Join Us + West Elm (and Etsy Sellers!)

April 30, 2015

It's pretty great when a big company teams up with smaller businesses to help them grow their audience and gives them a platform to sell their items. These types of big + small unions don't happen nearly enough - but West Elm is making an effort to make it happen with pop-up shops in their stores across the country. Next weekend the West Elm store in Dallas is bringing in 10 very talented Esty sellers - all of which are local to the Dallas area - to to share and sell their pottery, personal care items, home goods, and more!

Molly had a hand in helping curate all the artists and she'll be hosting the event next Saturday. We hope that you'll be able to come and meet the designers and shop their selection while you peruse the West Elm store.


Here are all the details you need to know:

.Place: West Elm (5307 East Mockingbird Lane). Located in Mockingbird Station.

.Date & Time: Saturday, May 9th from 1:00pm – 6:00pm

.Shop: Hand-made goodness from 10 wonderful makers – all based in Dallas! Who they are: CrateStyleClover and BloomCropacatureDove House HandmadeiOrganic BabyMagnolia Tree PaperieParty Made PrettyPatti HaskinsScout and Lilly, and Pen Impress.

.Enjoy: Sips, snacks, and good music! It’s going to be a really good time with lots to do and see.

.More Info: Find the designated event page on Facebook here and take a look at the blog post West Elm put together with sneak peeks of what each seller has to offer!

.RSVP: Tell us if you can stop by! Reply if you can come here.

We are so excited about this and hope some of you will be able to make it!!

Don’t live close to Dallas? It makes us sad that you won’t be able to come…but we will also be sharing snaps from the event so make sure you follow us on Instagram @apieceoftoast so you can feel like you’re there.

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Three Active Life Looks

April 30, 2015

I think we all know that activewear is built for being active. Walking, yoga, crossfit training, ballet (why not?), pilates, running - whatever you do to stay fit, you should be complimenting it with clothing that helps you do it (and do it better). But what about when we want to wear activewear even when we aren't doing out fitness stuffs? I think that's just fine. Sporty pieces from Old Navy are designed so well these days that they work just as great integrated into my day-to-day "life" routine as they do when I'm sweating. Which I happen to do a lot of. But more often than not I'm just playing around - doing a mix of things for work, running errands, hanging out with Blue, and seeing my friends. I love mixing one piece of active clothing with non-athletic stuff for an easy, super wearable look. Hopefully some of you can relate to my desire of wanting to style sport-chic outfits...and hopefully some of you can related to the three "wearing-activewear-when-not-being-super-active" ensembles I've got here.


Look One: neon is still my friend and the neon orange of these running shorts are pretty vibrant. Here’s a not-so-secret, secret: I can’t run unless I’m chasing after Blue. But running shorts are some of the most comfortable things around and I think the light, performance fabric brings a great contrast when worn with more structured tops – like the polo I’m wearing with mine. Even if I had swapped my sneakers for sandals, I still think the look would work!

Look Two: this trench coat is still one of my most beloved things. Mostly because it seriously goes with everything. Case and point proven when throwing it on over compression capris and an easy high-neck tank. Stretch pants with a nice top? Um, yes. In my book the longer length of the cami and fun olive color of the capris makes the look totally work. I could easily join girlfriends for a happy hour drink in this whole outfit and it would be obvious that I didn’t come from the gym.

Look Three: racer-backs should not only be reserved for gym-appropriate tops. I feel so strongly about this that I chose a bridesmaid dress for Sally’s wedding that was a racer-back style. I’ll often wear tanks like the go-dry stripe version you see here with a lacy bralette with either jeans or shorts – loving the smocked-waist gauze shorts here (the tassels!) – for a different take on a sleeveless shirt style. The best part? The straps never slip off my shoulders.

Easy movement, comfort, durability – all things I want when I’m getting dressed for life and not just my fitness activities. I try not to wear things that are too “precious” and since I know everything from Old Navy’s activewear collection is designed for hard performance (trust me, I’ve put the wearing and washing to the test many times!) it’s only natural that I reach for my fave sporty pieces and put them on with my other separates.

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David Kind – Help me pick some frames!

