Meet Honeychild’s Sweet Creams

December 18, 2015

I don't know about you all, but I get super inspired when I meet women who work full-time gigs (corporate or otherwise) and then moonlight passion projects, hobbies, and or small businesses. When my friend and former co-worker told me about her current co-worker (did ya follow all of that?) who works in marketing by day and spends her free time and weekends growing the frozen custard company she and her sisters run I was like, "I need to meet this person!" Ice cream happens to be one of my top ten favorite things and I of course have a very soft spot for sister-run companies. A few emails later and I was introduced to Leigh, the youngest of the sister trio that is Honeychild's Sweet Creams.

Mary Beth (oldest sis), Kathleen (middle sis) and Leigh (youngest sis) all live in Houston and each has a hand in making their handmade frozen custard a success. I spent a few hours with these three last Sunday - getting to know each other over spoonfuls of custard straight from the cartons and cups they brought (there was lots of double-dipping) - and talking about all kinds of things related to their business and otherwise. I'm not sure how they feel, but I felt an instant connection and kind of think I need to force them to be my friends. Not just because the custard is freaking delicious...but because they are each so cool and easy to be around. I did a little Q+A session with the sisters in between bites of the sweet cream - hope you all enjoy getting to know more!


Q: What makes frozen custard different from ice cream?
A: Long story short, custard is creamier due to additional egg yolks. It’s not healthier but we like to think it’s more delicious.

Q: Where does the name Honeychild come from?
A: Our dad calls us “Honeychild” – the term of endearment was an easy association that applied to each of us and honey is sweet, just like our custard. It’s an ode to our sister-business.

Q: What role do each of you play in the business?
A: Kathleen (middle sis) is the owner and the brainchild behind Honeychild’s. She makes all of the frozen custard and in addition to all the nitty gritty business stuff (book keeping, licensing, etc.), she sources all of our ingredients and develops the flavors. Her passion for baking and sweets plus a business degree are what helped get the brand off the ground. Mary Beth (oldest sis) is a partner in the company and in charge of business development and vendor relationships. By day, she’s a school psychiatrist. Leigh (youngest sis) is also a partner in the company and handles all branding, PR, and marketing duties.

Q: What inspires the delicious flavors?
A: We have “core” flavors (Black Chocolate, Vanilla, Buttermilk Pie, Cookies and Creme, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Pecan Praline) that we make year-round and we introduce fresh, seasonal flavors depending on what produce is in season or what’s inspiring us during a particular time of year. For example, in September we created a limited-edition french toast challah, apple and honey frozen custard in celebration of Rosh Hashanah. A current favorite that’s available is the Cinnamon Roll…it’s pretty addictive (editor’s note: this is true, it’s to die for). Kathleen is a genius at coming up with flavors but a lot of the time she draws from what we would make and bake as kids growing up at our family’s ranch outside of Houston. There’s a southern, homestyle side to what we carry that’s definitely influenced by our roots.

Aside from crafting delicious and unique flavors, the most important part of our custard is that we adhere to a whole food approach. Each batch is handmade in Houston and we us locally sourced all-natural and/or organic ingredients. We list what goes into each flavor and the local farms we partner with on our site (here) and think that the quality contributes to what makes Honeychild’s so tasty.

Q: How do you feel about being team of sisters?
A: We actually get asked this frequently – usually by other women who own or run a business with a sister or sisters. It’s hard to explain unless you work with a sibling, but it’s a unique situation. We all trust and love each other so much, are each other’s toughest critics and biggest cheerleaders, and we can speak openly and honestly about all parts of the business – which can be both good and bad – because we all care about it so much. At the end of the day we’re lucky to be a team with individual strengths that lend well to the business while also maintaining an unconditional love that allows us to tolerate the highs and lows that come with building a brand.

Q: What are each of your favorite flavors?
A: Mary Beth’s is Buttermilk Pie. Leigh’s is Meyer Lemon – which is going to be coming out again soon! And Kathleen’s is King Cake – when we make King Cake we hide a chocolate baby in each pint. Because, why not?!

