S + R Wedding

February 24, 2016

I cannot believe that it has been 10 months since my wedding. The past year has absolutely flown by but I can still remember the details of that perfect day in April like it was yesterday. Today I'm really excited share some of the photos Leslee Mitchell took at the wedding and reception...thank goodness it was her and not me narrowing down which ones to feature; I love every single image from that day and can't begin to choose favorites.

The wedding photos will also be featured on Style Me Pretty today - along with a write up I put together with some details of the day and a bit of inspiration behind the vision for the ceremony and reception. I'll be coming back this afternoon to add a link to the post once it is live on the SMP site, but for now I hope you can enjoy this sneak peek along with a list of the amazing vendors I worked with and few other sources!


Thank you, thank you again to Leslee – our talented photographer and friend – who was with us on the wedding journey from engagement photos and the rehearsal dinner up until the last sparkler faded away at the end of our reception. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her gorgeous photos…she captured the best day of my life (so far) in the most dreamy way.

A list of the amazing vendors and talented people I worked with:


Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty  •  Rehearsal dinner featured on Style Me Pretty

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Current Vibes

February 23, 2016

We (my husband and I) just returned from the best vacay/break - St. Barts and then a few days in Texas visiting my husband's family and basking in the sun with our pups. The weather in both places was absolutely glorious and it has me excited for Spring to officially be here and for warm weather to stay. But I'm someone who gets post-vacation blues - returning to "real life" isn't easy after so many days of relaxation. Last night's Bachelor was just really helped me through Monday. That and some of the things you'll read about in this post... (read on for those vibez) 

1. NOTING // BOBBI BROWN’S BATHROOM: Molly got me hooked back on the Bobbi Brown train (it was some of the first makeup I ever had) and I am slowly but surely replacing my essentials with products from her line (the corrector and concealer are changing my life). I appreciate the no-fuss and easy, to the point nature of her products. Bobbi’s interview on Into the Gloss was a highlight of my week as far as Internet reads go, and I wasn’t all that surprised that her bathroom is quite enviable. I always find it fascinating to read about what products the actual creators of beauty and cosmetic brands can’t live without…I’m now curious to try her new masks (I love a good mask!), but I think the Cleansing Oil she mentioned might actually have to be my next Bobbi buy.

2. WATCHING // OSCAR FILMS: I am trying to catch up on watching the movies nominated for the upcoming Academy Awards and time is running out! At the top of my list? Room. I read the book a few months ago and have been dying to see the movie, but every time I plan to go, something else seems to get in the way. This weekend I am making it happen, once and for all. Any other favorites that I can’t miss?

3. BUYING // FRESH FLOWERS: For Christmas, my husband got me an Alexander Von Furstenberg vase that sits prettily atop our coffee table. It has been a great excuse for keeping fresh flowers around the house and a reminder to pick some up after our extended vacation. Ranunculus are my personal favorite flowers these days and I will take them in any shade they come in.

4. COVETING // LES BONBONS: I fell in love with these earrings after going down various rabbit holes of Instagram and discovering Rebecca de Ravenel. I love the simplicity of the drops in terms of the shape and like that they still make quite a statement. I immediately got on the waitlist for a pair of my own, and they are finally on their way to me. I can’t wait to wear them with anything and everything. I ordered the coconut color which I think will be pretty perfect for spring but I’m trying to convince Molly to get the blue ombré pair. They look to be wait listed again, but you can pre-order them on Moda ‘Operandi.

5. SPOTTING // TRUFFLES: Molly and I are some of TRUFFLE’S biggest fan girls. It’s pretty much guranteed that I have a Clarity clutch or pouch in every single bag I carry and sometimes two or three with me at one time. This is especially true when traveling – the pouches and clutches are so ideal for organizing everything from chargers and to sunscreen. I was completely enthused to see a friend and photographer carrying all of his travel documents in a Clarity pouch last week and since then have been seeing a ton of other people with pouch or two on them. I’m personally in need of a Document Case for all the papers I’ve been accumulating in my last name changing process…

6. LOVING // JESSIE’S SS16 INSPIRATION: Every time Loeffler Randall comes out with new arrivals I feel like I have to brace myself because I know I am going to love just about everything. Hello mini, multi-colored pom poms! LR is just one of those brands that I truly feel like can do no wrong and Jessie, the creative director and founder, is a personal style icon of mine. That being said, seeing a peek of the inspiration for the Spring/Summer ’16 line was not only visually appealing but I loved reading the snippets of what the core concepts behind a few of the products.

7. COOKING // GWYNETH’S RECIPES: I have a confession…I am not a huge fan of cooking. Especially cooking dinner. I blame the fact that I work a pretty exhausting job and the last thing I want to do when I get home is prepare a meal and dirty a kitchen – ask most other teachers and I bet they would agree. At the advice of a Naturopathic doctor I have been seeing in SF, I have been doing my very best to avoid gluten, dairy, and eggs (talk about impossible). This makes my hatred towards dinner even more severe because I can’t just whip up some scrambled eggs like I used to do when I was feeling hungry but super lazy. But if anyone can inspire me to cook, it’s going to be Gwyneth. Despite these feelings towards dinner preparations, Gwyn’s Chicken Milanese with slow roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula has become a go-to recipe for me and my husband. Is absolutely delicious, healthy, easy, and I can make it gluten, dairy, and egg free. The entire My Father’s Daughter Cookbook is definitely a favorite around our house. I’ve heard great things about the recipes in It’s All Good so that will be an Amazon purchase sooner rather than later.

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February 22, 2016

After a really fun (but too short) visit to Austin for the weekend I'm ready for this new week. I'm crediting the time I spent outside, good food I got to eat, and O.A.R. concert I went to for giving me some much-needed energy. O.A.R. is one of those bands that instantly takes me back to high school...back then, Sally and I shared a yellow VW Bug and packed our CD player with music by the the aforementioned band as well albums from Counting Crows, Dashboard Confessionals, Dispatch, Jack Johnson, Tim McGraw, etc. and various mix-tapes. Singing along to songs like "Hey Girl" on Saturday night brought back so many memories from years past and major feelings of nostalgia. Hopefully that was just the first of many throw-back concerts I'll be able to experience.


So this outfit! You might remember seeing the Vince Vest in this post from December…a stylist from Trunk Club selected it for me and I loved it enough to keep it. With the transitional weather Texas has been having (re: low 50s in the morning, mid 70s by the late afternoon, lots of wind and some rain showers) having this layer has been perfect for this time of year. I can wear it with short or long sleeves and not feel too wintery or summery. It doesn’t add a ton of warmth but it packs a punch as far as looks are concerned.

Hopefully you’re not sick of seeing these J.Crew Sequin & Crystal Earrings (cough, cough). I’ve been wearing them a ton and am still pretty obsessed.

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