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March 4, 2015

You guys - I can't even describe how excited I am to write this post. If any of you are as obsessed with eyelashes as I am then get ready for your world to be rocked. I have always been a lash lover…at the tender age of 10 I begged my mom to let me wear mascara. When she said no, I asked if we could compromise on letting me sport a clear formula I had found at The Body Shop. Looking back I'm sure she thought I was a wacko kid but I just loved my little eyelashes and heck, I wanted to accentuate them. Ever since then I've been really into indulging in my lashes. I've tried hundreds of mascaras (but because I'm always trying to find the perfect one that's consistently good year-round I rarely post about what I'm using), invested in many a lash curler, and splurge on monthly lash tinting (the best for blonde lashes). The last eyelash related post I did was this one over a year ago. Today I am posting two lash enhancing products that really, really work. One of them I have been using for years and one is a recent purchase that has taken my eyelashes to next-level thickness and length. Yesterday I got a facial and the esthetician asked if I had extensions. Nope. I just use these two products religiously…a much safer, healthier, cheaper, and natural way to have longggg lashes.


neuLASH: This stuff was put on my radar over three years ago when I worked in a buying office and was surrounded by really fab, really well maintained women. I’d ask anyone with fantastic eyelashes what their secret was and they all said, “neuLASH.” Obviously I wanted to be part of this club. I’m just going to repeat what I wrote in my post from last year because it’s still all true: Similar to Latisse but without the scary side effects, it’s a clear serum you paint along your lash lines each night that helps them grow. It does take three months of nightly application to see them take off but once they do, they just keep going. I have heard horror stories of girls getting extensions and then having their real lashes fall out when the false ones shed…neuLASH might look pricey but compared to the high cost and risk of getting extensions, it is so, so worth it. One tube will last you 6-8 months at least. If you realllly want it to work, you HAVE to use it every single night. Again, it’s worth it. P.S. neuLASH also makes neuBROW – a product for brow growth and enhancement.

Givenchy Mister Lash Booster: So I have long lashes but that didn’t stop me from doing a double take when I very randomly stumbled on this product while bopping around Sephora’s website. First of all, I am skeptical of any fashion brand that makes beauty products…many of them are great but sometimes I just think the brands are slapping their labels on items that don’t live up to their category because they like being in the beauty arena. Anyway – I see Mister Lash Booster and I am intrigued. The description of “breakthrough massage technology” and “all-in-one eyelash care, lash primer, and transparent mascara” gets my attention. What really hooked me though were the reviews…out of 166 postings, 101 gave it a full five stars. But still, I was skeptical that the product could live up to the promise of length and density. I bought it, applied it that very night and I swear to god that I woke up the next morning and noticed a difference. I wanted to post about it right away but determined that I should give it a good two weeks of testing before reporting if it was really as good as I thought it was. Two weeks later and I’m still telling every lady I know to buy it. I put it on after neuLASH before bed and then in the morning after I wash my face. You can layer mascara on top but I like the natural shine it gives (and the big curl!) so I usually just wear it naked. I wish I could say more to sell you on it but just trust me that I’m obsessed and it’s so worth trying!

I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the two products working together but my lashes are the longest and prettiest the have ever been (if I do say so myself). Both give mega length and fullness but I can say for sure the Mister Lash Booster really makes lashes more resistant to falling out – I used to have a handful come off after washing my face twice a day and I hardly ever notice any on my towel now. Now…go skedaddle and get these two babies so you can bat your gorgeous naturally long and luscious lashes at everyone you see!

P.S. I should probably mention that Sally is hooked on the same two products. After seeing me at the beach she immediately went out to get Mister Lash Booster (she has been using neuLASH just as long as I have)…girl needs to have pretty lashes for her wedding. We wouldn’t want me pulling a Pippa on her!

neuLASH (I get the 0.2 oz for $150 - also available here and here) // Givenchy Mister Lash Booster ($31 - also available here, here and here)
  1. Thanks for responding to me, i really appreciate your support! Im going to be brave and Purchase more neulash and givenchY lash booster to see what happens…what the hey!! I’ll keep you posted To see what happens!! Cross your fingers!! 😉

  2. I’ve used a lot of eyelash growth serums. I started using neulash along mister lash booster. For a while i saw some growth, now ot seems that my lashes aren’t responding and don’t appear to be treated with anything at all!!! Help whats wrong….why do the products stop working on me??? Is there any other products that are better out on the market???

    1. Oh no! That’s so frustrating…these are the only two lash growth products I’ve tried but I know there are a lot more in the cosmetics/beauty market. I wish I could help explain why the products stop working on you – that’s so frustrating! Will let you know if I try any other lash stuff that seems to work well! xx, M

  3. I just started using neulash about 2 weeks ago after i had to take my lash extensionS off due to an allergic reAction and was left With stubby broken off lAshes. I just boUght the gIvenchy lash booster and was wondering hoW you apply it. Do you put it On the lash root after NeulaSH, Or apply it like mascaRa on the full lash from underneath aFter you put neUlash on the root? ThAnks!

    1. Hi Melissa – you put the Lash Booster on similar to how you would mascara (on the full lash, root to tip, from underneath). Hope that helps! xx – M

  4. I’ve never tried the Givenchy lash booster but I’m completely in love with lancome’s Hypnose Drama. The best, hands down.

    I need to get my hands on the neulash.I’ve heard great things and my baby lashes definitely need a boost.

    HEllo There, Lady!

  5. Hi molly – Long time reader, but have never commented before and wanted to let you know I absolutely love APOT. I actually used to live in Dallas, but didn’t stumble upon your blog until I moved to NYC. Love perusing your content every day!


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