Shopping My Closet

January 25, 2016

I know I've said it before, but let me say it again: I am not the sister that loves shopping. Sally can scroll through the sites of retailers and brands 24/7/365 without getting bored but I just can't. If I have a specific something or event to buy for I can do pretty well but generally speaking, I don't love scrolling online stores anymore than I like leafing through racks bulging with hangers in stores. I end up spending money when there's a good sale and I feel like, "well, I guess I should take advantage of this amazing deal!" But my favorite thing to shop is my own closet. Read on to know why...


At this current juncture, my closet contains more than I’d like it to. Two-three times a year I do a thorough clean out – keep, donate, sell – with the questions “have I worn this recently and will I want wear this in the future?” on repeat in my head. Even though I don’t really love to shop, I do love my clothes and do a pretty good job of buying things that have staying power. Whether I’m picking out an outfit that will be shot for the blog, getting dressed for a day of work at Biscuit, or selecting what I’ll wear for a night out or while on a vacation – I feel like I end up with outfits that I love and feel comfortable in. My process isn’t anything special…I just walk into my not-so-big closet and try to leaf through everything (shirts/sweaters and jeans or dresses depending on the season and situation) and not zoom in on my go-to favorites. More often than not, I come across something that I love and forgot I even had that’s perfect.

But my go-to favorites are favorites for a reason – they always fit, always make me feel good, and are simple classics that I can throw on in a hurry or when I don’t want to think or do my “leafing through” process. This outfit is a pretty good example of what happens when I shop my own closet. After spending what feels like days on end in workout clothes (it happens when I feel pressed for time and know I’ll be going from home, to Biscuit, back home, then workout class at PureBarre everyday) I realized that I needed to get reacquainted with my closet. This outfit isn’t anything super special but it’s very me…I collect white shirts of all varieties and I have several white button-up/button-down blouses that make me feel crisp and put together no matter what. Paired with dark jeans (look mom, no rips or holes!) and nude pumps, I had what felt like a fresh look to wear with my new J.Crew Chandelier Earrings (purchased on sale and for an upcoming black tie situation).

Aside from the sparkly earrings, everything worn here has been on the blog more than once. And it makes me happy to know that the oldies closet can still inspire me!

Pieces From The Post
  1. Love Love love that coat!! Its the perfect shape. Also love your hair in this post – looks super cute:)

  2. Molly, you always look beautiful but these photos are even more stunning than usual! miss you and so excited to squeeze your face oh so soon!!

  3. Shopping your own closet is sometimes such a great idea! So many times i’ve “bumped” on my good old favorites which didn’t get even as close worn as they have DESERVED. It’s so easy to just keep on buying in new stuff, but to raid your own closet and find the new ways on how to combine your old favorite pieces is much more fun and good for the wallet too. 😀

  4. You can’t have enough crisp button-ups in my opinion! And I feel ya on the whole workout clothes taking over.

    Thanks for the Inspiration that I can use what i’ve got instead of shelling out moolah for “new looks” all the time! My bank account will appreciate it too.

    P.s. you might already do this, but would love to see more wardrobe refresh posts!

    p.s.s. I love the take two posts you and Sally have been doing. extra inspiration = major bonus to see versatility of pieces!


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