Navy + White

September 30, 2015

It's Wednesday already and tomorrow we're into October - that seems crazy. This week is flying by after being in Florida over the weekend for the wedding of some friends. Weddings are just the best...I love seeing my friends from college as much as I love eating cake and dancing. I may have danced a little too much at this past wedding though because on Sunday morning I woke up with a severely bruised and swollen right foot. My assumption is that I put myself in the way of another dancer and got stepped/stomped on. Normal party injury but amplified x100. I've never broken a bone but said foot looked even worse on Monday so I figured I'd better be safe than sorry and I saw a doctor yesterday to get some x-rays and make sure I wasn't walking on broken bones. Good news! The foot isn't broken but it still looks...disgusting. Lots of black and blueness. Maybe I'll Instagram a photo - it's just that impressive. I think I'll be a little more careful next time I hit a dance floor.


Enough about the shades of blue on my foot – let’s focus on the pretty blues in today’s outfit! I generally feel like black looks better on me than navy (the dark blue seems to always be better on blondes and brunettes) but I loved the shape of this Calypso peasant top and I’m really glad I have it because it’s been ideal for the transitional weather. I’m still sporting white jeans but can’t wait to pair the top with black jeans. The other blue-hued scene stealers here: the Lulu Frost earrings (that go with everythingggg) and Brahmin bag (I’m obsessed with the inky blue shade and shiny texture).

  1. I love this classic color combo! You’ve really made the take on white and navy look casual, but fresh. Thanks for an inspiring post!

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