April 29, 2015

When I shop at grocery stores I can't read the signs that hang between the aisles that say what's on the shelves. When I drive I can't read street signs until I get about one car length away from them. When people are walking towards me and wave I have no idea who they are till they're a good six yards from me. I can't do any of these things unless I'm wearing my glasses. Did you guys even know I have/wear glasses? Probably not since I don't wear them in any outfit photos. Sometimes they sneak into an Instagram shot. Honestly, I need contacts - but my current insurance doesn't cover vision needs (boo, self employment) and I don't know if I'm ready to start touching my eye balls. Glasses work for me but I don't wear them all the time (like I should). I chalk this irresponsible behavior up to "feeling like a nerd and not myself" in my current frames. They are very nice-looking frames but I bought them when I wasn't needing to wear them around the clock and therefore I feel weird wearing them more than when driving. Determined to act like an adult and stop complaining about something I can easily fix - I challenged myself to find new frames; ones that I would want to wear all the time.


I heard about David Kind, an at-home try on program that prided itself on a cool personalized stylist program and high-quality frames. Why I went with this: I think I know what I like and what will look good on me. But glasses is not the same thing as buying a white shirt online and when I’ve done try-on programs before I usually slap myself for picking options that don’t look remotely good on me or fit what I’m looking for.

So what am I looking for? I feel like I already look way younger than I am (for the record, I’m 27) and that I have pretty feminine features…therefore, I usually am drawn to more masculine, structured styles. But I like curveballs. I love how clear frames and wire-bridge styles look on other people and sometimes want to try them myself. You can probably see how my at home try-one boxes can get messed up…I have a vision (no pun intended) but get distracted by all the cool, trendy options.

Here is how things went down. I uploaded some glamor shots head shots of myself and selected three frames I really loved. I made a little list of things I wasn’t looking for (round frames, overly-trendy shapes, wire frames) and stuff I like (slightly oversized shapes, cool resin/horn/tort colors, etc.). Then I got excited…because when my David Kind package arrived it was a really pretty cork box an embossed logo (good branding always wins with me) with a mirror inside and six frames laid out neatly. I got a sweet note from Sami – my stylist – listing the three frames I picked and the ones she suggested for me. Then I got busy putting the frames on my face.

I suggest trying on with a friend. It’s fun (like trying on wigs but more realistic) and if you have a super honest and stylish friend (like I did with Mary) it is a very effective way to pick a great pair. But here is the thing…I have two pairs I am torn between. So let me take you through all six that I tried on, tell you my faves, and hopefully y’all can weigh in on which of the two looks best.

1. The Otto (in dusk): picked by me! This is a favorite. I like how it’s oversized and feels modern but classic. I normally go for more “blondish” shades when I pick a frame color but I actually like how dark this is – the contrast with my hair and coloring looks intentional and stylish (at least that’s how I hope they look).

2. The Trenton (in pine): suggested by Sami. I didn’t love how narrow the frame height was…this sounds weird but I feel like if frames are even the teeniest bit narrow it ages me?

3. The Roman (in tiger eye): picked by me! This is a pair that I liked the idea of – the wire bridge was vintage but trendy – I thought it would make me look chic but also studious. Whether I achieved the look or not, I really didn’t feel like myself in the style.

4. The Louis (in citrine quartz): picked by me! Clear frames…so cool, so minimalist, so…not for me. I so wish I could pull these off because I feel like they would help my features stand out and let the frames disappear (they are clear, after all) – but they just didn’t do it. Sads.

5. The Ace (in morado tortoise): suggested by Sami. These were a very strong contender. I found them to be pretty similar to The Otto (pair no. 1) in terms of frame height and color, but because the bridge piece isn’t super defined (it’s more of a small dip between the lenses) I found it to be too masculine of a look on me.

6. The Oriole (in granite): suggested by Sami. This is the other favorite. Props to Sami for including these – I didn’t think they would stand a chance since they have more rounded edges and the frame width was smaller than the others but I was assured that they were “bold and retro inspired.” I love the faded black-to-grey color and the shapes feels like me.

Once I settle on “the one” – I’m just going to send a selfie pic of me with the frames on to Sami so she can check the measurement of them – then I check mark the BUY! box on the back of the card that comes with each frame and send a copy of my prescription back with the box.  In theory, I could choose more than one pair (that’s allowed!) but my budget is only allowing me one at the moment.

Here is where you need to help me. No but really, help! Do I go with The Otto or The Oriole? They are both comfortable but I def think Otto is a cooler version of me while Oriole might be a better choice for around-the-clock wearing. Tell me what you like…I know you guys have good taste!

Overall, I really liked my 360 experience with David Kind. I know it’s not a full circle until I get my prescription frames in the mail (in 5-10 days) and can see how they stand up to wear and tear, but from what I could tell from the try-on pairs, the quality in the lenses and frames is definitely there. I suggest giving them a try if you’re a blind-ish little bat like me!

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