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February 3, 2016

You want to know what makes this Beauty Dish great? All the products can be found at Target and they're great for anyone and everyone. I did a Target run yesterday and after adding toilet cleaner and Oxiclean to my basket I happily skipped around the beauty aisles for a good 10 minutes. I love that for me, Target shopping is nothing if not equal parts utilitarian, glamorous, and excessive. My trip was a success (although I'm slightly annoyed they didn't have the new celebrity edition of Architectural Digest on stands - Kourtney and Kholé Kardashian's homes are in there!) both for my home needs and my never-ending appetite for new beauty products. And truth be told, I did have one of the items on my shopping list already. But the other two I stumbled upon and I felt like I needed to share the love.


Pixi Glotion Day Dew ($22): follow me down a quick rabbit hole…it will be worth it. I love makeup and Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands. I have amassed a little collection of face charts from the Bobbi Brown makeup artists I’ve been lucky enough to work with and thoroughly enjoy saving up and purchasing a couple things at a time when I’ve run out of products or want to add to my arsenal something they’ve used on me. Designer makeup is great – I believe in the quality – but it’s not always budget friendly. One Bobbi product I’ve been pining for is the Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm ($65). The makeup artists say that Bobbi calls it “Cinderella Cream.” Like the sound of that? Because I did. And I loooove the way it looks on my skin. It’s moisturizing, yes, but what makes it as magic as a beloved Disney character is the reflective pearls that create an illuminated, radiant glow. It can be used on bare skin, layered over skincare, or applied in highlighting areas on top of foundation. SO…Pixi Glotion Day Dew is for all intents and purposes, an exact dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm. And it’s $40+ cheaper!

This stuff is ideal for anyone wanting a full, fresh-faced glow or natural highlighter that won’t look majorly manufactured. I’m already a HUGE fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic (if you don’t have it, run and get you some), and have been loving on the Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow Mud Mask – but for some reason the humble packaging of Pixi’s products makes me doubt their amazingness. I guess it goes to show that good things can come in pistachio packaging.


Weleda Skin Food ($13): Sally and I communicate a.lot. throughout the day. And while she loves to text, I am not the best at responding. Friends, be warned: texting is not my strong suit. I always read what comes through but I’m terrible at responding. But when Sally wrote me last week, “We need this stuff” with a link to this Into The Gloss post, I wrote back immediately with “YES.” You can read what ITG had to say (it will probably convince you to buy Weleda Skin Food more than my own post will) but the parts that stood out to me were “smells like almond extract…absorbs quickly…all natural.” Almond extract might be my second favorite scent in the world – only behind anything that smells masculine and leathery – and Sally and I both love any baked goods that contain the extract or have have an almond-y taste (especially almond croissants). I Googled where I could find Skin Food, saw that Target carried it, and added it to my shopping list below “coffee” and above “glue dots.” It was the first thing I opened when I got home and I eagerly awaited the delicious scent of almonds to bowl me over…but it didn’t happen. I don’t know what Trace Barnhill thinks almond extract smells like, but this is not it.

However, as a hand lotion this stuff is the bomb. Generally speaking, I haven’t been good at using on my hands – the thought of greasy fingers hitting my keyboard is the stuff that keeps me up at night – but Trace was speaking the truth when she said that though very thick, Skin Food absorbs quickly. Not only that, but even after washing my hands multiple times throughout the day without replying the lotion they still feel ridiculously soft and the hangnails that love to plague my manicured fingers have been soothed and seem to be staying away. I might get brave tonight and try it on my face…it is all natural after all.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Tin ($3.50): one of my favorite party tricks is to pull out my bedazzled mini Vaseline tub, dip my pinky finger into it, and generously dab some of the jelly on my lips. If that sounds like a weird image it’s because I mean for it to. That’s why it’s a party trick – duh. Vaseline partnered with BaubleBar to offer the limited edition itsy-bitsy jeweled jar over the holidays and I count my lucky stars that I was able to get my greedy paws on a one back in December. Now…if this slightly tacky but super awesome sparkle sounds like something you’re into I give you some choices: A) wait to see if BaubleBar comes back with the collab product next holiday season, or B) buy your own mini jar here and attempt a Swaroski crystal DIY at your leisure. How about C) get one of the hot-off-the-press Vaseline Lip Tins they recently started selling in the states and impress all your friends who have never seen petroleum jelly packaged as such.

If option C sounds pretty good (and it should!) I want you to get excited because now you have options. The Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins – which apparently contain a Vaseline formula that specially created for lips – come in four varieties…Original (the good old non-scented Vaseline we all know and love), Rosy Lips (a light tint with a sweet hint of rose, vanilla, and red berry scents), Cocoa Butter (includes cocoa seed oil and has a little cocoa/vanilla scent), and Aloe (made with aloe vera, known to calm and soothe irritated skin). I obviously went for the Cocoa Butter formula and I’m glad I did – because my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Chapstick was starting to feel weirdly gritty and I’m loving how the toting around the tin has made me and my lips glossy, hydrated, and smooth.

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