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May 4, 2015

By this time next week, I'll no longer be a Dallasite. After five years (almost down to the day) of being in Dallas, I'm making the move to another Texas city: Houston. Almost every person I've told about this - friend or otherwise - has asked, "But, why?" It requires a multi-layed response but I could easily sum it up by saying, "It's perfect timing." This move has been a long-time coming but not because I don't love Dallas and haven't enjoyed the city. Dallas was the ideal place for me to land as a fresh post-graduate and when I think about how much I have changed and grown both personally and professionally in five short years, I know I couldn't have had a better experience anywhere else. From meeting life-long friends to loosing love, narrowly escaping Ebola and almost becoming a fan of the Cowboys - I have so many ridiculous, hilarious, and tender memories that have happened in this city. So Houston...I'd love to explain a little bit of the why behind this move I'm so excited to make.


I’ll start out by saying that I didn’t know anything about Houston other than it is wildly humid and has no zoning laws until about two years ago. During my first “real” visit (re: not a short one day work trip) there something about it reminded me of my real home – Kansas City, Missouri – and I still have trouble putting my finger on what that is. But I think that it’s because: it feels very family oriented, many Houstonians return back to live there permanently, small businesses and stores thrive, there’s a sense of community and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming, and while it’s a massive city there are really great designated neighborhoods that are green with huge trees and homes. So much of that makes me think about what makes Kansas City great (minus the massive city part).

I have basically been wanting to be in Houston for a year and a half. But the logistics of having a lease, living with Sally, and just not being fully “ready” kept me in Dallas. When Sally moved to San Francisco last August it felt like someone turned out the light in part of my world. I love living by myself but I suddenly felt incredibly alone. Working from home became even more isolating and I would go days without talking to anyone other than Blue…who doesn’t talk back. I didn’t notice it at first, but once October rolled around and I had to move from our empty two-bedroom into a single apartment it was like loneliness really set in and stayed. I saw my friends but was by myself 95% of the time. Such an Eeyore, right?!

During this super-sad-Molly time I took every opportunity possible to drive down to Houston. The 3.5 hour drive started to feel like a normal commute and I was unfazed by traffic if it meant I got to be with my best friends (re: The McCarthy’s) in the city that felt like it was hugging me. Starting sentences with “When Molly Moves to Houston” became a regular thing but the reality of moving still seemed like a pipe dream. I had the responsibility of a lease! I had lived in Dallas for five years! It just felt like I would never do it (at least not until my lease ended in October 2016).

But then January rolled around. And after my second visit down in 2.5 weeks Bailey and I were talking and I said, “What am I doing. Why don’t I just live here already? I need to just move.” She confirmed that it was ludicrous I hadn’t pulled the trigger and firmly encouraged me to make my long-talked about plans a reality. Bailey and I have always dreamed about me joining the team at Biscuit – it’s not a secret that I love the brand and products as if they were my own – and it really felt like the time was right to fold me into a position within the company. All I really remember from the rest of that trip was celebrating Harry’s 1st birthday and having a huge smile on my face because it was all “really going to happen.” The thought of working with awesome, inspiring, hard-working women everyday was enough to make me cry with happiness. I wasn’t going to be Eeyore anymore (re: a lonely loner) and my creative mojo was going to be reignited.

Even with the plan made, it still took me till February to go to my leasing office and see what breaking a lease would entail. Since the reason for moving was technically job related I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t going to be hit with that big of a fine. And really, when you’re weighing quality of life vs. money – quality of life always wins (at least in my world). I put in my 60-day notice, easily found another apartment in Houston and squealed in excitement like a piglet.

The 60 days really flew by thanks to an insane amount of travel in February and March, Sally’s wedding in April, and the past few weeks spent working on the logistics of moving. Some of you might remember what it was like for me the last time I moved by myself (I wrote a post complaining about it here). I was essentially traumatized by the experience. So I took Hitha’s fantastic advice and budgeted so that I could “throw money at the problem” this time around. I flew Sally in this past weekend to help me pack and it was like having a legitimate angel with me. We got everything in boxes (which I picked up used from Treehuggers – highly recommend using them if you have a move coming up!) and I feel so organized and ready for the movers that come at the end of the week.

This week I get to spend my last days as a Dallas resident hanging out with my favorite people and taking care of loose errands. Friday everything gets loaded into a truck by strong men, I clean my apartment and turn in my keys. Saturday I get to host an amazing Etsy event at West Elm. Sunday I drive to Houston very early and all my stuff gets unpacked from the truck and into my new place. Monday my mama comes to help me unpack and get organized (she’s my hero). Then real life in the new city gets to take place!

A move is really just a relocation but something about all this feels like I’m finally making life happen, rather than waiting for life to happen to me. I definitely think that up until January when I decided to make the wheels start turning, that I was just sitting around waiting to feel inspired, waiting for a perfect guy to fall into my lap, waiting for the loneliness to go away. But now I’m being an active participant in going towards the life I want. Forget finding the perfect guy – that will happen when and how it should – but at least I’m going to be in a city I love, among some of the people who make me happiest and always encourage me to let my freak flag fly, working on something other than the blog (which will inspire me tremendously) and with people who I’m obsessed with. It’s going to be good great.

Dallas treated me very well. I’m still completely in love with my dear friends and I am really glad to know that I’ll still be seeing them often (because I’m obviously going to be coming back for routine visits!). I will miss the ease of knowing my way around, having all my favorite spots for shopping, eating and getting my beauty on but I can’t wait to explore and get to discover all those new faves in Houston!

