7 Tips for Fall Lip Colors

September 24, 2015

I have a confession: I've been binge-watching a lot of TV lately. As if talking about my time with  Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp in yesterday's post wasn't enough, today I want to talk about Mad Men. Don't ask me why but there are some fantastic shows I never watched while they were on air that I seem to come around to once the final episode has come and gone. My first example of this was with Friday Night Lights, this time I'm getting into Mad Men. It's been less than a week of starting from season one, episode one and I'm already into season three. I love everything about the show…the era it's set in, the characters, the story lines, the relationships. My only issue is the current love/hate I feel towards Don. But I hear I'll come around to a full on love by the end of season seven.

So what does a show based in the 1960s have to do with current fall lip colors? Well, I've been feeling like added deeper color to my lips with the onset of fall and after digging through some of my shades of red lipsticks and glosses I couldn't help but think of Mad Men and the Belle Joile lipstick campaign that got Peggy into her copywriter role. "A basket full of kisses" is all I could think about as I sat down to write this post about 7 tips for wearing "fall lip colors."


Tip No. 1: Don’t be afraid to try the shades that scare you and have confidence. Fall is about the changing of leaves, getting cozy as the air gets crisp, and enjoying seasonal festivities, foods, and drinks. Let all the aspects of the season inspire you to try berry and apple-red lipstick colors. Even if you’ve never worn a bright lipstick in your life, don’t be afraid to go for it now. More often than not, the colors that scare you the most will be the ones that end up looking the best. Wearing a bold lip will might be a crisp contrast with the rest of your look but it’ll make you stand out and look confident (no matter how many layers you’ve got on).

Tip No. 2: Do be inspired by the red hues you like to wear…and the red wines you like to drink. I for one know that I like to wear tomato-red and burgundy  colored clothes and accessories in the fall. Orangey-red things are fine in the summer when I have a bit of a tan, but true reds with a slight blue undertone and wine hues look best with my coloring in colder seasons. I was hesitant to first try burgundy colored lipsticks and glosses until I noticed that my lips had been stained from drinking red wine and that the deep colored wine stain wasn’t a bad look on my lips. One of my favorite red wines at the moment is Seven Daughters Rich Red. As a “winemakers blend” it’s a combination of several grape varieties and a really nice medium-bodied red – perfect for sipping this time of year, because it’s not too heavy but still rich and delicious.

Tip No. 3: Don’t worry about using lipliner. While pencils can help you trace your lip’s outline, fill in the shape, and act as a base for lipsticks and glosses, it’s not a “do or die” necessity when wearing lip color.

Tip No. 4: Do go easy on the eye make-up if you’re going bold with the lips. You know how people like to say that if you’re showing a lot of leg, you should keep your top half fairly covered, and vice versa? The same rule of thumb applies for lip color. I love how the lady characters in Mad Men usually have a clean line of eyeliner and swipe of mascara with a naked eyelid to balance the look of a bold lip.

Tip No. 5: Don’t freak if you get lipstick on your teeth. This happens, to all of us, especially after you’ve applied a fresh coat of color. One trick for avoiding it is to form an “O” with your lips, put your index finger through the “O,” and slowly pull it out. And then wash your hands so that excess lipstick or gloss doesn’t get somewhere other than your teeth. Second trick: apply in front of a mirror, smile a few times immediately after applying your lipstick, and wipe off any lipstick that shows up on those pearly whites.

Tip No. 6: Do make sure that you bring your shade with you to reapply. Even though the lipstick colors that are perfect for fall look super pigmented when you first put them on, prepare for the color to wear after an hour or two of wearing. By keeping your current color handy you can touch-up as needed.

Tip No. 7: Don’t get hung up about leaving kiss marks on glasses, cheeks, or lips. You’ll feel like such a lady as you leave behind a little lipstick while sipping wine or dabbing your mouth with a napkin. All the more reason to make sure you reapply!

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Sweet ’70s

September 23, 2015

A few weekends ago I watched the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp series on Netflix. I hadn't ever seen the original Wet Hot American Summer movie so I didn't know what I was in for but I found it hilarious. Not only did I love the cast and the absurd storyline, but the wardrobe was amazing. Even though it takes place during 1981, the clothes had more of a late 1970s feel with lots of sportswear and wide leg pants mixed in with classic '80s preppiness. Seeing all the flared jeans got me even more excited about the new Flea Market Flares I recently got from Madewell. It had been a while since I bought a pair of jeans that weren't skinny, straight, or boyfriend style so this new addition has been so fun to style and wear. I sort of feel like I've stepped out of the '70s but I love it.


The button front and high-waisted style definitely add even more of a “look” to the jeans – and Madewell has some other flare options that don’t have the buttons (love these) – but I decided that if I was going to get new flares that I should really go for it and make it a statement pair. They’re pretty iconic looking, aren’t they?

