Pom Pom Action

July 22, 2015

I originally bought this dress to wear to Houston's Free Press Summer Fest concert...I figured the swingy sundress style would be nice and breezy to wear while standing outside in the heat for hours on end. Sadly, I didn't end up going to the music fest (you might remember reading why in my post here) but I've been wearing the dress a lot because it really is the perfect thing to throw on when it feels like it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside.


Aside from liking the cut and style of the dress, I reallllly loved the little pom pom detail around the v-neck. Pom pom trim is such a fun and whimsical texture element that when used in moderation gives a great little something-someting to a simple piece. If you’re liking the fluff, Asos has some other dresses adorned with pom pom trim that are just as cute: a v-neck maxi, this off-the-shoulder dress, a swingy tank dress, and this t-shirt dress. I might have to get the off-the-shoulder one in white…you know now much I like a little shoulder-baring action (;

  1. Great minds think alike! Almost bought the same dress for FPSF myself.. Hope you are doing well and loving this wonderful fun (yet sweltering) city!


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