Troubadour Neutra Maxi in St. Barts

February 26, 2016

My husband and I have been experiencing what we like to call "Post-St. Barts Blues." The pictures in today's post were taken there and they don't rightfully do the place justice - it was truly the most beautiful place both of us had ever been to. The water was so clear and gorgeous - it faded from a pale aqua to a blue gatorade hue - and all the beaches felt like their own mini oasis. The hilly and lush landscape looked like something out of Jurassic Park, save for the villas, homes, and small buildings that dot the hills and hug some of the coast. The only way we've found to recover from #poststbartsblues is to plan another getaway...our one year anniversary is coming up in April and we're narrowing down tropical destinations to celebrate. We ended up not taking a traditional honeymoon after the wedding due to our work schedules and lack of time off so this will act as a honeymoon/anniversary trip in one.

Will I be packing the Troubadour maxi you see here? Yes, yes I will be.


As Molly mentioned in her post yesterday, we are big fans of Troubadour. Lindsey’s pieces are among favorites in our closet and we’ve even gotten our younger sisters hooked on her designs. Each season brings fresh prints and patterns but the styles she produces are always classic and I’ve been able to wear mine year after year. There are more than a few items I have my eye on from the current Spring/Summer collection – some of which will be released in the months ahead – but I was so thrilled to get this Neutra Maxi Dress in the Dessert Stripe print in time to bring to St. Barts.

Maxi dresses are something I always feel comfortable in and the high-neck halter style of this one makes it even more wearable…I’m covered (which always makes me feel free to move around without the fear of exposing something on accident) but the bare shoulders and exposed back make the dress from wearing into the “too-covered” category. The dessert stripe print literally looks like Lindsey hand-painted watercolor directly on the silk – it’s that gorgeous in person. Aside from planning on packing it for my upcoming honeymoon/anniversary trip, I also know I’ll be wearing the maxi to some weddings I have on the calendar this spring and summer and I’ll probably loan it to a few friends (you’re never too old to still share clothes!).

And hey, if the maxi style isn’t your thing, Troubadour used the same desert stripe print in for the gorgeous Helena Dress. I loved seeing how my sweet friend Grace styled it in her post yesterday!

Pieces From The Post
  1. Oh a lovely dress -I’d love but have similar body shape to yours… am I right in thinking it’s a little baggy around the bust width for you also? Would you recommend it for those of us with smaller busts?! Is it ok to wear a good bra with it?


  2. This dress is stunning, what a shaMe it doesn’t fit! Hopefully you can get it taken in! Amazing colours!

  3. Wow! What a stunning dress to wear on a stunning island. haven’t been there… only st. martin, looking longingly across the sea at st. bart’s! Maybe next time. enjoy your real honeymoon!

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