Q: Where can I buy Honeychild’s Sweet Creams?
A: So glad you asked! You can find us at some amazing artisanal stores and groceries in Houston, Galveston, and Bellville. We list all our retailer who carry Honeychild’s here. We also offer delivery to select locations (check out the map of offered areas here) through our partner, Velo Delivery, a bicycle courier service in the Heights and Downtown. We love getting to cater corporate and special events and you can get more info about that here.

Guys. I really can’t say enough great things about Leigh, Kathleen, and Mary Beth. I’d like to say that as a new member of the unofficial Honeychild’s Sweet Creams fan club, the custard is truly amazing and any ice cream lover will be crazy about it. I plan on stocking my freezer full of the Cinnamon Roll and Buttermilk Pie.

P.S. A big thank you to Bailey for letting us use her lovely breakfast room for our ice cream social!

Learn more about Honeychild's Sweet Creams! // Sisters are pictured left to right: Leigh, Kathleen, Mary Beth

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GIVEAWAY – Bobbi Brown Mascara + Event Recap!

December 16, 2015

The two events I got to host last week at Bobbi Brown counters at Neiman Marcus locations in Fort Worth and Dallas were amazing. I'm not kidding when I say that the three events like this I've been lucky enough to host have been among my favorites. Having been such a long-time fan of the makeup brand it's exciting to meet some of the professional makeup artists Bobbi works with and have then do my makeup - dispensing tips, tricks and personalized advice along the way.

On Thursday I was introduced to Marc Reagan (a Bobbi Brown Pro Team Artist) and John Hernandez (a Bobbi Brown Education and Artistry Executive). Marc did my makeup on Thursday, giving me a fierce smokey eye with the Holiday 2015 Sterling Nights Eye Shadow Palette, and John did my makeup on Friday using the Holiday 2015 Sequin Eye Shadow in comet. I intentionally asked the two of them to use the new holiday products I had picked up for myself so that I could see how they'd use them on me. Both guys are true experts - super knowledgeable about all Bobbi Brown skincare and cosmetic products, skin shades, and application techniques - but even with their high-ranking positions in the company they are so down to earth and comfortable to be around. I'd also love to shout out to Andrea, Lauren and Chelsey - the trio also at both events who I loved getting to know!

I really wish I could hook everyone up with all the makeup and skin products used on me last week but that would be a lot. The good news is that Bobbi Brown and Neiman Marcus are giving one lucky A Piece of Toast reader one of my most favorite new Bobbi products: the Eye Opening Mascara(continue reading to enter)


Before I jump into more details about the giveaway item, I want to say that if you’ve never had the chance to sit at a makeup counter and have your makeup done from start to finish, I highly recommend that you do it sometime (and try to get a seat at a Bobbi Brown counter!). It’s really helpful to have your skin tone expertly matched to products that work with your skin type (dry, oily, etc.) and then tell an artist what your ideal makeup look is and/or what products you’d like to try. I feel so much more confident doing my makeup and knowing what I feel most comfortable wearing on my skin after having personal makeup appointments.

One of my favorite parts of hosting the events last week was watching the makeup artists (including Marc and John) work with so many different women. The range of ages and skin tones was broad but each woman looked more beautiful than the next. Not “made-up” but made radiant and beautiful. What Bobbi Brown artists do really well is taking a less is more approach that’s focused on beautiful-looking skin and using products tailored to what a woman actually wants to wear and what will fit into her lifestyle. Bobbi doesn’t believe in contouring (she thinks it makes women feel insecure and highlights the idea of fixing something that isn’t wrong) but she does believe in individual beauty and products that make women feel and look awesome. (Small side the beautiful baby girl in my photos is the daughter of my sweet friend Hannah and I’m crazy about her blue eyes and dark hair!)

Now! Back to the awesome giveaway. Eye Opening Mascara was all anyone associated with Bobbi Brown was talking about at the events. The mascara is hot, hot, hot off the press (literally just got stocked in the Dallas Neiman Marcus on Friday and will be available on the NM website soon) and every artist is obsessed with it. What makes it different is that the jumbo brush delivers “High-drama volume and high-impact curl in the blink of an eye.” The formula is made to build quickly for instant drama while also lifting the lashes into a curl. Best part: it will stay put for 8 hours without smudging or flaking. After having John use the mascara on me last Friday I can attest that the stuff is incredible.

