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March 30, 2016

Good day, good day. It's actually a rainy day in Houston which means I'm locking myself inside and keeping my head down on a lot of work stuffs. Now that my accounting (ew, tax season) and closet cleaning is behind me (guys - order the clean out bags from ThredUP, I swear they are the ultimate life saver) I can focus on some other fun editorial calendar planning and maybe even writing some posts in advance (shocking, I know!). Sally and I are both excited about the events we're hosting this week...if you're in the San Francisco area, make sure you try to stop by St. Frank for the Mi Golondrina trunk show today (all the details are here). And if you live in or around Houston, I'll be at the Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio by the Galleria for the Spring Fling sale event tomorrow night (details). But even if you don't live in H-town, you can visit any Last Call Studio location tomorrow from 5-8pm to take advantage of the awesome discounts! (now, let's get on to those current vibes) 

1. WATCHING // COOKED: I love a good documentary and the four part series Cooked on Netflix has been feeding my soul. Acclaimed food writer Michael Pollan takes his new book Cooked as the basis for the the new show, splitting the documentary into the same four sections of his book:“Fire,” “Water,” “Air” and “Earth.” Each theme of the four classic elements is used to tell the history of human cooking, observing the cultures and people that still employ traditional techniques, and look at the dangerous trend in that less and less people are making food for themselves. I loved it because the imagery is absolutely stunning and the truths reviled made me think about how much (re: how little) I cook for myself, what I eat, and what I’ve determined is “healthy.” I have definitely turned a corner in a lot of my opinions and will probably be buying Cooked as well as some of Michael’s other books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” “In Defense of FoodandFood Rules to continue educating myself more on the topic.

2. SHOPPING // TULIP TABLES: I’m moving out of my current apartment in May (yay!) and having more space means I’ll be able to have a small dining room table situation (again, yay!). I would love to be able to pull the trigger on a Saarinen Pedestal Table by Knoll but buying the iconic tulip-base piece isn’t in my budget. Lucky for me, there are some really good tables that can allow me to get the looks for less…the Catalina Modern Round Table from Target is a nice option and much more walled friendly than the Knoll, but the Ikea Docketa Table is even more affordable. No shame in getting a dupe till I can afford the real deal, right? (P.S. Thank you to the comment from CQuinn for recommending this look-alike from World Market!)

3. ORDERING // SPICY HONEY: Cooked has my mind on cooking and baking and lately my mind has been craving homemade biscuits and honey. Don’t ask me why, it just sounds delicious. I’d love to try this ‘Bees Knees’ Spicy Chili Infused Honey – made by Bushwick Kitchen and using chemical-free wildflower honey and infused with a mix of chili peppers (no vinegar, no additives, no chemicals) it sounds like the perfect sweet but spicy topper for some of my favorite foods (pizza, toast, etc.). Also interested in trying the kitchen’s other two products: ‘Weak Knees’ Gochujang Sriracha Sauce and ‘Trees Knees’ Spicy Syrup. Yum.

4. WEARING // NATORI STRAPLESS: Sally and I have a favorite bra and it’s called the Natori Feathers (you might remember seeing several of mine in this old post). It’s great for us and our, um, smaller chests but we’ve heard that it’s a favorite for many women. As pretty as it is comfortable, it is by far the best-fitting bra we’ve ever had and why we continue to buy it. What’s so exciting is that this old favorite (we’ve literally been wearing it for years) now comes in a strapless style! Hark! A strapless bra that actually fits. With all the off-the-shoulder tops we’ve been wearing and the skinny straps styles that will be worn this summer, the Natori Feathers Strapless is a legit lifesaver.

5. READING // THE NIGHTINGALE: One of my favorite days of each month is when I meet with my book club. We get together on the last Wednesday of every month to chat about the book we all read over wine, snacks and a few sweets and it’s always fun to have the girl time. People joke that we use it as an excuse to booze and gossip but we really do discuss the books! We read Me Before You for March and The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is the chosen book for April. Can’t wait to dive into this tale of two French sisters in WWII.

6. WANTING // J.CREW BASICS: I don’t care if it makes me boring that I still like love J.Crew. I don’t know many other brands where I can always find something worth buying that feels like “me” and worthy of investing in. Speaking of boring, what I usually go for are the basics – solid colored pieces with good shapes, classic construction, with possibly some eye-catching details. I have my eye on a lot of the new arrivals but right now I’m specifically wanting the Scallop Carrie Cami in every color (especially white and and “burnished coal” hues) and the White Frayed Denim Pencil Skirt.

7. EATING // at JOSEPHINE HOUSE: My frequent weekend trips to Austin have made for lots of fun – and lots of good food. So far, my most favorite restaurant is Josephine House. The tiny cottage in Clarksville is the sister restaurant to Jeffrey’s (conveniently next door) and aside from the charming ambiance, the food is the stuff you dream about after you leave. I’m hoping I get to eat the goat cheese soufflé again!

  1. If you like Cooked, you’ll love Chef’s Table. I actually preferred that series in terms of its production/aesthetics/kind of everything. Like, seriously beautiful and inspiring.

    And GAH! to Natori coming out with a Feather’s Strapless! That’s my fave bra too (even on my not so small chest) so this is amazing news!

    1. V! I miss you! Definitely going to hit up this recommendation this weekend 🙂 xx – M

  2. Just got trees knees spicy syrup as a gift and it’s great with soft cheeses. i poured it over a goat cheese for an appetizer platter and it was awesome. enjoy!

  3. Be prepared to sob during nightingale- so good but so sad! just finished it for my book club as well. our next pick is the amory ames mystery series- starting with murder at the brightwell. would love to see more of your book reccomendations!

  4. Great post! You could probably read either food rules or in defense of food…food rules is shorter and basically hits all the same points as in defense of food. I found idof a little unattainable though…i kept thinking ok, your ideas make sense and are great, but how is an average person (re: someone that isn’t uber wealthy, works full time/doesn’t have paid help at home to run errands, etc.) have time or funds to live this life where you’re at the market more than once a week, buying only organic items, or able to afford going to a specialty meat distributor or butcher to make sure you’re buying grass-fed, organic, etc.? i mostly cook for myself anyway, and i feel like as long as you try to prepare most of your food yourself, you’ll be good 🙂 plus, if you follow his rules to a t, you can’t have cheez-its!! who has time for that?!! 🙂

  5. I love these posts so much! We have the ikea table in the store where I work, and I love it. Such a great-looking dupe! I just started Cooked last night, and I need to order that honey. Literally want/love everything you posted today!

    Annie Reeves

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