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October 29, 2015

Is anyone else having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that November is a mere three days away? I mean, I'm not complaining, but it definitely seems like it was September just last week. I always feel like once Halloween has come and gone, things really ramp up for the holidays and organization is key. Just last year we started drawing names between the siblings in our family (we have a biggg family, especially with in-laws now joining!), and it seems like picking names sooner rather than later is the best plan so that people can start planning gifts. But maybe I am just saying that because I love the holidays and am just excited about giving gifts and listening to holiday music?! These sales have me especially excited for warm, cozy clothes, and I've already spotted a few things perfect for various family and friends. It's definitely a good time to buy those sweaters or jackets you've had your eye on - I can't believe how amazing the J.Crew sale is. This jacket in particular is an extra 50% off (whaaattt?). I have it in the gray and absolutely love it. (read on to get the sales + steals)


Some Sales:

  • Ann Taylor: Get an extra 60% off sale items. (this tan trench coat is so, so classic!)
  • Anthropologie: Extra 30% off all sale styles with code XTRAXTRA (I’ve got a thing for a good short sleeved sweater, and this in the navy would go with everything)
  • Banana Republic: 30% off pants (including denim) with code BRBETTER (Love them or hate them? I kind of think I might love this denim trend)
  • Bloomingdales: Take 20% off when you buy 2 or more pairs – save 25-30% off regular priced shoes with code SHOELOVE
  • GAP: Extra 35% off regular priced styles with code HOLIDAY (how am I just now seeing these – great reviews and great price!)
  • Horchow: Extra 25% off entertaining essentials with code PARTY (Wouldn’t this make a perfect wedding or holiday gift? Or a gift for yourself;) The same goes for these.)
  • Intermix: Extra 30% off fall essentials with code FALL30 (I love everything about this)
  • J.Crew: Extra 40% off final sale styles and extra 25% off full price styles with code FALLSALE (been obsessed with this color way for quite some time and being on sale makes them hard to resist!
  • Kate SpadeSurprise sale! Up to 75% off. (Really liking the shape of these sunglasses – different yet still classic)
  • LOFT: 40% off everything with code SWEET till Friday 10/30! (great sweaters, like this fuzzy stripe and this fun fairisle)
  • Madewell: Extra 20% off all sale styles with code META20 (my friend Hannah loves these sweaters and now I’m pretty tempted to order my own)
  • Old Navy: Get 25% off till 11/3 with code COOLSTYLE. (have my eye on this wrap coat – so good in the olive green – and a few of these oversized tees)
  • Serena & Lily: The fabulous fall sale is on with items up to 40% off!
  • Shopbop: New items just added on sale! (loving this long cozy cardigan and hello python mouse flats!)

Some Steals:

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Beauty Dish

October 28, 2015

We all know about borrowing things from the boys…the concept of oversized and slouchy pieces has become so commonplace that brands include "boyfriend" along side descriptions and names for jeans, shirts, blazers, and more. I don't have a boy in my life I can literally borrow things from (clothing or otherwise) but that hasn't stopped me from using products specifically made for men. As much as I loooove makeup and getting girly, I can admit that some things designed for ladies just don't work that well - at least for me. I can't stand the scent of powdery or floral deodorant, my lady razors and razor blades have never held up to their price points, and on the point of shaving, guys have more high-powered and result-driven skin soothing solutions than the girls do. I'm just saying…the whole "strong enough for a man but made for a woman" promise that is subliminally driven into our lady heads isn't always the truth. Sometimes the stuff that's actually worth of buying and using is intended for men. Here are the products that I get in the men's section and continue to re-buy because they really work.


Tend Skin for Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair ($12): ready to get personal? I get professional bikini waxes. No shame in that game as far as I’m concerned.  But even though waxing is supposed to be better than shaving when it comes to keeping razor burn and ingrown hairs at bay, I was continually being plagued by both issues. If you’ve ever had either you know what a total annoyance and embarrassment it is to deal with. I bought so. many. products promised to help with my lady waxing but no amount of exfoliator or Bikini Zone (SO terrible, never buy this) or special serum did anything. After being fed up after a year+ of frustration, I did some online research about razor burn and ingrown hair topical solutions and learned about Tend Skin. The product was developed in the ’90s (read the fun about here) specifically to treat men whose facial skin got razor bumps from shaving. As the story goes, once women started buying the product for their husbands and boyfriends, they tested the formula on skin areas with the same stubborn razor burn and ingrown hairs and noticed that after continued use, the issues went away. Go figure! A product made for men worked just as well with women! I don’t care what’s in Tend Skin that makes it so magically effective – I just know that I’ll never stop buying and using it. The formula comes in solution bottles and can by applied with a cotton ball but I like the refillable roll-on system. There’s no special trick for applying, just put it on dry skin. I use mine after every time I shower and have never had any irritation issues. Now go forth and get some of this stuff. Your bikini area will thank you.

Gillette Fusion Razor ($10): I was in 5th grade when I started the process of begging my mom to let me shave my legs. I can remember my first razor very vividly – it had a basic rectangle 3 blade attached to a really wide, flat handle (remember those?) and it was a pale aqua blue. From there I graduated to a Venus Razor (so fancy!) and had faithfully bought new handles and blades (with those rounded corners, how nice!) for years and years. My handles grew mold and the blades seemed to get dull after the first use but I figured that was normal. Then I realized, that’s not normal, that is disgusting and expensively annoying. After visiting Sister Sally in San Francisco last October I forgot my razor and used the one in her shower. It happened to be a men’s Gillette. I asked her why she used it and she explained that men’s razors were a better buy because they were designed to handle men’s facial hair which was more corse and thicker than what we ladies have. Well duh. That made total since to me. I tossed my pretty blue girly razor with all it’s gentle curves and bought the manly steel and bold blue Gillette Fusion. I haven’t looked back.

Degree for Men ($3): Sally is all about natural deodorant – she steers very clear of aluminum-based antiperspirants use chemicals to block pores and keep you from sweating. I on the other hand still use the non-natural stuff. I’ve read arguments for both both sides of the argument and as much as I wish I could go all free like Sally, I just want to not smell like a petting zoo bad. If Sally can finally find a natural product that works really, really well (she has been trying literally everything out there and has yet to settle on the perfect thing) I would definitely switch. Till then, I use Degree deodorant/antiperspirant for men. Like I said in my little intro, I loathe powdery, floral and perfume-ish deodorant scents – they are just so horribly generic and cloying and wrong – so I started using men’s deodorant in college because I loved the clean, spicy scents of them. It smells good and I smell good. I can’t even count how many times I’ve re-bought this same stuff…

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Windowpane Plaid

October 27, 2015

I personally love a good plaid - the more colors and line variation the better. But I'll admit that sometimes the pattern can be a little too "lumberjack" or "holiday happy" for any given day. If you feel the same but are craving a line crossing line print, let me suggest windowpane plaid. Also known as windowpane check, it's a plaid that's as simple as they come, usually consisting of a single background color and single color lines that intersect to form uniform squares that resemble a windowpane. I love the check as a less in-yo-face plaid option and after spotting some great pieces that incorporate the windowpane lines, I determined a round-up of favorites was necessary. Read on...

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