I know you guys are going to love the Eye Opening Mascara as much as I do (it’s so fun to wear and everyone will be asking, “what mascara are you using?!”) and I’m very, very excited to be giving away a tube of the coveted stuff to one of y’all!

To enter, simply follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below (if you are reading this via email or a feed, you’ll have to click over to to enter)! Entries must be posted by the end of day (11:59pm CST) Wednesday, December 23th, and one winner will be chosen at random and announced on this post the following day. Good luck!

**This giveaway has closed. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara! We hope you enjoy how your lashes look! Winner was randonmly chosen by Thank you to all who entered**

[No purchase necessary to enter, only open to US readers with a US shipping address. Please only enter via the Rafflecopter widget, comments do not count as entry. $30 total value. Winner of the giveaway will be contacted via email once the giveaway closes and announced on this post soon after.]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Toting Truffle

December 15, 2015

Ten day countdown till Christmas! Robert and I are heading to Texas this weekend to start our holiday break and I'm so, so, so excited. If you're still doing the scramble to get those last minute gifts in - I suggest you take a look at the mini product posts Mol and I put together on the homepage and also shop one of our favorite brands, TRUFFLE. TRUFFLE makes items I can't live without...the started with clear pouches, which led to see-through and "privacy" clutches, document-sized cases, then wristlets, and finally to the buttery leather tote bag you see in this post. The tailored simplicity of TRUFFLE comes through in all their products but especially shines with the tote. And because the brand is awesome in so many ways, they're offering an amazing 25% off orders discount on orders of $75 with code "GETGIFTING." AND free shipping on all orders. They're like Santa's helpers...and they just really want to make their fab items even more accessible during this time of getting and gifting.


Besides the TRUFFLE tote, there are a couple other accessories stealing the show in this laid-back cozy look. You might remember Molly posting about her visit to the Sabah House in New York (here) and telling about how I got a pair of the shoes for myself when the shoe brand owner Mickey hosted a trunk show in San Francisco…the metallic leather shoes I have on here are my Sabahs and I love, love them. Have been wearing them so much that I’m trying to decide if my next pair should be black or tan. And then of course, there’s the Mignonne Gavingan “Layne” necklace that is a layered masterpiece. I’m a fan of anything designer Mignonne and her team cook up and this beauty is no exception. Made of hand-braided chiffon with beading, sequins, and silver curb-chain details also hand applied – it’s a conversation starter but super wearable and a little more low-key than some of the other MG scarf necklaces (which made it perfect for pairing with this tee and vest.

Kind of fun that the bag, shoes, and necklace in this ensemble are all from some of my favorite small brands (:

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Flares, Meet V-Neck

December 14, 2015

These flares have hands down been one of the best additions to my closet this fall. I still love and wear my lighter pair from Madewell (last seen here) but because this Veronica Beard pair is so dark and sleek, I've been able to style and wear them with a lot more. You last saw them in this look - and believe it or not, Houston is having a very nice warm spell and it's still nice enough that I can wear that sleeveless top. Whether or not I can go sans-sleeves, I've been opting for v-neck sweaters, blouses, and tops when wearing my VB flares...having a "v" seems to balance out the proportion of the pants. Because these jeans are literally the longest I have ever worn in my life (a true blessing when wearing heels and wanting your hem to hit the floor) they make my legs look so long I need something happening on top so that I don't look like I'm on stilts.


The v-neck sweater you se here is by Tory Sport and I’m crazy about the softness (it’s a cotton and cashmere blend) and light weight of it (perfect for layering vest over or putting under jackets). I’ve been turning a blind eye to the fact that 98% of the sweaters in my closet are grey. It’s beginning to look like I have an issue collecting medium-grey sweaters of all shapes, sizes, and textures the same way I do with white shirts. At least I know what I love to wear and buy accordingly? In any event, at least this sweater has some graphic interest going on with the white trim around the neck and vertical + horizontal stripes.

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