This is something new, something different, and something that at 27 years old makes sense. Again, the long story short answer is “perfect timing.” (:

  1. Congrats on the move and good luck with getting settled in! Greetings, Man With Van Berrylands Ltd.

  2. i LOVE BISCUIT HOME AS WELL AND WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU HERE IN HOUSTON. I am a native houstonian and have lived all over but every time, i ended up right back where i started in houston, close to family. Its what i know and love and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT AS MUCH AS WE ALL DO!

  3. I loved reading this, and am not trying to be a hater, i really am happy for you, but i wondered if you and bailey worried about your friendship in considering this big move? i have been burned in the past working with friends, and would hate to see what seems to be a special friendship damaged.

  4. congrats on the move molly! you’re going to crush it in houston. good luck on the move – moving sucks but the end is totally worth it!

  5. Thanks for this post. I feel like i am in your same boat, waiting for life to happen… But Now you are makiNg it happen! Congrats on the new job and city! I wish you nothing but happiness and success in houston!

  6. Hi Molly! Molly Here 🙂

    I’m a native houstonian and just weeks shy of graduating from ut in austin. my last semester here, i’ve been working with the camille styles team. i’ve been blogging from a young age and the pipe dream is to make that my full-time livelihood!

    i’ll move back for good in just a week and would love to sit down and chat at some point this summer. i am sure the move is making you extra busy but once you feel adjusted, please give me a call! send me an email whenever! my personal blog is

    best best wishes!! you will love your new city 🙂

  7. Congrats on moving to houston. i am a native houstonian and still reside here. cant ever imagine living anywhere else. its a very diverse city. Many blessings as you begin this new chapter in your life.

    Candace rodrigue

  8. i just kept reading and nodding my head. this is exactly how I feel. I have been wanting to move because i feel stuck and finally decided a little while ago to apply to schools all over the country. i know how you feel and i know how hard it is to leave but this is going to be an amazing adventure for you. congrats!

  9. I was in a similar position, turned 27, decided to move to Austin as a fresh start on life, and haven’t looked back once! I hope you love the change as much as I do!

  10. That is so exciting! I am pondering a big career change myslef and this inspired me. sounds like a dream opportunity. what will you be doing at biscuit?

  11. COngratulations! I’m from Houston myself, and I love everything you said about my city. Welcome home!


  12. congrats! I love houston…it’s where I am from and everything you said about it makes me heart warm!


  14. How exciting! I love Biscuit! Congratulations on the move! i hope you will continue to blog!

  15. COngrats on the new job and move! I too recently realized that I am in control of my own happiness and the only person that can do anything about it is me. sometimes the hardest part is realizing what is making you unhappy and then having the courage to make the change. I’ve learned how important it is to follow your gut! good luck!

  16. Welcome to houston!! it really is such a fun city and the no zoning thing really grows on you!

    We also have a great blogger community down here and can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

    xo, Alice at the lone star looking glass

  17. I’m so bummed as i just began following your blog! does this mean no more a Piece of toast??? 🙁

  18. LOVED THIS POST! SO HAPPY FOR YOUR NEW ADVENTURE. THANK YOU FOR THE POST, AS I EMBARK ON A NEW LIFE CHANGE MYSELF IT IS INSPIRING TO READ about somebody else’s adventure and knowing that it will all be ok in the end. best of luck on your new endeavors.
    xo from puerto rico

  19. That’s so exciting! I also just made the jump and moved to the houston area. I don’t know much about the city yet, but i went to a great dog park the other weekend. danny jackson family bark park, it’s not very pretty for humans, but so wonderful for doggies 🙂 especially since it looks like blue likes to swim, must have been 50+ happy pups on a sunday afternoon. Good luck with the move!

  20. Congratulations! I’ve read your blog for a long time, and am so excited to see what you have in store.

  21. Congrats on the big move Molly! The people I know that live in houston all absolutely love it. wishing you all the best on your new adventure!

  22. Such exciting news!!! Congratulations! One of my very best friends lives in Houston, and she absolutely loves it. Good luck with Biscuit and with the move!

    Annie Reeves

  23. Congrats! As a long time leader of the blog and someone who is trying to reignite a stagnating career, it’s so nice to hear a success story like yours. best of luck in houston!

  24. I’ve called kansas city home for the past three years and that’s how i feel about living here – it just makes me happy 🙂 i was laid off from my job in marketing a few months ago and since then, I’ve been working on my blog and a few freelance projects, but i’m starting to get that stir crazy feeling and i definitely feel you when you say you wanted more human interaction. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to with biscuit!

    26 and Not Counting

  25. What an exciting new chapter! I’m sure you will be a fabulous addition to houston – and can always hop on a plane to the beach when you’re ready for another dose of 30A! 🙂

  26. how exciting molly!! very happy that you feel so excited too 🙂 good luck with the move…i hope it goes smoothly!

  27. I will miss you like crazy but am so happy for you as I know this is exactly what you need/want!!!! You deserve all of the happiness in the world!! just have a place for annie and i to come crash 🙂 lurve you to the moon and back!

  28. Welcome to Houston!! You will love it here! 🙂 I moved here from Austin 7 years ago and couldn’t be happier!

  29. I am so, so happy for you and excited to see what this new adventure brings for you.

  30. I’m so happy to hear you ‘happy’ again…not that you didn’t sound ‘happy’ before, but there was something different. So so so excited for you and your new adventure. You belong with your tribe!

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