March 31, 2016

These photos aren't edited as black and white but if they had been my outfit would probably still look the same: black, white, off-white, and grey. Even with the shift towards warmer weather and springtime-worthy hues, somber neutrals are still a huge part of my wardrobe and I love wearing them all together as much as I like adding a pop of color. And when designers like Mignonne Gavigan make neutrals look like art (I'm wearing the Georgeanna Necklace but all her necklaces and other accessories are just the best) I can't really be blamed for letting them take center stage among other simple, achromatic pieces.


Speaking of neutrals, a python or snakeskin shoe is one of those animal prints that can go with black, white, grey, brown, and any color of the rainbow. If you don’t have a pair, I highly suggest adding a sandal (heeled or flat), pump, or flat to your closet. Here are a few I found and loved!

.Python Flat Sandal Options: these, these, thesethese, these, these

.Python Heeled Sandal Optionsthesethesethesethesethesethese, these, these, these

.Python Wedge & Espadrille Options: these, these, these

.Python Pump Optionsthese, these, these, these, these, these, these, these

.Python Flat Options: these, thesethese, thesethese, these, these, these, thesethese


  1. I really like this look. a black top with white looks mind blowing & one more thing is super awesome is your “necklace”. Looks fabulous. Happy to be here… 🙂

  2. I’m loving this look Molly! And I’ve really been loving your hair lately 🙂 What products/styling tools have you been using? i’m in a bit of a hair rut this spring.

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