Longhorn Tray Styled Two Ways

July 24, 2015

Even with our very similar taste in clothes and interior design, we have extremely different closets and home spaces. Sally wears more color and has a very layered decor style and Molly wears a lot of neutrals and goes for a more restrained interiors look. With all our similarities and differences, we own a lot of the same clothing pieces and have copy-cat decor items, too. It's always fun to see how each of us style the same top or dress differently and the same goes for styling home accents. Because we both "had to have" one of Mary H. Case's exclusive Longhorn Trays (and really, how could we pass it up?), we thought it would be a fun to each style it in our respective homes and show you all the results.


Here is the great thing about trays – they are the perfect blend of form and function. Not only do they look great in a space, but they can be used to catch and hold all kinds of bit and pieces of everyday life. The key to tray styling in any situation is to use the right scale (you’ll know if one looks too big or too small for a specific spot) and try to find ones that are unique and special to you.

Sally’s Styling: “I’m a coffee table book collector. I know, I know – what girl/blogger isn’t? I guess I’m lucky because my husband get’s as excited as me when we add a new cool book to our collection…it makes the acquisition of titles and subjects that align with both of us fun. My coffee table is – you guessed it – piled with various big books. I usually try to rotate favorites in and out so the look is the same but always changing. Since the look is really just one flat surface with four other smaller flat surfaces, I like to pile candles, fun pieces (like my Balloon Bunny Bank), and other odds and ends atop. Even before the Longhorn Tray came into my life I had been thinking that the table could benefit from a small try to hold matches, stray change, and other randomness that seems to float to the surface when you’re living with a guy. I love how the tray reminds us both of Texas while we’re living in San Francisco and is the perfect touch of masculineness to my girly stuff (I guess a Bunny Bank can be a little girly). It does its job of holding our loot but most of the time we try to keep only a few things in it so we can see the pretty contour drawing!”

Molly’s Styling: “My bedroom is by far my favorite spot in my apartment…I live for my bed and all my favorite furniture, textiles, and art are in the room. You can get all the details about the space from my last post for the One Room Challenge I participated in last fall (here). Aside from being the perfect spot to relax in at the end of the day and best place to wake up to in the morning, my bedroom is home to all my jewelry – and anyone that knows me, knows that my jewelry is like my second skin. Sure I might have spent more time organizing my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings than I did my clothes, but that’s just my normal. The vanity/desk to one side of my bed is the spot where all my everyday, dainty pieces sit. The drawer holds a few of these trays and the ceramic egg crate tray sits on top…even with all the organization happening, I was happy to bring the Longhorn Tray into the mix as a place for me to set items that I’m wearing regularly or ones that don’t have a permanent home (like this chunky necklace). The neutral coloring of the tray is already perfect with what I have going on and the size is ideal for the vanity as I was in need of something that wouldn’t over-power the small amount of room available but still made for a legit catchall.

So what do you think? Feeling like you need a Longhorn Tray for yourself? We aren’t surprised. They’re just the perfect artistic touch to any room or space situation and we’ve already stocked up on a few extras to give as gifts (it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas!). Just don’t tell us who’s styling you liked better…we get very sensitive about that sort of competition. Jk.

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Pom Pom Action

July 22, 2015

I originally bought this dress to wear to Houston's Free Press Summer Fest concert...I figured the swingy sundress style would be nice and breezy to wear while standing outside in the heat for hours on end. Sadly, I didn't end up going to the music fest (you might remember reading why in my post here) but I've been wearing the dress a lot because it really is the perfect thing to throw on when it feels like it's hotter than the surface of the sun outside.


Aside from liking the cut and style of the dress, I reallllly loved the little pom pom detail around the v-neck. Pom pom trim is such a fun and whimsical texture element that when used in moderation gives a great little something-someting to a simple piece. If you’re liking the fluff, Asos has some other dresses adorned with pom pom trim that are just as cute: a v-neck maxi, this off-the-shoulder dress, a swingy tank dress, and this t-shirt dress. I might have to get the off-the-shoulder one in white…you know now much I like a little shoulder-baring action (;

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Tata Harper Spa at Credo

July 21, 2015

San Francisco has almost become synonymous with "start-up" and "tech." You can't sit at a coffee shop (one of my neighborhood faves is Jane) or sit at a bar without hearing someone next to you talk about their app, or the start-up company they're working at, or how things are going at Twitter/Facebook/etc. It's a very cool time to be living in SF - and even though being a teacher means I'm not working for one of those snazzy up and coming companies, I love getting to learn about and support what's locally available to me. In June a San Fran beauty start-up, Credo, opened its first location around the corner from me and I've become a regular visitor. What makes Credo different from other beauty retailers and what drew me to it in the first place is that it only sells totally natural products. With a belief that "natural beauty is essential, not 'alternative'" and a commitment of transparency about what they sell and what we stand for, they vow to "never carry products with known harmful ingredients or animal byproducts." For someone like me who has dipped my toe into the natural beauty and skincare pond a few times, having a one-stop-shop with so many options has really opened the door to bringing more healthy and nontoxic products into my routine.

It's no surprise that Tata Harper is among one of the cherished brands that Credo carries and promotes. Molly and I adore Tata and her line of products (the Resurfacing Mask is one of our all-time favorites) and we continue to fall in love with her brand the more we're educated about the ingredients grown on her farm in Vermont and results-driven technology that goes into the products. So, given my skin crush for Tata Harper you can imagine how exited I was to learn that Credo had a special spa room in their store dedicated to serving up Tata Harper facials. Molly and I got to experience the room and each get a facial while she was visiting and I'm excited to share the photos and recap our experience!



What makes the spa room at Credo super special is that it’s Tata Harper’s first ever facial room to be integrated into a retail location. The room was personally designed by Tata and it’s not your typical spa space. Decorated to match Tata’s classic interior aesthetic with antiques, a vintage quilt, feminine touches, and a bit of foliage that touches on her farm life – the room is a cozy cocoon that is as soothing as it is sweet. I loved that it felt so personal (I especially loved the photos of Tata with her family and farm on the wall) and not at all sterile or cold.

Like most facial experiences, you start by putting on a towel wrap and getting comfy on the facial bed. However, getting ready for the facial was a little bit more fun and ceremonial in Tata’s room…after taking off my jewelry and placing in the vintage dishes on the antique dressing table, I hung my clothes on brass hangers and then got snuggly under the vintage quilt.

When it comes to natural skincare, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than Tata’s line of products. Even when I’m using the products in my own bathroom it feels like a treat. So having a Credo facialist use the products on me was pretty much next-level amazing. There are 10 facial treatments to choose from and they range in service, price, and length of time. I’m not sure you could go wrong with a single one but it was nice for Molly and I to choose ones based on our current needs. I went with the Purifying Detox Facial (like a juice cleanse for the skin that addresses concerns of acneic of blemish prone skin) and Molly got the Hydration Therapy Facial (a skin-quinching treatment that restores internal moisture). I loved seeing that their list of offerings included a facial for treating teenage skin – something I could have used in my high school days – and add on services like extractions, hand and eye treatments, massages, and masks.

My 60 minute facial was amazing, relaxing, blissful…the only problem was that I wish it could have lasted all day. If you’re in the SF area I highly suggest booking a Tata Harper facial at the Credo store – walking out the door with glowing skin is such a awesome feeling. And if you’re not in San Fran but looking for natural skincare and makeup you can shop Credo’s site for everything they carry in store!


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