Real Simple “Stuff We Love”

November 13, 2015

My friends and family like to joke that my primary "Love Language" is gift giving. I used to be a little bashful about admitting that yes, I love to give and receive gifts - but in recent years I'm come to realize that having this quality is sometimes rare and something to be somewhat proud of. I relish the time it takes for me to find the perfect gift for the special people in my life and when I land on what I know is the ideal present it's like hitting the lottery and I literally cannot wait to give it to them. Gift giving is universal statement of generosity and thoughtfulness but just because the act requires effort it doesn't mean it has to be expensive or elaborate. My favorite time to give a gift is when it's unexpected and just because. But with holiday season within view, it's the prime season to be shopping, wrapping, and giving. If you're breaking out in a sweat just thinking about the dauntingness of holiday gifting - fear not. Molly, Real Simple and I have you covered.


I was really excited when Real Simple asked Molly and me to be first in their “Stuff We Love” holiday program because it challenged us to think about what gifts are great for a range of people no matter what age or aesthetic style while being mindful of price and providing a range of options. I’m the type of person that tends to overspend if the gift I find is something I know the receiver will cherish and be obsessed with – but it’s true what they say, it’s always the thought that counts. Our in-book feature of “Stuff We Love” is nestled in the pages of the December 2015 issue of Real Simple and it just hit stands today! If you aren’t a subscriber or don’t have time to pick up an issue, you can still see and shop all our top picks (which include more than the five featured in the magazine!) for this holiday season online via Have2HaveIt. Just head over to the Real Simple Lifestylers Have2HaveIt page and keep checking back as our favorite presents are added…as a super passionate gift giver, I hope that you either find something perfect for someone on your holiday shopping list or at least get inspired by the range of gifts we suggested!

More of the Real Simple Lifestylers (a group of bloggers we’re honored to be part of) will be joining in on the “Stuff We Love” program so keep an eye out to keep the scoop on their recommended favorites by following the @realsimplelifestylers Instagram and Facebook page. The Instagram account will be posting peeks of our giftables and linking to the Real Simple Lifestylers Have2HaveIt page in their profile for even easier on-the-go shopping!

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