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April 26, 2016

When a company has gorgeous branding, a fantastic concept, and an incredible product - that makes a mind-blowing trifecta. Cocodune had me at hello with their website, logo, and color scheme but the genius of being the first home try on experience for swimwear is what made me did a double take and realize, this isn't just another swim brand. As a lady who lives out summers in Texas by (or in) a pool and enjoys taking as many beach trips as possible, I have bought and worn more swimsuits than I can count. I have nothing against swimsuits and the brands that design them. But like most women - I loathe the process of shopping for a new suit.

Cocodune has been called "The Warby Parker of Swimwear" by Refinery29 and while I have to agree that the home try on system is similar to that of WP, I think it may have given the world even more of a greater gift by addressing one of women's biggest annoyances. And for that reason alone the brand deserves a slow clap and maybe a round of margaritas.

Branding: A+. Concept: A+. Product: looks pretty darn good on their site. But the true test (as we all know) is when you take something from a hanger or from a website and put it on your bod. Knowing that there was little no risk involved, I ordered a Cocodune try on box for myself. Read on to see what styles I test drove, what letter grade I give the product, and what style I ended up keeping!


So here’s the thing that bothers me about swimsuit shopping online: It’s not that the looking is hard, it’s the wondering what size to buy, deliberating between styles and colors, and telling myself that I have to choose one because ordering several and then sending back what doesn’t fit or I don’t like is a) a huge hassle, and b) really sort of counterintuitive when I’m trying to always spend less and save more. But would I much rather shop for a suit online than in a store? Um, yes. Swimsuits and dressing rooms don’t mix. They just don’t – those mirrors and lights do weird things and you can’t cry out, “Why is my skin so translucent and do my legs really look like this?!” in public places.

Cocodune is what I wish all my shopping experiences were: a curated small selection of styles and colors with details about each fit and advice on sizing (with great notes from the designer on each piece, and a fit assistant/conciergeand you can call or email or chat for more personalized attention!!). Four styles of tops, three styles of bottoms, two one pieces. If you think you need more options you’re probably wrong. What you need is a style that’s timeless, one you won’t tire of, that fits wonderfully and will last you more than a season.

I actually had a pretty hard time deciding what I wanted to be in my home box…and because I was curious about the product as a range I decided to go with two tops (the Fizz Bralette and Punch Hi-Neck) one style of bottom that could go with either bikini top (the Score Basic) and a one piece (the Times Tank). I think that if I was being conservative with my four box choices I may have ordered the Score Basic bottom in two sizes (that’s always my issue when I order online – the bottoms are too small) but I never wear one piece suits and felt like I needed to be daring. And actually, the two bikini tops I chose were styles that I don’t own and also wanted to try. How’s that for living on the edge? Good thing I got to try on at home if the experimentation failed.

And try on I did…and then I had to sit quietly and get mad at myself because I wanted everything that came in the box and I had to pick. Or keep them all. I’ll break down my thoughts for ya:

  • Fizz Bralette in Port/Sea Salt: I love how this looks a little sporty but still elegant and that the back ties. For someone who is anti tan-lines, this is an ideal neckline to get sun while not being too skimpy. I was a little unsure about what size to go with but once you select the color and size then click “the fit” section on the item, it shows you what size you selected corresponds to in bra and bust dimensions. Super helpful. And I was reminded that I have a tiny chest. Normally I’m not drawn to deep reds but the port + sea salt looks so fresh and I love the unexpected combination and contrast.
  • Punch Hi-Neck in Persimmon: I have been having a major thing for square-neck tanks so trying this style was a must. And I’m obsessed. Because it’s not going to give me bad tan lines, it’s going to protect my chest from getting too much sun – which is a very good thing! I adore that the straps criss-cross and tie in back and that it’s not a regular halter top. The tie situation keeps it all in place and adds detail to the otherwise simple front. Similar to my first bikini top pick, orange isn’t necessarily one of my go-to colors (maybe I worry about it with my strawberry blonde hair?) but I love. it. The persimmon is actually the perfect shade because there’s a teeny spike of red in it.
  • Score Basic in Sea Salt: now if I was really living on the edge I would have tested out the Trouble Hi Waist bottom. Maybe in my next box because I really do love the way they look. But I went with the Score Basic because bottoms that don’t tie on the side are the most comfortable to me. It’s true what they say, these guys have moderate back coverage (which for me translates to: size up so as not to show too much!) but I would not say that they are too skimpy or that I felt at all uncomfortable. And because I know that white swimsuits never really stay white (sunscreen, sand, and all that stuff takes a tole) the sea salt color is genius – the perfect off-white white that’s crisp and clean but will wear better.
  • Times Tank in Mascara: why have I stayed away from one piece suits for so long? Why? Maybe I was just waiting to meet the Times Tank. I had always envisioned that me in a one piece would be like my younger self in Speedo suits (the black ones with some sort of color burst, duh)…too sporty and deeply unflattering. When I put this guy on I felt like a cool ballerina ready to hit the beach. That’s a strange description but basically the front scoop and lower back looked very elegant but classic in a “this is always in style because it’s always going to look good” kind of way. Where it hits on the hips is also perfect – not too high and not too low – and the tush has moderate coverage which definitely keeps it out of the dreaded Speedo territory. Also, all things that are the color black should be called mascara, because that is just plain adorable.

