shirts I've ever bought but I love it and wear it all the time - regardless of the confusion it causes. You want to know what's making me confused these days? All the hype for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.


I’ll say it: I read the first book. Only because I was curious and some friends told me that it’s hard not to get hooked on the story. My opinion about the novel goes against the grain. It was painful for me to get through – not because of the risqué content – but because I didn’t like the writing and felt that the voices (words they used, the way they spoke) given to the main characters just seemed soooo fake and uncomfortable. “Oh my.” If I never read that phrase again I’ll be happy. The thought of watching the writing come to life on the screen is enough to make me cringe and want to crawl out of my skin…so the fact that this entire week has been a celebration of anticipation for the film on The Today Show (my morning must-watch) has made me roll my eyes a little too much. And it releases on Valentines Day – which makes me frown. But I get it. I get why women are into it and what the excitement is about (how are they going to show such taboo content in a movie omggg?!). I’m just over hearing about it. And more interested in The Grammy Awards this Sunday.


  1. I am a bookseller and seeing the people who buy that book is sometimes disturbing. I myself haven’t read it, but when our deacon took a portion out of his homily to try to persuade us to boycott the movie this past sunday– i was equally disturbed. can’t we all just talk about a better book/film?
    But, on another note! I love that you went for that tee. I know iF i wanted it, i would have instead tried to make one and failed miserably (as i do with most diys). And I wear many of the same exact outfits over again, so i don’t see why you shouldn’t up your count to three <3


  3. Thank you for the Fsog comments. I am an avid reader. I downloaded the trilogy on my kindle before any of the hype and knew nothing about the books. I am not a prude in the slightest. It was not the sexual context that was disturbing, but the fact that I don’t think i’ve ever read anything more poorly written. I read all three books, but skipped thru all of the sex parts of the 2nd and 3rd books, which left about 30 pages. So, awful!! You and your sister(s) are adorable. Keep up the fun posts!

  4. i’m so tired of hearing about that movie too! never was interesting in reading the books, good to know i didn’t miss anything haha. i do think it’s hilarious to watch those two go through the publicity stuff though…their body language suggests they don’t care for each other too much

  5. so happy you have gotten back to more real content. the sponsored posts are fine and i understand that is how you make money but i have been consistently checking your blog again now that you have more personal & creative posts! Thank you!

  6. I’m an English teacher so Everyone that read the books felt obliged to tell me that they knew the writing was terrible. I wasn’t interested in reading them for the content but if the writing is poor quality…no way. Life’s too short for poorly written books.

    I have those J Brand, too – Love them!

  7. Yes! Thank you. Seriously if i don’t have to hear one more word about 50 shades i will be thrilled. its concerning how much people are building it up.

  8. This is Actually one of my fave outfits of yours! I think simplicity goes a long way! (Plus, I truly believe you feel most confident while wearing what you naturally gravitate toward.) So go you!

    P.S. I read the first fifty Shades book and disliked it for the same reasons that you did. Uggh.

  9. haha your thoughts on the book made me laugh, my friend felt the same way. i think if you just take it for what it is – lady porn – you might have liked it a tiny bit more. lets just say i DON’T think it gained its popularity for it’s excellent writing.

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