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May 10, 2016

The fastest way to look like an angel? A little well-placed highlighter. Everyone talks about how people like Jennifer Lopez have an amazing "glow" but don't realize that the radiance doesn't come from perfect skin (although let's be honest, clear beautiful skin never hurts) but from light reflecting off the skin. This radiance doesn't just happen - no matter how "dewy" or well treated your skin is - it comes from illuminating products that bounce light. Which makes you look like a glowing angel!

Even if your goal isn't to look like a celestial cherub, I think we can all agree that a hint of glow can make you feel healthy and radiant. I've tried many a highlighting product and have found cream-based formulas to be the easiest to apply, control, and blend for a super natural, beautiful look. The Enhance Clicks by Cover FX happen to be my favorite because each of the six shades work with any skin tone (including mine) and I love to mix and match, taking two along with me in the Click Stick when I'm on the go.


If you haven’t tried Cover FX yet, I really encourage you to. I’ve gotten to know the brand a little more and really respect that they consider themselves “complexion experts” and develop products for sensitive skin that are free of mineral oils and fragrances and also cruelty free. The name “Cover” might make you think that the formulas are super heavy and meant to camouflage but the product are quite the opposite…while there is a range from sheer to heavier coverage, each formula is designed to be buildable with the goal to perfect the complexion versus piling on makeup you don’t need. If you have under-eye circles, redness, pigmentation, or skin flaws you always work to conceal, they have a product that can either neutralize darkness or redness to bring problem areas to the same tone as your natural skin or a concealer that helps you control the problem versus the problem controlling you (which is often the case when I work to disguise a blemish!).

Cover FX Click Sticks were designed to make the Cover FX customizable products even more accessible and portable. The concept allows you to choose two “click” products (correctors, concealers, or enhancers) for a beauty tool that allows for on-the-go touch-ups. Since spring and summer are the ultimate time for sporting glowing, goddess-like skin, my Click Sticks always have at least one Enhance Click – and sometimes two at a time – so that I’ve never without a little natural highlight action.

The process of highlighting and strobing is so simple – kind of the opposite of contouring – so don’t be intimidated. The Cover FX Enhance Clicks are very light and silky so they glide on and you can add more (to get an intense illumination) and use various shades for different parts of the face. The colors (Celestial, Bubbly, Rose Gold, Candlelight, Golden Peach, Berry) truly do work for every single skin tone (whether pink, neutral, or golden) and are so gorgeous by themselves or layered and blended together. Just use light “swipe” motions then and “dab” to blend. Places to focus on: top of cheekbones, cupids bow (that little part at the center of your upper lip), cheeks (I love the Berry color for this), brown bone (get an instant lift), a bit at the center of the forehead, and even put a little bit on you ring finger and dab in the inner corner of your eyes (Celestial is awesome in this spot). You can also find a helpful little video with application techniques right here.

If you’re looking at the pictures of me using the Enhance Clicks and thinking, “why so subtle? It’s hard to notice the product,” that’s the whole point! The reason people often think J Lo’s glow comes from within and not makeup is because it looks so natural and nearly undetectable. Cover FX named them “Enhance” Click for a reason – the radiance should be subtle so as to enhance the beauty you already have going on. The Click Stick just makes the product – and other click formulas – that more usable because it’s so perfect for women on the go and for traveling. My spring/summer beauty routine is super heavy on the SPF and light on the makeup (it tends to melt off in the Houston heat and humidity) so wearing the Enhance Click highlighters and carrying one or two on me at all times is a perfect way to look and feel beautiful without wearing a lot of product.

Wondering what’s in my Click Stick right this minute? Bubbly and Berry. P.S. the Perfect Pencil and Cover Drops are also big favorites of mine.

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