February 22, 2016

After a really fun (but too short) visit to Austin for the weekend I'm ready for this new week. I'm crediting the time I spent outside, good food I got to eat, and O.A.R. concert I went to for giving me some much-needed energy. O.A.R. is one of those bands that instantly takes me back to high school...back then, Sally and I shared a yellow VW Bug and packed our CD player with music by the the aforementioned band as well albums from Counting Crows, Dashboard Confessionals, Dispatch, Jack Johnson, Tim McGraw, etc. and various mix-tapes. Singing along to songs like "Hey Girl" on Saturday night brought back so many memories from years past and major feelings of nostalgia. Hopefully that was just the first of many throw-back concerts I'll be able to experience.


So this outfit! You might remember seeing the Vince Vest in this post from December…a stylist from Trunk Club selected it for me and I loved it enough to keep it. With the transitional weather Texas has been having (re: low 50s in the morning, mid 70s by the late afternoon, lots of wind and some rain showers) having this layer has been perfect for this time of year. I can wear it with short or long sleeves and not feel too wintery or summery. It doesn’t add a ton of warmth but it packs a punch as far as looks are concerned.

Hopefully you’re not sick of seeing these J.Crew Sequin & Crystal Earrings (cough, cough). I’ve been wearing them a ton and am still pretty obsessed.

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