Love those Royals

November 2, 2015

If you haven't yet heard, the Kansas City Royals "took the crown" and won the World Series! It had been 30+ years since they held the title so this is a pretty big deal. I'll be honest, I wasn't as glued to the final baseball games as my family back home (re: I just found out this morning that they won) but it's hard not to feel an infectious type of pride and nostalgic love for the team Sally and I grew up rooting for. I can vividly remember going to night games with Sal and our brother Scott when we were really little - all three of us in summer pajamas - and loving the fireworks as much as I did the cheering and festive atmosphere. I'm currently feeling like I need a t-shirt to commemorate the monumental event but for today, this striped shirt and loooove art will have to do.


I am extremely in love with this striped off-the-shoulder number by Troubadour. When I got a peek at the brand’s fall collection my eyes bee-lined to the Johnny Top and the other pieces with the bold stripe (the Miller Dress and Wallis Skirt). Lindsey – the designer behind Troubadour – has such a way with prints and patterns and the color combination and scale of this stripe is so spot-on. I love an off-the-shoulder top and this one is extra perfect for fall. I will note that I sized up quite a bit as the shirt runs small…

Oh, and happy second day of November. I have a countdown going for Thanksgiving and my tummy’s already dreaming about mashed potatoes.

  1. hate this, too bad you’re so unattractive 🙂
    Hurrah for the royals! glad the world series is over. I would rather get a buzz cut than attend the parade tomorrow. worst fan ever.

    xo fallon

  2. I have such a love/hate relationship with off the shoulder tops. They always look great when you’re not moving but the minute you raise your arm or turn any which way and it seems to shift too much. Is there a secret to getting it to stay put? 🙂

    Jamie // Hello There, Lady!

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