Lace Romp

July 27, 2015

"After a sweltering weekend, we're looking at a sweltering Monday" - direct quote I just heard from the morning news meteorologist. If you live in Texas you already know that the heat has been a go-to conversation. It's hard to not complain when standing outside for longer than 5 minutes makes you look like you just got out of a shower. At least we are all suffering together? The best way to bear the 90+ degree temps is to wear less clothing, spend lots of time in pools, or stay inside. This lace romper has been a nice light and breezy choice to wear along with the invisible, but extremely present, sweater of heat and humidity that's been my constant extra layer.


Rompers take the guesswork out of matching a top and a bottom but offer more coverage than a dress with the short-style bottom. Even though you have to get naked when you go to the bathroom, the style is a great summer staple. This romper is especially great for high heat because the white color and lace texture do wonders for camouflaging sweat. Does that make me sound disgusting? It’s hot, I tell ya! I’m sort of terrible for talking about my love for this romp when it’s currently sold out – but I linked some similar and equally fab options below!

  1. It would be so amazing if you did a tutorial on how you style your long bob – I just recently cut mine and am still struggling with how to curl my new shorter style and end up with the effortless style you do so often!

  2. I saw this same lace romper on Nasty Gal the other day and when I went to purchase it….sold out! I’m hoping it comes back in stock because I love the detail and would be cute paired with a denim jacket.

    Jamie // Hello There, Lady!

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