Meet Motorboatin’ 30a

June 25, 2015

We have been vacationing with our family and loved ones along Florida's 30A for years and we thought we had every non-beach activity figured out. There's golf, and sea fishing, and alligator animal farm thingies, and places you can meet dolphins, and sand dollar excursions...all nice things but all things we generally opt out of joining in on. It's not that we're opposed to getting our bums off the beach, but all the previously mentioned activities generally take up a whole day - especially anything that requires a boat because you have to drive to get to them - and none of them really sound all that "fun" to us.

When we learned about Motorboatin' 30a we did a double take. Was this really offering what it looked like: pontoon boat charters and rentals as well as water sport activities right along 30A? No long driving trip or all day commitment required (unless desired)? It was all true. The business officially launched in October 2014 and the passionate owners have been introducing long-time 30A vacationers like us to the beautiful Coastal Dune Lakes along 30A. Knowing that the two of us would be making a visit to the beach this summer we made sure to book some "trips" with Motorboatin' 30a. We had a feeling that we had finally found our non-beach dream team. And we were right. As a way of introducing you to the brand and company we have already come to know and love, we thought it would be fun to do a little Q+A session with Michaelanne and Matt - the lovebird duo who made Mototboatin' 30a a reality!



Q: We are already total fan girls just from looking at your website and falling in love with your logo. Can you tell us more about the vibe you had in mind when creating Mototboatin’ 30a?
A, Michaelanne: I grew up coming to this area of Florida and have always loved 30A – there is literally nothing like it. While Matt and I love the beach, we are both active people and found the options of non-beach alternatives lacking. 30A has been growing in popularity over the years (which is a great thing!) but it’s become harder and harder to find things to do that don’t involve a big crowd or driving a good distance away. Matt grew around a lake and he and our friend Ryan realized over beers that no one was utilizing the Coastal Dune Lakes that are parallel to the 30A coast…they are a little inaccessible and we wanted to bring the boating aspect that people up north associate with down to 30A! We took the cheesy factor that comes with pontoon boats and ran with it. Our logo is meant to reflect the fun that comes with pontooning.

Q: Talk to us about what you offer through Motorboatin’ 30a…what can people sign up for?
A, Matt: We have three main offerings, half or full day boat trips, sunset cruises, and pontoon paddle board trips. For the day trips people can choose to have a captain or take over the boat themselves, the boat is stocked with an inner tube for tubing and a cooler with ice and we encourage everyone to bring snacks, drinks and music to personalize the experience. We also offer fishing packages with poles and bait. For the sunset cruises I captain the boat so that everyone can relax and take in 30A’s amazing sunsets. The great thing about the Lake Powell is that it’s very manageable – not too big that someone captaining the boat could get lost. There are also nice shallow areas that are great for anchoring and getting out paddle boards.

Q: Paddle boarding always sounds like an intimidating activity. What can first-timers expect?
A, Matt: When you see people taking paddle boards out in the ocean it does look intimidating! You’re trying to manage your balance while getting over waves and fighting the current. It’s a completely different activity when doing in from a pontoon in the lake…the water is calm, you can do it in shallow areas, and it becomes more of a relaxed workout than a strenuous water sport. I’m a certified paddle board instructor so I really like helping people become comfortable on the boards and have seen people of all ages (even kids) fall in love with the activity.

Q: We know more than anyone that it can be hard to change a routine (re: we are total beach bums). What do you want people to know most about Motorboatin’ 30a?
A, Michaelanne: Whether you have an occasion – like a bachelorette group, or a birthday party – or not, we truly think there’s something for everyone. Between cruising the lake, tubing, fishing, paddle boarding from the pontoon, getting some sun, and or enjoying the sunset a pontoon really is great for all ages and most every group. It’s a secluded activity that becomes “your” activity – you don’t have to really share when you’re on the lake and it’s so much more than just sitting on a boat! Matt and I love working together and we have brought our fun-loving personalities to every aspect of the business. We want to make every person’s experience memorable and feel like a first trip can lead to many more.

We did not grow up going to a lake or spending a ton of time around boats but that doesn’t mean we don’t looooove a good day on a pontoon. If you’ve ever heard the country song “Pontoon” by Little Big Town you probably have an idea of how fun the slightly cheesy but completely great activity can be. We’re going to report more about how much we loved paddle boarding tomorrow but wanted you all meet Michaelanne and Matt first!

P.S. we can’t not mention the great toast on the back of the Motorboatin’ 30a koozie because we love it so much: To good ships and wood ships and ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are relationships forever may they be. Cheers!

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