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June 3, 2015

Le sigh, I have been having trouble getting into the swing of things. This is my fourth week of living in Houston and so far I am very happy. But I'll be honest, the first week or so I was feeling really weird - just out of sorts and overwhelmed - and it took me a minute to realize why. It has been more than five years since I started a new job and also had to learn a new city. As I job hopped over the past years I was always in Dallas so even though I was getting into a new work routine, I still had the comfort of a city I knew. I was so confident about my move to Houston (and I'm definitely not regretting the decision!) but new city, new apartment, and new work environment really threw me for a loop that I wasn't expecting.


I’m not trying to complain here – I really am happy – but I want to acknowledge that the move hasn’t been the super easy transition I was expecting. If working from home by myself (with Blue) seemed hard, transitioning back into a work environment with others is even more difficult. I got so accustomed to the silence and even though it felt lonely sometimes, I did end up getting a lot done…now I get so excited to be around other people during the day that I’d rather talk, or do Biscuit-related things than do A Piece of Toast stuff. It doesn’t help that I have spent the past three weeks trying to find a profesh photographer to take my pictures. Knowing how to take pictures doesn’t do me much good when I can’t turn the lens on myself.

Womp, womp – enough of all that whining. Here are a few other things that have been on my mind/happening in life that I couldn’t flesh out as full posts…

Free Press Summer Fest is the big Houston-based music festival happening this weekend that Sally and my brother-in-law (love saying that!) are coming in town for. It’s usually held in Eleanor Tinsley Park but because of all the epic flooding, it got moved to a parking lot. A parking lot outside of the Reliant Stadium. Which is…fine. But a little disappointing. A funny friend said that thinking about a music festival weekend spent on asphalt brings to mind drunk girls with skinned knees and now that’s all I can think about. Needless to say, we decided that we would forgo attending the festie this year since the vibe will be so different. We got our tickets reimbursed and will be having a low-key country weekend instead. Sounds pretty pleasant to me!

Last week I binged watched all five seasons of Girls. Why am I just now getting acquainted with a show that’s been on since 20102? Well I got bored and signed up for HBO NOW on my Apple Tv….I started by watching a few documentaries about Scientology (mind. blown.) and movies like Chef (I liked) but Girls is what has made HBO a truly amazing addition to my life. I don’t care what people say about the frequency of Lena’s nudity, I’m obsessed with the characters, the scenarios, the writing, all of it. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite Girl because I can’t do it. Thinking that my next show to get into will be either Mad Men or House of Cards – let me know if you suggest one over the other.

I just started re-reading The Secret. Have I talked about how much I love the book before? I first read it in college and the power of visualization and positive thinking really appealed t0 me. Ever since then I’ve tried to actively engage in what it promotes and I usually read it again every couple years or so for a refresher. Going back to the first two paragraphs above and how I’ve been feeling out of sorts, something was telling me what I needed to pick the book back up and re-focus my mind on goals/wants/needs/etc. I’m already feeling so much better now that I’m concentrating on sending good vibes into the universe. Don’t knock it till you’ve read it!

“Bae” is an acronym for “before anyone else” – this whole time I had just thought it was short for “babe” or something (#notupwiththeslang). Add to the list of things-I-not-know: Slut Shaming is a real deal thing. I have heard the term thrown around so much lately (probably because of Girls and my avid watching of The Bachelorette) and now I’m just doing a bit of Googling and reading on the subject.

The most adorable looking nail salon, Dripped, is about to open a few doors down from Biscuit and I’m already dreaming about what kind of things I’m going to get on my nailzzz. I’ve been taking a break from having gel polish – my nails just get too thinned out after abusing them with gel for months on end and I try to go at least two months off while using this treatment. Not sure if I can make it to the end of eight weeks without trying out some nail art.

Lastly, I liked Jon Stewart’s take on what Caitlyn Jenner has to look forward to…watch the clip if you haven’t seen it already.

  1. what scientology documentaries did you watch?? my husbands out of town, providing me with the perfect opportunity to binge watch all of it.

  2. i totally understand what you’re going through post move. i recently moved back to sydney and was so confident that i’d just slip back into my old life. unfortunately, things change and it’s not what i expected, which threw me for a loop. i’m now trying to think about in terms of being a great time for me to work out what i really want and to learn to actively engage in change, and seek out the best in it. i also started a new job right away and i’m living in a very different part of the city – it may as well be a whole new city. it’s tough but i’m really trying to appreciate the journey. just remember why you moved and it will all be ok!

    as for your tv predicament – both! Also, have you watched unreal? it’s meant to be light and romantic and funny, but with an edge – perhaps just what you need.

    amy x
    girl for granted

  3. I can relate to how you’re feeling. My husband and I moved to the Bay area from Toronto a few months ago. After trying to make this move happen for the better part of 2 years it’s a huge accomplishment for us. But while he’s at work each day, I’m riding solo trying to finish my masters thesis in a bit of a fog. I know we’re lucky to be here and it’s very exciting for us, but I miss my circle of friends and being a drive away from my family. I also wish I were working, then I would be meeting more people.

    Wishing you luck in the months ahead, give yourself some time to adjust. a move is a big deal even when everything seems to be in place!

  4. Glad to hear that your move transition has gone well!!! Sometimes it can take a while to get your bearings in a new city (and job), but happy that you’re enjoying the journey.

    Regarding the shows, I love both Mm and HOC to death, but I’m going to throw in a wild card – FArgo (there’s only one season- so you don’t get binge guilt) and you will not want to stop. so goooood. In my humble opinion, one of the top tv shows.

  5. I understand the difficulty of a move and starting a new job…but you are so positive and grounded, im sure everything will be okay soon 🙂

    definitely watch MAD men first…okay so i HAVEN’T watched house of cards yet (it is on my list) but Mad men is just so wonderful.


  6. Love toast talks! moving is always tough, but it seems like you’re in the perfect place to make these changes! Can’t wait to read more about your journey!

    And oh my gosh you just blew my mind with the “bae” definition!!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  7. Keep up the positivity! Having seen both mad men & the first seson of house of cards, it really depends on if you want period piece with amazing sets, CHARACTERS, and more or the mystical power web that is dc. Both kevin spacey and robin wright are amazing! Watch them both and give blue a pat for me!

  8. I felt strangE transitioning aFter my move too, eVen though i was moving Back to my hometown! Love this post; hope you find Your groove and feel up for sharing your stuff with us again!
    P.s. I had no idea about bae either.
    P.p.s. That joN stewart clip is dead on!

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