Sally’s Bridal Luncheon

May 6, 2015

So I've been having this issue where I refer to Sally's wedding as "our wedding." I'll say things like, "Our photographer was amazing" or, "It was just perfect, we're so happy with how everything turned out." Obviously I wasn't the one getting married but since this was the first wedding in our immediate family and due to my closeness with Sal, it felt like it was almost-kinda-sorta my thing too.

Sally is someone who doesn't like a lot of public attention (which is hilarious because she has this blog with me) and having a whole weekend that was centered around her garnered a little bit of anxiety for the bride-to-be. My mom and I know this trait of her's well and tried to make sure the planned events circling the wedding felt like a celebration of her and Robert but didn't make them the center of attention. One of my favorite events I planned with my mama was the luncheon held the afternoon before the wedding for Sally and her Bridesmaids...


George’s in a restaurant spot in Alys Beach that has one of our favorite menus on 30A. We (my mom, Sally and I) got to do some tasting back in February and I had been looking forward to eating our selections for months…if you happen to go, I suggest the Salmon BLT, the Dab Salad, and “The Goo” for dessert. Aside from having a super yum menu, my mom worked with the floral designer (Events by Nouveau did the whole weekend) to have happy, colorful arrangements of ranunculus and I set name cards into the vase place card holders (sourced by my mama). It was simple and pretty and the long tables along the windows made it so Sally wasn’t “front and center.”

Besides having all the bridesmaids, our friends, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and girl cousins were also at the luncheon…our sweet Mimi (who Sally is named after) was matching the bride in pink. Pretty adorable. Also adorable were the little girls in attendance – baby Liza Jane (mom is Hannah of Not My Circus) and “Flower Girl Grace” (mom is Bailey of Biscuit) kept everyone smiling and so entertained. I stuffed myself with good food and it was really a nice way to kick off the weekend of fun for S+R!

P.S. A lot of you have been asking where to get the white vases used…I don’t know the exact source but I found this one and this one that are very similar.

  1. Gorgeous event, and the photos are AMAZING. What type of Camera/Lens do you shoot with?

  2. Beautiful luncheon, george’s is one of our favorite restaurants! I would love to see your wedding day makeup routine for sally and Molly! Also could you please tell me what nail polish Dally is wearing at the luncheon? I love it! Thank you so much! Tammy

  3. everything looks so gorgeous – both of your dresses, the flowers, the venue, everything!

    30a is seriously the best, I’m down here right now and it’s gorgeous!

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