Can you understand my predicament? I want all four pieces. And the Echo Towel. I mean, the towel was obviously going to stay because pale melon and persimmon were made for each other and beach towels always fit perfectly. After a personal discussion between me and me, I that with this first try on box I needed to pick a bikini combo or the one-piece and that I could do another try on box in a month or so and pick another purchase. But only if I was good (at wearing tons of sunscreen and wearing a hat) and only if I went through my overflowing drawer of swimsuits and got rid of the ones I no longer wear.

If you’re wondering about the price associated with Cocodune’s pieces, let me tell you from personally trying stuff on and after reading all the cute and helpful infographics on the site: the prices are competitive with what’s in the swimwear market but really surpass other brands in terms of quality when you compare what you’re. The suits are all handmade (in the US, no less) with fabric that’s machine washable but also nice and thick while feeling like silk and moving with ease – that’s pretty great. The fact that the Italian-knit fabric also offers UV protection, is chlorine resistant (no fading!), and safe with sunscreen and lotion (no staining!) is icing on the cake. So unlike the other suits sitting in my closet, the ones from Cocodune will actually not deteriorate, sag, or fade. Oh, and it’s recyclable. The fabric alone took founder Matthias 5 years to design (read about it here). Mic drop, Cocodune, mic drop.

But I digress…want to know what suit I kept? The Times Tank! I love it so much that I want to wear it all the time And I might do just that, pairing it with jeans, shorts, and skirts when I’m not wearing it in the water.

That was a loooong post and a ton of writing for swimwear but I am nothing if not passionate about companies that have the triple threat trifecta (Cocodune gets an A+ for product) and there’s nothing I like more than storytelling a good great experience. If you’re thinking about ordering a new swimsuit this year, go easy on yourself and order a home try on box. Free shipping, free returns, four picks and five days to decided what you want to keep or send back – it’s the lowest risk you’ll take all summer and will probably yield you one (or more!) suits you love and feel comfortable in. So, Cocodune team, margaritas on me if y’all are ever in Houston and thank you for making swimwear that women can truly try before we buy.

P.S. I feel the need to disclose that I did wear undies while trying on each suit and in the photos you see here. But even if I was really gross and hadn’t, Cocodune has strict receiving and inspection policies on all returned items to ensure that everyone has a sanitary try-on experience every single time. Pieces that don’t pass the test to be resold are recycled and eventually become another Cocodune item.

P.P.S. Cocodune is a baby – the company literally launched a month ago – so while they don’t offer styles with underwires and cups just yet (I know you bigger busted ladies were giving me side eye) they hope to develop those styles perfectly and introduce them down the line.

  1. So, after reading this I gave COCODUNE a try, because it really did sound like such a great concept, and the suits looked basic and SUPER flattering on you.

    That said, I did not like any of the pieces I ordered for my Home Try-On.

    The tops don’t have padding, which was a let-down. I’ve got a really small chest, and without padding I look like a nipple-y 13 year old. Not so attractive. The website doesn’t tell you they aren’t padded.

    The bikini bottom (the non-string one) was so tiny, and I sized up. Maybe I’ve got a big butt, but this thing was in serious brazilian bottom territory, not what I envisioned for “moderate coverage.”

    And finally, the one piece, which i so so so was hoping to like because I really loved the classic silhouette was really small (and I followed the COCODUNE sizing recommendations) and short on my torso.

    Anywho, post was beautiful and the concept of the brand is refreshing, but I was disappointed. For reference i’m 5’8″ and wear a size 4 in everything, so got smalls in the one piece and bikini tops (the tops fit, just the no padding thing was a deal breaker) and a medium in the bottoms. Sorry for my sad rant, just wanted to give other people a heads up. Love the blog! (and seriously, those suits look fab on you!)

    1. Hey Courtney! I totally get the frustration – it’s why shopping for swimwear can be tricky – what I like about Cocodune is that even if what you ordered in your first at home try on box is a “fail” whether for sizing reasons or not loving the styles you picked, you can send back and order another box. It’s a process but worth it if you find something you love. Also, I hear you on the padding issue – it’s a problem for small chested gals like us. Cocodune is still developing additional products and features (padding and underwire included!) but Sally and I have gotten around this issue in the past by buying swim padding and having a seamstress carefully sew it in. It’s not a simple solution but it may help! In any event, I’m glad you gave Cocodune a try! I think new companies and brands like all/any feedback and use it towards growth and improvement 🙂 xx – M

  2. This is such a nice concept. I am a one piece gal, so they do not offer enough for me at this point, but if they had more variety, I would certainly try it out! I was really curious how they handled returned items, and their site is very open about the process. Cool stuff.

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