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April 27, 2016

I move one week from today! Lots to do, lots to do. Which is why I'm going to keep this intro very brief. Because why bore you with my current list of crazy when you can read the fun list of current vibes? One thing I will say - if you're in the Houston area you should try to stop by Biscuit tomorrow from 2:00-7:00pm because my dear, sweet, talented friend Cristina is brining her fantastic Mi Golondrina collection in store for a massive trunk show. Her embroidered and hand-made Mexican pieces are an addiction and closet staples. There will also be margaritas. So I'll see ya there.

1. ENJOYING // J.CREW: I know a lot of people say that they are “over” J.Crew but I’m just not and probably never will be. It’s still a place I can walk into or visit online and find at least one thing I want or several things I need. And while that might not be a great thing for my wallet, I find comfort in the fact that it’s a reliable brand. Lately I’ve been particularly charmed by the Crew – from Mickey Drexler’s email inviting people to send him feedback via his personal email address (!), to Jenna’s 5-day gingham styling challenge on the blog (yes, I do now want the ankle-wrap sandals), the latest style guide (so. many. stripes. and re-invented classics), and new arrivals that actually feel new – I’m feeling excited about the vibes they are putting out. Which is why the brand is one of my current vibes!

2. CRUSHING // DONNI CHARM: You have all seen the monogram mania shop on Moda ‘Operandi, yes? If not, check it out because the selection is unlike any personalization I’ve ever seen. It was within this carefully curated array of products that I discovered Donni Charm – the bandanas, wraps and scarves all stood out to me with their simplicity and Americana vibe. I want one of everything (a true sign that I’ve got a crush) but would settle for the gingham bandana for now. Even better the M’O is offering them to be monogrammed. But seriously, the wonder wrap looks like the ideal spring/summer weight and in Texas you always need a layer for when you’re in the frigid air conditioning!

3. TESTING // BEAUTY DUST: Truth, I am lucky to be the recipient of some pretty cool stuff. Recently I was sent some Beauty Dust. Sounds magical…but this isn’t something you put on your skin, it’s something you drink. Made by Moon Juice, Beauty Dust is just one of several all natural “dust” blends that can be added to liquid and consumed for various healing and transformative results. If I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about it’s because I don’t. I haven’t tried the stuff yet (I have stage-fright when it comes to drinking things if I don’t know what they taste like – blame it on college and shots)! But I feel like anything “blended from alchemizing elements known for their youth-preserving and fortifying qualities” and touted as a “medical-grade formula” that will “gently increase collagen and silica production – resulting in a more glowing complexion, glossier hair and brighter eyes” can’t be a bad thing. Will report back on if I turn into an angel overnight!

4. COVERING // with TURKISH-T: I am a long-time fan of Turkish-T towels and products. There are a lot of Turkish towels in the market but to me, these guys make the softest, most durable, and prettiest versions of the ancient woven fabric. I have many a Turkish-T towel in my life (love the terry lined towel with the zipper pocket is a must-have for the pool and beach!) but I recently picked up two basic towels in the same color (I went with sky) from Biscuit to cover my couch cushions (the ones I sit on, not the ones I lean my back on). I did this because Blue is more like a human than a dog and he is allowed on all the furniture. I love having him close and comfortable but I don’t like when his sometimes muddy paws and extra fur (re: tons of shedding) gets on the cushions. The basic towels cover my sectional perfectly and I wash them once a week. They literally wear like iron, always wash clean and have only gotten softer. Thinking I need to pick up two more – maybe in light blue – for a variety. It’s a small investment that is totally improving my home life. P.S. how fabulous is the new Biscuit site?!

5. READING // THE SLEEP REVOLUTION: Hi, my name is Molly and there is rarely a night that I actually get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunate, debilitating, frustrating – I wake up and feel all the things. I’ve been doing all the things (aside from venturing into sleeping pills and sleep aids): working out, getting in bed early, exhausting myself during the day, practicing breathing techniques, no caffeine after mid-day…nothing is working and I’m literally tired of not being able to sleep. This is why Arianna Huffington’s “The Sleep Revolution” is the next book I’ll be reading. If anything, I’m sure to learn a whole host of sleep-related information from this smart woman!

6. EXCITED FOR // MOTHER’S DAY: I love a good chick flick and so does my mama. So guess what we will be doing next week when she is visiting me and helping me move? Yup, seeing Mother’s Day. A great cast line up, multiple story-lines, and the director of Pretty Woman…sold. It comes out this Friday so if anyone sees it before me do let me know what you think! And yes – I am well aware that I have the most fantastic mother in that she always helps me move and get unpacked and settled – seriously #blessed.

7. LOVING // DAWN WOLFE: Sally and I are all about art work lately. They say that when you start spending more on your home than your closet it’s a sign that you’re an adult. I actually think that may have been a butchered Lauren Conrad quote from her days on The Hills but whatever, I think it’s pretty true. With my upcoming move from the current apartment I’m in to the lower level of a duplex just around the corner, I have a list of things I want/need for the new space and I’ve been space planning on graph paper all week (my Interior Design professors would be so proud but also so confused as to where my AutoCAD skills went). Among my wish list of things to buy are a few art pieces I have my eye on…a circular print by Dawn Wolfe is on there. I love the simplistic, graphic nature of the circle motif pieces but landing on a favorite is tough (love this, this, and this). The good news is I have time – not allowing myself to purchase any art till the end of May when I can see if I really have the space for it and can give it the proper amount of thought before investing!

  1. I also have a hard time getting a good nights sleep. I don’t know what it is! I hadn’t seen previews for mother’s day, but after seeing the cast line up, it is on my list!

    Brittany |

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