A quick word about the Mi Golondrina Blusa Estrella Blouse that I paired with the jeans…I own a lot of Mi Golondrina (and wear the shirts year-round and constantly) but this crochet-styled top is my favorite style. I already had the shirt in white and blue but couldn’t pass up having it in off-white as well. The white crochet on top isn’t just detailed and beautiful, but it’s super comfortable.


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Beauty Dish

September 22, 2015

Turning to the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator for skin and beauty remedies is nothing new…I've been reading about DIY yogurt masks and avocado hair treatments for years. I'm sure at some point during our middle school years when were were obsessed with crafting that Sally and I tried our hands at concocting home-made soaps and sugar scrubs. Do-it-yourself solutions are great if you're adventurous and good at following directions, but I am much more willing to try something containing a foods and other edible ingredients as their base when they've been created by professionals in the skin and beauty arena. Half the fun I have with beauty treatments comes from enjoying the way things are packaged and the thoughtfulness it took to make them. Aside from the frank body products I wrote about in this post that use coffee grounds as the base ingredient, I have several other products with foodie ingredients that I've been using frequently and really loving.


Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care Soap ($5): I had never heard of eggwhite soap till I came across this pretty blue box on the shelves of Ann Mashburn’s store in Houston. The price (just over $5 – a low cost when it comes to any skin or beauty product!) and egg ingredient immediately caught my attention. Apparently, Swedish women have been making facial masks with glycerin, rose water and egg whites for generations and several soap companies in Sweden developed recipes based on the popular cleansing method. After using the soap myself I can understand why – the aftereffect is a deep buy super gentle pore cleanse. Using the product is easy: you use a little water and rub the bar in your hands till you have a nice lather; then you apply the soap foam to your skin and let it sit for a few minutes. When you rinse off the mask (which has a nice light rose scent) you notice that your skin feels tighter and squeaky clean. The soap can also be used as a regular cleanser but I prefer to use it once or twice a week since it does reduce oil and I didn’t want to dry out my skin too much. A lot of people who are fans of the soap say they’ve noticed a huge difference in the appearance of their pores and that when used regularly it zaps blackheads and helps reduce breakouts. At $5 I’d say it’s worth trying for yourself!

Tata Harper Limited Edition Honey Blossom Resurfacing Mask ($65): the Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper is a favorite for both Sally and I and it’s been mentioned on the blog on several occasions – most recently in this post from last year when the mask was released in a limited edition Soothing Apricot version. Before that, Tata ran a limited number of Resurfacing Masks with Wild Plum. This year, Tata has infused her ever popular and award-winning mask with honey. Don’t be scared, this isn’t a sticky mess but a super sweet treat for your skin. Raw honey has been used as a hydrating and revitalizing skin treatment for centuries and it was only a matter of time till the golden stuff was added to some of Tata Harper’s skincare. The honey used in the mask is harvested in Vermont and blended with essential oils that further revitalize the skin, seal hydration, and help soothe dry or irritated areas. I love, love, love this mask – even more than the apricot and plum versions – and have been using it almost every other night as a way to spoil my skin and maintain a summertime glow as I head into fall. As always, the Resurfacing Mask delivers an instant glow. But the exclusive honey blossom edition has only been released in a batch of 1,500…so if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself I suggest you hurry and get your paws on a jar before it’s all gone. Pooh Bear would approve.

Cocvít Coconut Oil ($38): we’ve all heard about the wonders of coconut oil, yes? I’ve heard that Miranda Kerr eats like, 12 spoonfuls a day. So we should all do that to be more beautiful. Kidding. You can do that if you want but I prefer the beauty and skin uses of the oil more than I enjoy the taste. What makes the stuff so great for your skin and body in general is that it’s naturally antibacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, and it contains potent enzymes and nutrients. You can buy a jar from the grocery store and slather it anywhere you want but I suggest investing in an oil that’s specifically produced to be used on your skin. Cocvít Coconut Oil is made from fresh, organic South Indian coconuts that are processed to produce the most pure and potent form of coconut oil – and it’s what I’ve been using for my skin. Specifically, I use it to treat the Keratosis Pilaris (aka “chicken skin”) I have on my legs. Sounds pretty, right? It’s not too horrible really, just some bumps on the back of my legs that are hard to see but very easy for me to feel. I always thought the bumps were from shaving or dry skin but no amount of changing my routine or slathering lotion made them go away and I learned to live with the frequent itchiness and bumpy skin until I realized that what I had was a legit skin condition. A few years ago I discovered DermaDoctor KP Duty – a product specifically designed to treat the Keratosis Pilaris bumps and it worked really well for about a year until my skin just stopped responding to it. I did a little internet research and several people with KP praised the use of coconut oil for treatment. Done and done. I’ve been using Cocvít Coconut Oil on the back of my legs immediately after getting out of the shower and I really like how quickly it absorbs and that it’s not overly fragrant (some coconut oil smells wayyyy too coconuty). The best news is that it seems to really be helping my KP bumps! Knowing how good the natural stuff is compared to a lot of the beauty products I use I’ve also been trying to reach for it as makeup remover and to heal dry spots.

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