September 29, 2015

There was a time when Sally and I were a little overly obsessed Sprinkles Cupcakes. The lovely people that work at the Dallas location may or may not have known us by name. We were on some unspoken mission to try as many flavors as possible and take advantage of what was at the time, a little known secret...nearly every day, the Sprinkles releases a secret word via their Twitter account that you can whisper at store locations to receive a free or buy-one-get-one cupcake. Pretty sweet deal, right (pun totally intended)? I can honestly say that we have zero regrets about this gluttonous behavior - we now know our favorite flavors (Dark Chocolate and Red Velvet) and it makes us pretty excited to try new and seasonal flavors.


I visited the Sprinkles ATM in Houston’s Highland Village last week to get a sweet tooth fix and per usual, got Blue some Doggie Cupcakes. If you have one of the pink ATMs in your city and you haven’t visited yet you need to make it a priority. It’s really pretty fun to get a fresh cupcake any time of day and watch the robot arm select and dispense your picks.

I veered from my usual go-to selection to get a Salty Carmel since it seemed like a fall-ish choice. It twas good – though I forgot how the flavor really lives up to the “salty” in it’s name. I think the indulgence may have influenced me to do some at-home baking. Thinking that some banana and pumpkin bread might be coming out of my oven in the coming weeks…I’ve also made a special request that my mama make my favorite Millet Muffins for the home visit Sally and I are making this weekend. Is there anything better than mom’s home cooking? No. Because they cook and bake with all that loooooove (:

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  1. Soooo funny, my millet muffin recipe is already out on the kitchen counter to add to my grocery list! Can’t wait to see you girls!!! XO

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