Hunter Bell Fringe Frock

March 8, 2016

I know I have mentioned this before, but one of the best parts about moving to Houston has been meeting new friends and getting to know some amazing women. Two of these such ladies are part of this post - fashion designer Hunter Bell and photographer Ailee Petrovic. Both happen to be mothers to little girls and both are insanely talented. I'd like to think that being around these kind of women - and there are so many like them - will rub off on me.

But even if the talent won't transfer through proximity and friendship, my hope is that some of their kindness and style will. Case and point with the Audrey Dress I'm's part of Hunter's resort 2016 collection and as soon as I put it on I felt kind of amazing.


I love a good shift dress – the style is a forever classic that tends to be super flattering because the shape just skims the body and doesn’t hug – but this one is particularly special. The fringe fabric is even more beautiful in person (although Ailee did a killer job capturing the movement and texture!) and I really like how the v-neck adds a little skin. Adding the denim jacket was an afterthought and it definitely takes the glam factor down a notch but it ended up being a good juxtaposition to the sparkly earrings and other sleek accessories.

I’m planning on wearing this dress for an upcoming wedding in NY and can’t wait to get it on a dance floor! And speaking of fringe – this fringe dress and top by Hunter are also begging for some dancing action…

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