Dark Summer Staples in Three Looks

July 28, 2015

When I think of summer clothing - I usually envision lots of white (jeans, tops, dresses), bright bursts of color and fun patterns, and easy shapes that keep one cool as the heat climbs higher. I definitely wear a lot of lighter colored items (examples: yesterday's white romper and last week's light blue dress) in the summer months but I also like to wear a good amount of black. It can feel backwards to wear black, black and more black when it's blazing hot out but as long as the pieces are loose, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable I have no issue. In fact, I say the darker the better. So if you're sweating in all this heat but don't feel like pastels match your summer mood, I have three looks all with black-colored summer staples from Old Navy I hope will get you in the mood to dress on the dark side.


Look One: I’ve been binge-buying stripes like it’s my job. This dress kind of has stripes but the jacquard detail helps it feel more textural than graphic. I probably wouldn’t typically go for the gathered and A-line skirt style but the relaxed fit keeps it loose and really ideal for summer. It’s been a perfect dress for wearing causally with flip flops or making a little more “fancy” with wedges.

Look Two: black shorts were on my list of “to find” when I started the summer. The one pair in my closet were from my college days and let’s just say I outgrew the tight and short style of them…I’m pretty obsessed with these high-rise shorts for their soft fabric and tailored pleats. Having a pair of shorts that aren’t skin tight are most ideal when it’s a billion degrees out (exaggeration, but you get it). I love that the belt can be tied in a feminine bow or sloppy knot depending on what vibe I’m going for. I’ve paired these guys with tshirts and fitted tops but love how they look with the super soft sueded tank. The shorts might have a good amount of slouch but they still work with a loose tank because of the belted waist situation.

Look Three: the style of this swing dress is one I buy almost every summer. A basic, little black cotton dress is something any girl can transform with various accessories and get a lot of miles out of. The A-line skirt and high-neck scoop top makes for an extra flattering look I reach for again and again when I “don’t know what to wear” but just want to stay cool while looking cool.

  1. i love that you girls are consistently in collaboration with old navy. each time a new season rolls around it can feel so overwhelming trying to pick and choose what items to add to your wardrobe. the affordability (and cutest) of old navy really makes it easy to pick up a bunch of new styles to get you through the season!


  2. I have the same swing dress but in the tee style and in orange. Tempting to add the sleeveless option to my closet. Also, their soft shorts are the best thing and I’ve been living in them this summer.

    Jamie // Hello There, Lady!

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